The Existential Crisis of the West – Redux

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The Canadian Red Ensign

Friday, July 17, 2020

The Existential Crisis of the West – Redux

The prescient have seen it coming for a century now. In 1918 and 1922, the two volumes of Oswald Spengler’s The Decline of the West were first published. In his magnus opus Spengler examined the civilizations or cultures – he used the latter term but the way the two terms were used and distinguished in the German thought of his day was very different from how they are used and distinguished in English today – of human history, and identified a super-organic life cycle that they each passed through, of which, he maintained, the modern West with its “Faustian” spirit of empirical exploration – the spirit exemplified by the Ulysses of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s eponymously titled poem – was entering into its final season.

In 1964, James Burnham’s The Suicide of the West: An Essay On the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism was published for the first time. This book is probably best understood as the third in a trilogy, the first of which was The Managerial Revolution, written immediately after Burnham’s break with his Trotskyite youth and the Socialist Workers Party and published in 1941, arguing that the capitalist world was evolving into something that would not be the socialist worker’s paradise predicted by Marxism, but rather the rule of a new class of technocratic corporate managers and government bureaucrats. The second was The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom, published two years later, in which Burnham gave an overview of a Realpolitik theory regarding the inevitability of elites and the nature of political power that he traced from the writings of Florentine Renaissance political scientist Niccolò Machiavelli through the nineteenth to early twentieth century writings of Robert Michels, Vilfredo Pareto and Gaetano Mosca, the philosophical framework that he had turned to after abandoning Marxism. By the time he wrote The Suicide of the West, Burnham had become one of the original members of William F. Buckley Jr.’s editorial team at National Review and the magazine’s principal analyst of geopolitical events. In The Suicide of The West he discussed liberalism as being the ideology of Western suicide. A familiarity with the first two books is helpful in understanding what he meant by this, for he did not mean that liberalism was formulated to bring about the end of Western Civilization, but rather that it was an ex post facto rationalization on the part of the governing elites for Western Civilization’s self-imposed collapse. Although this was written at the height of the Cold War – the Cuban Missile Crisis had taken place two years prior to the book’s release – the “suicide” Burnham was talking about was not merely what he perceived to be a losing strategy against the Soviet Union in the “Struggle for the World” (1) but also included internal moral, cultural, and social decay, into which category he put the immediate historical antecedents in his own day of the “woke” race revolutionaries of our own.

In 2002, Patrick J. Buchanan, syndicated columnist, speechwriter and advisor to Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan, and Reform Party nominee for the 2000 American Presidential Election, released his The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigration Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization. The subtitle pretty much sums up the thesis. As Christendom through secularization became Western Civilization, it lost not just its faith in God but its faith in itself. Since this process was more or less complete by the end of World War II, the period since has seen a radical and sustained fall in fertility throughout the Western world. To prevent the economic disaster that this threat to Western population size poses, and for other reasons, the governments of the liberal West have been admitting unprecedented numbers of immigrants from outside the West, and specifically the Third World. This combination, which adds up to a massive and rapid demographic transformation, spells disaster for the survival of Western Civilization in any recognizable form, and in the meantime, a far left ideology that is hostile to Western survival – Cultural Marxism – has captured the major cultural institutions of the West, from the schools to the media, and has been promoting an agenda of pushing the West’s loss of faith in God and its own civilization and its embrace of the suicidal combination of domestic anti-natalism, mass immigration, and radical multiculturalism ever further and further.

As their Cassandra like predictions of doom progressed from decline to suicide to death, Spengler, Burnham, and Buchanan each provided valuable insights into the phenomenon that four years ago I described as “The Existential Crisis of the West.” Today, I rather regret having used up that title so early. At the time we were seeing Europe inundated with migrants, whom the media represented as being asylum seekers from the Syrian Civil War despite abundant evidence that the majority came from outside the region affected by the conflict, and many of whom clearly displayed hostile intent towards the countries they were entering, as the plot of the late Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints materialized before our very eyes. Today, the news and entertainment media, academic institutions, big tech companies and other corporations, and bureaucrats and politicians of every stripe have united in insisting that no dissent be allowed to the Marxist Critical Theorists’ indictment of our civilization as being built upon racism and so thoroughly permeated by it that all white people are collectively guilty of it even if they have never had a conscious racist thought. This has been accompanied by a large scale campaign of intimidation on the part of far left activist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The chaos has evolved from the familiar pattern of previous race riots – inner city arson, vandalism, looting, and violence – to the Maoist assault on figures of the past – to the current wave of vandalism and arson targeting Churches.

