South African Free Speech Warrior Jan Lamprecht Hails Elon Musk’s Decision to Offer Blanket Amnesty to Those Purged from Twitter

[This blows my mind. I am loving what Elon Musk is doing. This is fantastic. The heads of the Liberals/Jews/Leftists/Communists must be EXPLODING. This is fantastic. I wonder if they have records of really old Twitter accounts like mine which were banned 7 years ago? This is a HUGE step in the right direction. Musk is doing better work than Trump. Seriously. This is HUGE. This is HUGE. I’m very impressed. Jan Lamprecht]

Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk has announced he is rolling out a blanket amnesty for accounts that were permanently suspended on his recently acquired social media platform.

Earlier this week, Musk ran a poll to ask Twitter users if they’d support such an amnesty.

“Should Twitter offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts, provided that they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam?” he wrote.

More than three million users voted in the poll, with nearly three-quarters of voters, 72.4%, voting “yes,” while just 27.6% voted “no.”

After an overwhelming number of users voted in favor of the idea, Musk announced that he will begin rolling out the amnesty next week.

He revealed that Twitter will begin unbanning accounts en masse, except for those who broke the law or engaged in excessive spam.

“The people have spoken,” Musk wrote after the poll concluded.

“Amnesty begins next week. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.”
Musk has already unbanned a number of popular accounts that were permanently suspended before he took over as “Chief Twit.”

Before the poll ended, Musk seemed to indicate that in effect, the platform would significantly curtail content moderation to target illegal content and increase transparency.

“Please limit content moderation to illegal content (or, at most, a narrow interpretation of moderation under Section 230) and give users the tools that enable the freedom to choose what content they see,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton replied to the poll.

“That’s the general idea,” Musk replied.

“[W]hatever it decides to do, twitter should be clear and consistent about it’s rules and penalties for breaking them, enforcement should be unbiased, and the mechanisms of enforcement shouldn’t be easily abused by people who have an agenda,” Billy Markus, the creator of DogeCoin, replied to the poll.

Musk agreed with Markus’s suggestion, replying with the “100” and “bullseye” emojis.

In a separate tweet, Musk indicated that Twitter’s old policies and enforcement methods were dishonest.

“The more I learn, the worse it gets,” Musk said.

“The world should know the truth of what has been happening at Twitter.

“Transparency will earn the trust of the people.”

Twitter’s blanket amnesty policy is Musk’s latest move in his effort to restore free speech on the social media giant.

Under his leadership, Twitter has already restored the accounts of several high-profile conservative and right-leaning influencers.

The list includes Christian satire site The Babylon Bee;  renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson; conservative undercover investigative journalism outfit Project Veritas; and President Donald Trump.

As Slay News reported, Musk announced earlier this week that he plans to publish all of Twitter’s internal discussions regarding the company’s decision to block the Hunter Biden laptop story in the run-up to the 2020 election.

“This is necessary to restore public trust,” he said of the move.


Persecution of Videographer Jan Lamprecht Instigated by Jewish Lobby in South Africa

Persecution of Videographer Jan Lamprecht Instigated by Jewish Lobby in South Africa

The ADL of South Africa is known as the South African Jewish Board of Deputies. They are currently persecuting Jan Lamprecht because of his website and his website. They initially laid criminal charges of Crimen Injuria against him, and followed that up with a harrassment charge for one of their senior leaders whom he mentioned on his website: 
On 6th November 2020, he appeared in court, and an interim order was issued forcing him to remove all mention of one of their leaders. This is the full story that they published on their website: 
Protection order against Lamprecht granted by court 6.11.20
06 November 2020
Today, the Randburg Magistrate Court issued an interim protection order against white supremacist and Nazi sympathiser Jan Lamprecht following an application by Prof Karen Milner, Gauteng Chair of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD).

This follows a charge of crimen injuria brought against Lamprecht by Prof Milner in July. On 13 October, Milner applied for a protection order after Lamprecht had posted her personal details along with disparaging comments about her on his website, resulting in her receiving hate mail. The applicaton for a protection order was served on Lamprecht on 19 October.

Over many years, Lamprecht has used his website to promote Nazi propaganda and disseminate extreme antisemitic and racist content. His published comments include, “given what a race of two-faced, backstabbing fiends they are, I .… have made the argument that there is no such thing as a good Jew”, “They need to meet a new kind of white man, the kind they’ve not met since the time of Hitler..”, “filthy little race of rats and pathological liars … They dominate EVERYTHING … and turn all the powerful against us …Hitler was too nice to them”.

Lamprecht has continued to post inflammatory material and incite violence even after he was served with the protection notice. Advocate Laurence Hodes, acting for Ian Levitt Attorneys on behalf of the applicant, presented additional elements of harassment that appeared on Lamprecht’s websites as supplementary affidavits by

In terms of today’s interim protection order, Lamprecht is prohibited from engaging in and attempting to engage in harassment of the complainant; posting any pictures/videos to references of complainant on websites; all references and pictures/photos of applicant and complainant are to be removed and deleted from all websites and platforms within 48hours of the order.

Lamprecht is expected to appear in court on 16 March 2021 for his final order appearance, and the interim order will be in place until then.

Wendy Kahn, the National Director of the SAJBD, welcomed this ruling, saying that she was “encouraged by the serious manner that the Court has viewed these threats.”

