Persecution of Videographer Jan Lamprecht Instigated by Jewish Lobby in South Africa

Persecution of Videographer Jan Lamprecht Instigated by Jewish Lobby in South Africa

The ADL of South Africa is known as the South African Jewish Board of Deputies. They are currently persecuting Jan Lamprecht because of his website and his website. They initially laid criminal charges of Crimen Injuria against him, and followed that up with a harrassment charge for one of their senior leaders whom he mentioned on his website: 
On 6th November 2020, he appeared in court, and an interim order was issued forcing him to remove all mention of one of their leaders. This is the full story that they published on their website: 
Protection order against Lamprecht granted by court 6.11.20
06 November 2020
Today, the Randburg Magistrate Court issued an interim protection order against white supremacist and Nazi sympathiser Jan Lamprecht following an application by Prof Karen Milner, Gauteng Chair of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD).

This follows a charge of crimen injuria brought against Lamprecht by Prof Milner in July. On 13 October, Milner applied for a protection order after Lamprecht had posted her personal details along with disparaging comments about her on his website, resulting in her receiving hate mail. The applicaton for a protection order was served on Lamprecht on 19 October.

Over many years, Lamprecht has used his website to promote Nazi propaganda and disseminate extreme antisemitic and racist content. His published comments include, “given what a race of two-faced, backstabbing fiends they are, I .… have made the argument that there is no such thing as a good Jew”, “They need to meet a new kind of white man, the kind they’ve not met since the time of Hitler..”, “filthy little race of rats and pathological liars … They dominate EVERYTHING … and turn all the powerful against us …Hitler was too nice to them”.

Lamprecht has continued to post inflammatory material and incite violence even after he was served with the protection notice. Advocate Laurence Hodes, acting for Ian Levitt Attorneys on behalf of the applicant, presented additional elements of harassment that appeared on Lamprecht’s websites as supplementary affidavits by

In terms of today’s interim protection order, Lamprecht is prohibited from engaging in and attempting to engage in harassment of the complainant; posting any pictures/videos to references of complainant on websites; all references and pictures/photos of applicant and complainant are to be removed and deleted from all websites and platforms within 48hours of the order.

Lamprecht is expected to appear in court on 16 March 2021 for his final order appearance, and the interim order will be in place until then.

Wendy Kahn, the National Director of the SAJBD, welcomed this ruling, saying that she was “encouraged by the serious manner that the Court has viewed these threats.”

The biggest online news website in South Africa is News24 and they ran these stories about Lamprecht: 
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