A question I have frequently encountered from those who are fed up with this sort of thing is “what do we do about it?”

The answer which people who ask this question are inevitably looking for is a practical answer, that is to say, one that would resemble a “How to” manual. How to stop Cultural Marxism in ten easy steps, or something along those lines.

I do not have such an answer, and, frankly, I have my doubts as to whether one even exists. The left devoted a century to capturing our cultural institutions and turning them into vehicles for disseminating its hatred of our civilization before making this aggressively totalitarian move and that preparation unquestionably is a major factor in their effectiveness today. We do not have that sort of time to prepare a counter-attack which is required immediately.

This much, however, I will say, and that is that unless we recognize this crisis as the threat to the very existence of our civilization that it is are prepared to deal with it as such, we have already lost. This means no more apologies for our history. No more apologies for being white. No more apologies for believing the Christian faith and practicing the Christian religion. No more wasting our time trying to persuade those who are determined to “cancel” anyone and everyone whom they condemn with one of their ever-growing list of –ists and –phobes that they are in violation of the canons of liberal thought because they don’t care.

When we are all in agreement on that, then maybe we can find a practical strategy for finally defeating this Marxism and saving what is left of our civilization.

(1) This is the title of another of Burnham’s books, the first of a trilogy that addressed the Cold War. It came out in 1947.
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Canadian Constitution Foundation suggests amendments to mandatory mask order in Ontario

Canadian Constitution Foundation suggests amendments to mandatory mask order in Ontario

Order breaches rights to individual liberty, informational privacy and non-discrimination, said CCF

Canadian Constitution Foundation suggests amendments to mandatory mask order in Ontario

BY Bernise Carolino 08 Jul 2020 Share AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to LinkedInShare to Email

The Canadian Constitution Foundation has questioned the constitutionality of orders requiring face coverings in certain Ontario municipalities.

In a letter to Dr. Nicola Mercer, medical officer of health at the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph public health region, the CCF said that a June 12 order imposing the use of mandatory face coverings in commercial establishments breached s. 7, s. 15 and s. 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The order prima facie violates the right to liberty of the person under s. 7 because it forces people to cover their faces and interferes with their bodily integrity, the CCF said. It also infringes the right to non-discrimination on the basis of disability under s. 15 since it imposes a disproportionate burden on persons with disabilities, including breathing problems like asthma and emphysema or trauma-based phobia of breathing obstructions.

“[I]f a person has PTSD related to having their breathing obstructed, they should not need to discuss this with strangers in order to buy toilet paper or fill up their gas tank,” said Christine Van Geyn, litigation director at the CCF.

The order does include an exemption which allows such individuals to forgo masks, but the CCF argues that requiring a person to disclose private health information in order to claim an exemption infringes privacy rights under s. 8, particularly the right to informational privacy. Forcing such a disclosure may cause a person with trauma-based phobia to re-experience the traumatic experience and suffer reputational harm.

The CCF said that the order should be repealed or at least amended due to these issues. Tested against the requirements found in R. v. Oakes, the limitation imposed by the order is not rationally connected to the objective, is not minimally impairing and is not proportionate, the CCF said.

To support its argument of a lack of rational connection to the objective, the CCF cited the relatively low local rate of community transmission in the area and questioned why the order applies to retail commercial establishments but not to other places also subject to public gatherings, such as churches or community centres. The CCF said that the order should be amended to require masks only when physical distancing of six feet is impossible.

The order is not minimally impairing because it fails to consider its impact on the privacy and equality rights of persons with disabilities, who risk reliving trauma and experiencing reputational harm, the CCF said. Therefore, the CCF asks for an amendment to the effect that an employee of a commercial establishment should accept a claim for a medical exemption at face value, without requiring a disclosure of private health information.