The biggest online news website in South Africa is News24 and they ran these stories about Lamprecht: 
Joburg white supremacist faces criminal probe over anti-Semitic ‘propaganda site’ –

White supremacist slapped with interim protection order to protect Jewish leader –

Audio: “THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME”  –Jan Lamprecht & Paul Fromm in Canada – 50 Years of Race War in Southern Africa

Audio: “THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME”  –Jan Lamprecht & Paul Fromm in Canada – 50 Years of Race War in Southern Africa

Audio: Jan & Paul Fromm in Canada – 50 Years of Race War in Southern Africa

Jan Lamprecht and Paul Fromm recorded this in Vancouver, Canada on 11th May 2019. This is a discussion about the white race, and especially the experiences of the Portuguese in Africa, the South African and Rhodesians in the communist engineered race war known as “the Liberation wars of Africa” and much more.

We also discuss the only full attempt of genocide on whites in Southern Africa, in Angola in 1961.

We discuss the amazing Canadian genius, Gerald Bull, who designed artillery for South Africa, and was killed by the MOSSAD. He was a genius who wanted to launch satellites at a fraction of the cost using artillery.

We also talk about the need for white male unity globally.

Detained for “Wrong-Think”: Canadian Border Guards Seize Books from Monika Schaefer

Detained for “Wrong-Think”: Canadian Border Guards Seize Books from Monika Schaefer

Upon returning from the United States of America on 24 April 2019, I was detained by the Canadian Border Guards in the Calgary airport for three hours. 

Three Border Guards spent those hours perusing through my possessions, especially the books that I was carrying in my small suitcase. They were looking for “hate propaganda”. 

The five books which they seized from me for further inspection are the following:

  • Government by Deception  by Jan Lamprecht
  • Mystery Babylon: New World Unveiled Vol 1  by Eli James & Clay Douglas
  • The Great Inpersonation – The Mask of Edom  by Pastor Eli James
  • The Commission  by Richard Barrett
  • Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust”  by Germar Rudolf

Jan Lamprecht’s book was published in 2002 and has never had any complaints against it nor any bans on sales, whether in South Africa or America or any other place where it has been sold. Government by Deception is a critique of the black South African government, yet no black person, nor anybody else, has ever complained to the author. It was sold in several branches of the Exclusive Books chain in S. Africa, as well as through the online book distributor Amazon for a number of years. It was not taken down by any distributors.

The Commission I know very little about, it was given to me by acquaintances, and I was intending to do my own research by reading it.

Germar Rudolf’s Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust” is a book I had taken with me from home to read on the airplane. I had read 2/3 by the time of seizure. It is a scholarly analysis and critique of Debra Lipstadt’s book “Denying the Holocaust”, nothing more, nothing less. Rudolf points out statements made by Lipstadt and discusses her sources or lack thereof.

The two books by Pastor Eli James are about religion and religious views. Will the Bible be next on a “danger” list?

I happened to be carrying the Quran in my suitcase – it was given to me by a street preacher in Union Square New York City a few days earlier. I intended to check for myself some of the allegations about the Quran and learn first hand what all the fuss was about. This book they did not touch, though it clearly does have sections which incite hatred and preach violence. Many examples can be found online, and now that I have the physical book in hand, I can verify. Here is just one example:

5:33 Those that make war against God and His Messenger and spread disorder in the land shall be put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or be banished from the country. They shall be disgraced in this world, and then severely punished in the Hereafter..

These Border Guards were looking for “hate propaganda”. Setting aside for the moment the meaninglessness of that term, how is it that single copies of books in my personal possession are deemed harmful or dangerous to anyone? What I choose to read is my business and no one else’s. It is not as though I were importing commercial quantities of books. We seem to have reached the stage where we are being dictated what to think, let alone what to say. This is Wrong-Think in George Orwell’s world of 1984

Contrast this harassment of those of us who question the “politically correct” version of history to the mainstream teaching about Karl Marx (birth-name Moses Mordecai Marx Levy). Considered to be the “father of Communism”, Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto in 1848. I do not recall having learnt at school or university that Communism was an evil system which resulted in the murder of countless millions of people, nor did I learn that it was a Jewish endeavour. I recall having been left with a generally benign impression of Communism from my mainstream education. Would these Border Guards have passed over the Communist Manifesto, were it to be found in my suitcase?

Is there a list of forbidden books that has been issued by the Canadian Government? It is doubtful. These three guards were having a terribly difficult time determining whether my books met their “hate propaganda” threshold. They leafed through them over and over, hummed and hawed uselessly. They decided to send them to Ottawa for someone else to make the determination. I suggested to them that they would receive a good education by reading the books themselves. However I also informed them that I did not consent to their actions.

imagesThe authorities seem to be in a panic about Truth being revealed and the general Awakening that is coming. The fact that they are so afraid of a few books that Monika Schaefer carries in her suitcase, shows how far down the road of total tyranny we have gone. Communism seems to be upon us. In Bolshevik Russia people were shot for having the wrong books. Let us pray that our present trajectory change course quickly, or we could end up at that point in the not-too-distant future.

I could not have imagined this when I was growing up in a seemingly utopian world in which they told us we had total freedom of speech and freedom of the press in our perfect democracy. 



Prissy You Tube censors assign a `’strike’. The censors are for free speech but not ‘hate speech’ whatever that is.


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