University of Lethbridge Rats Out Prof. Hall to Alberta Human Rights Commission & Suspends Him With Pay On January 11

University of Lethbridge Rats Out Prof. Hall to Alberta Human Rights Commission & Suspends Him With Pay


On January 11, dissident University of Lethbridge professor, Tony Hall, who had been suspended without pay since early October, for his views critical of Israel widely circulated on the Internet, has now been suspended with pay, but his own university is filing a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission — a mortal enemy of free speech. If found guilty by a body with loosey-goosey rules of evidence or threshholds for guilt, Prof. Hall could then, in the university’s view be legitimately fired, thus doing an end-run around academic freedom.

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Professor Hall reports: “”This new communication is dated Dec. 19 but it was delivered to my door yesterday[ Is the mail really THAT slow? PF]
One of the agendas of Dr. Mahon and those behind them is to overthrow the authority of the collective agreement between faculty and administration (Handbook) by seeming to leave it to the Alberta Human Rights Board to justify my suspension outside the Handbook provisions. A quick way to describe the plan would be to identify it with the objective of union busting.
Here’s the provision at issue from the Alberta Post-Secondary Learning Act, 2003
(3) Subject to any existing agreement, a president may, in the president’s discretion, suspend from duty and privileges any member of the academic staff at the university and shall forthwith report the president’s action and the reasons for it 2003 Section 23 Chapter P-19.5 POST-SECONDARY LEARNING ACT 21 (a) to the board, and (b) to the executive committee of the general faculties council. 2003 cP-19.5 s22;2008 c25 
To some it seems obvious that the “existing agreements” that the Handbook and tenure are “existing agreements” that limit presidential powers to “suspend from duty and privileges any member of the academic staff at the university.” 

The Canadian Press (January 16, 2017) reported: “The University of Lethbridge says it is lodging a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission about a

longtime professor accused of espousing anti-Semitic views.

Anthony Hall was suspended without pay in October following comments he made in online articles and videos suggesting there was a Zionist connection to the 9/11 attacks and that the events of the Holocaust should be up for debate.”

Thus, it’s quite clear that Prof. Hall’s crime is suggesting an Israeli connection to 9/11 and saying that the so-called holocaust should be debatable. And shouldn’t it?

The Canadian Press report continues: “From the findings of that assessment, the board has decided to proceed with a complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission against Dr. Hall for publishing statements, alone and in collaboration with others, that could be considered hateful, contemptuous and discriminatory,’ it said in a statement Monday.” Shockingly, the university assails academic freedom and seeks to get a kangaroo court to do its dirty work.

Prof. Hall is receiving some academic support: “Hall said the complaint is a way for administration to manoeuvre around its collective agreement with faculty.

‘It represents an enormous effort to change the landscape of higher education in Canada,’ he said. ‘I was ripped form the classroom mid-term in October and my students were deprived of the course they chose and the professor they chose.’

Both the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association and the Canadian Association of University Teachers criticized Hall’s suspension before any official finding of wrongdoing.”

Not surprisingly, the League for Human Rights (but not free speech) of B’nai Brith, Professor Hall’s chief tormenter, whose complaints led to his present persecution, is delighted: “Amanda Hohmann with B’nai Brith Canada said she’s pleased with how the university has handled the situation and says the reinstatement of Hall’s pay isn’t a vindication. Hohmann said Hall’s appearance earlier this month on a radio show posted on Stormfront — a white nationalist website that describes itself as a “community of racial realists and idealists” — shows the complaint is not an assault on the institution of tenure, as Hall argues, but a defence of human rights.

‘Instead of being repentant or apologizing for his behaviour, he’s doubled down and he’s gone even further down the rabbit hole of anti-Semitism,’ said Hohmann.”

So, silencing Professor Hall is “defending human rights”?

the censors have gone mad!

One wonders whether the Knights of Columbus could get a university to fire a professor who took issue with Catholic doctrine? Didn’t think so!