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The CCF then said that the $5,000 fine imposed on commercial establishments who do not enforce the order is disproportionate, given that much lower fines were implemented during the peak of the outbreak. The order should be amended to set a $500 fine instead, the CCF said.

“It is our strong preference not to commence litigation, when simple amendments to the Order would achieve the goal of protecting both the health and the rights of citizens,” wrote Van Geyn.

The CCF intends to send letters to other Ontario communities with similar orders either implemented or contemplated, such as York Region, Kingston and Waterloo.

The Fall Of Stockwell Day And What It Means For Conservatives

SURREY, BC., October 1, 2015 — Stockwell Day with Dianne Watts, Conservative candidate for South Surrey-White Rock on the campaign trail in Surrey, BC., October 1, 2015. The Conservative Party has promised that it will crack down on criminal gangs if it is re-elected as the governing party in this months election. (Nick Procaylo/PNG) 00039336A [PNG Merlin Archive]

The Fall Of Stockwell Day

And What It Means For Conservatives

July 1st, 2020 | JH

I met Stockwell Day in Regina back in 2002 when he was running for the second time to reclaim his leadership position of the Canadian Alliance. I trekked out to one of his fundraisers in a church basement surrounded by seniors in order to listen to his pitch. When he was introduced, I expected him to walk out on stage, but he surprised us by entering from the back of the room. I felt a tap on my shoulder, and he shook my hand as he made his way through the crowd and up to the podium. It’s funny how little interactions like that can have a big impact on people at a personal level. Suddenly, he wasn’t just a guy on TV, he was a real person that I met face-to-face. I was a fan before, and I’ve liked him ever since.

Unfortunately, Stockwell Day has become the latest victim of cancel culture. His appearance on CBC’s Power & Politics defending Canada from accusations of systemic racism seems to have been the bait that finally tripped the trap. Stockwell misread the current mainstream zeitgeist and thought that tarring Canada as being systemically racist was the realm of far-left, critical theory SJW activists. Instead, he learned the hard way that the needle at the centre of the Overton Window has yet again moved left and that not recognizing Canada as inherently racist makes you an apologist for bigotry and, as a result, racist yourself.

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Stockwell Day’s very reasonable, boomer-era assumption that hating Canada for being systemically racist is the wheelhouse of the far-left was sadly and embarrassingly corrected with him being cancelled.

Since then, Stockwell Day has resigned from the boards of both Telus and theCanadian law firm McMillan LLP. He will also not be featured on CBC’s Power & Politics anymore since his taboo-breaking has made him a pariah. Stockwell briefly made a public tweet stating, “By feedback from many in the Black and other communities, I realize my comments in debate on Power and Politics were insensitive and hurtful. I ask forgiveness for wrongly equating my experiences to theirs. I commit to them my unending efforts to fight racism in all its forms.”

This refers to Stockwell using his experience being bullied as a kid with glasses to the experiences of black people experiencing bullying due to their race. It’s a ham-fisted analogy, but the point was correct. People will always find reasons to divide us and, if race isn’t available, then some other difference can be substituted. It’s just the mean-spirited aspect of human nature to try to “other” people based on inherited characteristics. It creates in-groups and out-groups. These dynamics will never change, but the goal of minimizing bullying should always remain a goal.

But it’s not enough for the mob.

There was blood in the water and they pounced. The thing is, though, I don’t blame the SJW mobs for doing what they did. At this point we should know better. The blame lies with Stockwell Day and the boomer-era conservatism that brought us to this point in our culture.

What lessons can be learned?

1. Conservatives need to boycott the CBC and all leftist media

Why was Stockwell Day on CBC providing his opinions in the first place? The idea is that he provides balance. When a topic comes up, the CBC would love to just have three talking heads espousing far-left worldviews and trying to one-up each other regarding who’s the most progressive. This is too much obvious bias for a supposedly “centrist” program to allow, so they bring in a conservative voice to function as the foil.

These conservatives are then expected to provide a conservative perspective to a non-conservative group of commentators and a non-conservative host. All of this is then presented to a non-conservative audience.

Eventually after a certain amount of time passes, the conservative foil oversteps the liberal framing and says something that progressives consider to be “beyond the pale” and they are then cancelled. Tom Flanagan was another former conservative commentator that comes to mind.

Why do conservatives even bother? We all know that the CBC is a bastion of both Liberal propaganda and a more general progressive purveyor of far-left worldviews. Why don’t they just boycott this activist organ?

Two reasons.

a). The idea is that by appearing on these programs you can get the message out to people who might never hear or consider conservative points of view. That’s valid, but does it work? Does it really? Being a token diversity hire to play the bad guy to an audience of progressives isn’t really changing hearts and minds like people think it might. These commentators are always surrounded by other commentators who mock and rebut them and the whole thing always plays out within a solid liberal frame. You must be extremely savvy as a conservative to both battle your opponents logically and get your message out coherently.

Why not skip it all together and sell to people who are buying? Playing the bad guy on CBC doesn’t do anything for conservatism and it doesn’t do anything for the player themselves. Beyond that, why provide content of any kind for the CBC? They hate conservatives. Why work for an institution that hates you?

b). There is a desire amongst many conservatives to seek the approval of the liberal establishment. If only we can show them that we’re not all bad and we simply have a different perspective, then surely, they will respect us and befriend us!

Don’t fall for it. They see you as an enemy to their agenda and are using you as a rube. This is a weakness of conservatives and always has been. Since our culture is centre-left (and increasingly far-left) the mainstream culture is moving further away from where conservatives used to live. It’s not pleasant to be on the outside looking in, so many formerly mainstream conservatives try to appease progressives by being the moderate conservative that good-thinking progressives allow to exist in good company.

“Why was Stockwell Day on CBC providing his opinions in the first place?”

The trappings of power and prestige are all inside the progressive realm. You must subscribe to the “Cathedral” of progressivism in order to be seen as a good person. Appearing on CBC alongside progressives and getting their reluctant approval is gratifying for many conservatives because it allows them to be viewed as “in good standing” amongst the mainstream.

The problem in the long run is that these conservatives are functioning as house slaves and are the epitome of cuckservatism. Don’t be the useful idiot of the left. They will chew you up and spit you out and the house you think you’re living in will be revealed to be built on sand.

2. Boomer-era conservatives need to update their operating system

When Stockwell Day ran for Prime Minister in 2000, the liberal media went berserk. They took all the smears and strategies learned from attacking Preston Manning and threw it at Stockwell Day ten-fold. The idea at the time was that Stockwell Day had more charisma and presence as a leader. He was more photogenic and athletic. His visuals were easier to sell to low-info voters and this would make him a much better contender than Preston Manning’s nebbish style.

Stockwell was given a full-scale media attack regarding abortion, his religion and the privatization of healthcare…and it worked. He picked up only 6 seats and the unity of the party quickly fell apart. As we know now, Stephen Harper took over the party and minimized the social conservatism and more ambitious and robust aspects of the party platforms. After merging with the PC Party, the modern CPC became a managerial party centred mostly around money. By the time Harper lost, the party was considered too right-wing by many…simply too unfriendly by some. Scheer replaced Harper with an identical platform…but with a smile. By this time, the country had moved so far left that the CPC was now considered far-right, and Scheer’s milquetoast social conservatism was viewed as “beyond the pale”.

Now we’re looking at a Peter MacKay leadership in which he is ardently pro-choice and eager to march in Pride parades. Climate change is a high priority for the guy, and he wants to end the coal industry as a result. He’s okay with euthanizing old people so long as the government isn’t forcing doctors to do it against the doctor’s will. And of course… systemic racism is obviously a part of Canada’s identity.

This is the front-runner to lead the Conservative Party of Canada.

Ten years from now, Svend Robinson may as well run for leadership. It just keeps getting worse.

Why is this?

Boomer-era conservatism is really just slow-motion liberalism. Boomer-era conservatives like Stockwell Day are always behind the curve, while switched on, forward looking conservatives like Michael Chong are ahead of the curve. What they have in common is that they are simply at different points on the liberal spectrum. Boomer-era conservatism follows liberalism along like a shadow, adopting yesterday’s zany progressive idea as tomorrow’s long-held conservative principle.