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Anthony Hall, a University of Lethbridge professor, co-hosts a weekly YouTube show called False Flag Weekly News.

Anthony Hall, a University of Lethbridge professor, co-hosts a weekly YouTube show called False Flag Weekly News. (B’nai Brith/YouTube)

Monika Schaefer Defends Herself Against Jasper Fitzhugh Smear Article

Monika Schaefer Defends Herself Against Jasper Fitzhugh Smear Article

18 July 2016 noon Mountain Time
Paul Clarke’s hit piece on me in the July 14th 2016 edition of the Fitzhugh requires a response. First, what is the story? The Fitzhugh reports that the RCMP is not currently investigating the matter. It is also reported that the Alberta Human Rights Commission neither confirms nor denies receiving a complaint. What is the news? 
It appears that the only real substance to Paul Clarke’s smear is his detailed account of Ken Kuzminski’s antagonism towards my video. On the basis of his political judgement, Kuzminski seeks to criminalize me and evict me from my home. He declared on social media that I am not welcome in Jasper. From my perspective, my peaceful expression of disagreement with official orthodoxy is being met with a publicized incitement to hatred against me. Who is most in danger here?
Frederick Fromm's photo.
I invite my friend Ken to consider the authoritarian implications of his draconian interventions. Do we have freedom of speech in Canada or not? How far does Ken wish to go in criminalizing dissent?
Ken Kuzminski’s announcement that I am banned from the Jasper Legion, of which he is president, raises the most profound issues. We were always told that Canadian soldiers fought for our freedoms, including freedom of speech and association. Shutting me out of the Legion demeans the values that our veterans supposedly fought to protect. 
Kuzminski contacted the German Embassy. Why? Is he trying to get Canada to follow Germany’s even more repressive police-state censorship on the issue of what actually happened in WW2? 
[The remainder of the letter is the portion that The Fitzhugh refused to print – MS]
The truth does not fear investigation. Only lies need protection by law. 
I will exercise my freedom of speech here. I insist on some reckoning with facts and evidence. 
After the Toronto “Holocaust trials” of Ernst Zündel in 1985 and 1988, the curators of the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland reduced death statistics from 4 million to 1.5 million. Why did the 6 million number remain unchanged?
Evidence in those trials brought to light the fraud of the gas chamber story. The French Professor Robert Faurisson was a pioneer in this line of investigation. He has been repeatedly convicted in French courts and physically assaulted for persisting with his scientific inquiry. Faurisson was instrumental in bringing Fred Leuchter, America’s top gas chamber specialist, into the Toronto trials. Leuchter conducted a thorough scientific examination of the facilities at Auschwitz and concluded that there were no homicidal gas chambers. 
Robert Faurisson’s trials and tribulations speak of the high stakes nature of genuine historical inquiry into the evidence of this subject. He has famously summarized, in a 60-word sentence, his conclusion from decades of research on the forbidden subject: 
“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the state of Israel and international Zionism, whose principal victims are the German people — but not their leaders — and the entire Palestinian people.”
Many people, including Jews, died in WW2. Most of the concentration camp deaths occurred in the final months of war because food was not reaching the camps. The Allies carpet-bombed Germany, in particular transportation corridors. Camp inmates died of starvation and disease. The International Red Cross figure for total deaths in all the concentration camps was 271,301. Look it up.
According to Clarke’s article, Martin Sampson, director of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, claims “it is the most well-documented genocide” and “the truth is the Holocaust was industrialized, state-sponsored murder committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people”. Yet, in the many thousands of government documents and archives that were seized by the Allies after the war, not a single item was found indicating a plan to exterminate the Jews. How could the mass murder of 6 million people take place without a plan? 
I have always been a peace activist, and I am still a peace activist. What we have now is a world of war and turmoil, structured by lies and deception. I am standing up for a better world.
Monika Schaefer
. Creative Commons photo.A video shot by a local resident denying the Holocaust has been widely condemned by the community and at least one resident has filed a formal complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

On June 17, Monika Schaefer, a well-known Jasper resident and former Green Party candidate, appeared in a video on Youtube denying the Holocaust. The video was subsequently posted on her Facebook page.

“This is the most persistent and pernicious lie in all of history,” said Schaefer, about the Holocaust.

In the video she described the Holocaust as the “the six-million lie” in reference to the six million Jews who lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War.

The six-minute video quickly went viral and garnered more than 30,000 views at the time of publishing.

At the end of the video Schaefer invited viewers to read several books published by Holocaust deniers, including Ernst Zündel, who lived in Canada for four decades before being deported to his native Germany where he was imprisoned for five years for denying the Holocaust.

Ken Kuzminski, president of the Jasper Royal Canadian Legion, described the video as hate speech.

“Monika has a right to say whatever she wants to say, but once she’s published it I feel that’s moved on to hate speech,” said Kuzminski.

“She can stand up and say whatever she wants, but she has to accept the consequences of doing that.”

He said he has written a formal complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, contacted the local RCMP detachment and the German embassy.

“By her denying that this ever happened it perpetuates hatred, racism and discrimination,” said Kuzminski, adding he’s heard from several young people in town that they no longer feel safe.

“This is not the community we are and what we believe in.”

The Alberta Human Rights Commission neither confirmed nor denied it had received a formal complaint.

“All of the information that comes into the human rights commission with regards to complaints is confidential,” said Susan Coombes, with the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

With that said, she said any complaint involving hate would fall under section three of the Alberta Human Rights Act.

“It’s really difficult to prove,” said Coombes, about whether someone is in violation of the act. “What you have to do is say that there was intent to incite hate.”

The Jasper RCMP confirmed it was aware of the video, but said no formal investigation has been launched.

“At this time what I can say is that I’m aware the video exists and it was brought to my attention,” said RCMP Sgt. Rick Bidaisee. “Discussions are ongoing.”

Schaefer said she stood by her comments in the video during a telephone interview July 11.

“Right now the issue for me is freedom of speech,” said Schaefer. “Last I checked I thought we had freedom of speech in Canada and suddenly I’m the criminal.”

She confirmed she shot the video in Germany, where it is illegal to deny the Holocaust.

“If we don’t have the right to question a historical event then we don’t have freedom of speech,” said Schaefer.

Schaefer was slated to perform during Canada Day, but was pulled from the schedule after the Canada Day committee learned a group of residents were going to protest her performance.

“We had really reliable information that there was going to be a protest and in the interests of public safety and her safety for that matter, we decided it would just be in everybody’s best interests if she stood down for this year,” said Pattie Pavlov, general manager for the Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce.

Kuzminski confirmed she is also banned from the legion.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) quickly condemned the video after learning of its existence.

“As a Holocaust denier, Ms. Schaefer, who appears in this absurd video, has earned her place on the very margins of society,” wrote Martin Sampson, director of communications for CIJA.

“Her comments would be laughable but for the intense pain they cause the survivor community and their descendants. Denying the Holocaust exposes her as an anti-Semitic ignoramus.”

“The truth is the Holocaust was industrialized, state-sponsored murder committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people. It is the most well documented genocide—by both perpetrator and victim—in history. To deny this fact is to spit in the face of truth.”

News that a formal complaint was lodged with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, on July 10 in Poland, where one million people, mostly Jews, were killed in the Second World War.

Former Political Prisoner Brad Love Denounces Anti-White Discrimination & Is Arrested Again

Former Political Prisoner Brad Love Denounces Anti-White Discrimination & Is Arrested Again

Imagine a radio advertisement repeatedly advising that a company was providing training – let’s say in operating a forklift – but to Whites only. The howls of protest would be immediate. The anti-racist and White-hating groups would fly into a frenzy. The human rights lobby would roar. There’d be a protest to the CRTC. There would be fiery editorials denouncing the company and the radio station. There would be questions in Parliament. Everyone from Ontario’s lesbian premier to the town drunk would denounce the station and the company. Almost immediately the advertising manager would be fired, perhaps even the station manager. All employees would be enrolled in mandatory brainwashing “diversity” courses. Meanwhile, the offending company would fire its president, publicly and abjectly apologize and then hand out fists-full of cash to various ethnic groups. You know it’s true.
Frederick Fromm's photo.


Well, now another reality. On January 18, former political prisoner Brad Love heard repeated ads on the town’s rock ‘n roll radio station Rock 97.9. The ads by security giant Garda offered 40 hours of training for security guards. The one catch is that this offer was for “natives” – that is, Indians – only. Totally racist and discriminatory! Fort McMurray resident Brad Love, despite the Stalinist probation conditions imposed on him, was determined to act. Fort McMurray is suffering severe unemployment. [Statistics Canada reports a 7.4 per unemployment rate in Alberta for January, 2016.] Due to the low price of oil, many oil patch companies are laying off workers. Brad first approached Garda. He asked for an application. “You’re not a status Indian or a Metis,” he was told. “You don’t look Indian.” In the end, he left with an application form.


His next stop was Rock 97.9 He approached the radio station to obtain a business card or letter head so that he would have precise information for his human rights complaint. Now, he couldn’t directly protest or express his political views.  He would have to be careful. In July 2012, having slapped him with an 18-month sentence for having sent non-violent information packages to Toronto Jewish groups  in supposed violation of his probation order,  Ontario Judge Kelly Wright imposed a three year gag order on Mr. Love,  rendering him a virtual non-citizen: “Mr.  Love is to refrain from any political speech or commentary to any media  outlet, political, cultural or religious group or organization, or  police organization.” Yes, that`s an Ontario judge, not one of Kim Jong-un’s judges in North Korea. His visit to the radio station was Kafkaesque. The receptionist wouldn’t look him in the eye. She acted strangely and refused to provide a business card.


Brad proceeded to file complaints against both Garda and Rock 97.9 with the Alberta Human Rights Commission on the grounds of racial discrimination. Mr. Love filed his complaint. On February 3, the Alberta Human Rights Commission contacted him. They were acknowledging and accepting his complaint against Garda. However, they advised, as telecommunications was a federal; matter, he would have to complain to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.


On Wednesday, February 3,  he was informed by his room mates that two police cruisers had come looking for him and had asked him to contact that RCMP detachment. Brad did nothing. Friday evening, February 5, CAFÉ received a call today from former political prisoner Brad Love. He was in custody at the RCMP station in Fort McMurray, Alberta, charged with “breach of probation,” for having visited the radio station. Note, he’d offered no statements or political opinions.  “The station puts forth an image of ‘rock ‘roll rebels,” Mr. Love says, “but when Brad Love shows up in the lobby asking for a business card, they call the RCMP.”

Mr. Love was arrested at 9:30 on Febuary 5 but not released until 4:30 the next day — an unusually long detention for an alleged non-violent offence. He did not get to speak top a Justice of the Peace until 6:30 a.m. The police wanted $1,000 bail. Mr., Love told the JP: “I’ve been in this town for nine years and have never spent a night in jail.”

“Maybe you should have,” snapped the JP.

“He’s a prejudiced …” said Mr. Love who had appeared before this man on previous occasions. Mr. Love had to post $250 in bail.

His paperwork charges him with attended the offices of KICS 98 Radio in violation of his probation order. KICS 98 closed its offices more than two years ago!

Mr. Love noted the deliberate delay in releasing him into a winter blizzard. “All the hobos and bums got out before me. I’m the only guy in here who regularly has a job.”

“Well, if you’re going to be like that,” his RCMP tormenters said to him and delayed him a bit longer.