Most conservatives in Canada are on the slow end of the spectrum. When this happens, they are left baffled and destroyed by the culture they no longer recognize. Conservatives need to upgrade their awareness so they can accurately understand their place in society, or they need to give up their ideological proclivities and follow the herd.

What happened to Stockwell Day is the same thing that happened to Don Cherry and then Wendy Mesley (of all people!? Not even liberals are safe) and will likely happen to Rex Murphy and then Conrad Black and then… and then …and then…

All the professional Canadian Conservatives have operating systems that are ten or twenty or thirty years behind the curve. Jason Kenney is running the Ralph Klein playbook and it’s not working out so well for him. Why? Because it’s not the 90’s anymore. Stephen Harper ran a 2006 campaign in 2015 and he lost badly. Andrew Scheer ran a 2015 campaign in 2019 and he lost badly.

Severely normal Canadians holding what they believe to be severely normal views are risking having their lives destroyed simply because they’re not up to speed on our current cultural zeitgeist. We are living in a cultural revolution right now and if you want to avoid the Red Guard you need to act accordingly, be smarter and get up to speed.

3. We are in this position because official conservatism has failed

Imagine being Stockwell Day on Power and Politics and thinking how ridiculous it is to condemn all of Canada as being systemically racist. This “inherently racist Canada” point of view was held only by the most radical of far-left activists up until, oh I don’t know, five minutes ago? Being a patriot is a natural part of what normal people think being a conservative should be. The fact that it is now mainstream to view our whole system as racist should be a wake-up call to conservatives. The fact that Stockwell Day has been cancelled because he had the audacity to be a patriot on CBC should be a wake-up call. Many events that have occurred repeatedly in the past should have been wake-up calls.

Conservatism has failed to conserve anything of value. One civilizational plank after another has been marginalized, ridiculed, degraded and attacked for decades now. We’re at a point where the government has willfully shut down the economy over a virus that is marginally more devastating than the regular flu and asserted a level of totalitarian control like we’ve never seen before. In order to mitigate the effects of shutting everything down, the federal government decided to run a $300 billion deficit, consisting mostly of handing people free money.

People love the free money so much that if an election were held today, Justin Trudeau would win in a landslide. The fact that he broke his quarantine in order to display his supplication by kneeling to mobs of woke protestors has only won him more respect from Canada’s progressive mainstream.

Where are the conservative principles in all this?

We’re living in total madness and conservatism has nothing to say for itself. If conservative principles worked, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Completely dominated by madness. The conclusion to this situation is not going to be “conservatism”. Something new and much more assertive needs to arise.

My journey away from mainstream conservative to something more fringe has mostly been forced upon me. I used to be what I thought was a “right of ‘centre-right’ conservative”, but as the madness builds, I now find myself as a dissident extremist inside my own country. Combined with taking the Benedict Option, I have carved out a savvy right-wing position that I hope will allow me the camouflage and subterfuge to thrive inside our current zeitgeist.

Conservative-minded people in Canada need to do the same, because we’re not going to vote our way out of this. The politics of our age is just meaningless window dressing. Our late-stage democracy is collapsing in on itself. We won’t be able to paper over our problems with borrowed/printed money forever. Our system itself is degrading quickly and our culture is leading the way.

As of this article being published, Stockwell Day has disappeared from public life. His once active Twitter account has stopped, and he has made no public appearances of note. I wish Stockwell Day all the best. I hope he’s made enough money to live comfortably in retirement and I hope he drains his golden federal pension dry. I respect the guy and can sympathize that a worldview developed during formative years in the ’50s and ’60s and ’70s can innocently lead to the woke guillotine of cancel culture today. He shouldn’t have had to apologize, because we shouldn’t be at a point where an apology is demanded.

We shouldn’t have to live like this.

Something (many things) have gone horribly wrong with this country and if ever there was a time for Stockwell to bow out and go fishing, now would be that time. As for everyone else, update your operating system, get red-pilled and act accordingly. This is no longer the Canada you think it is.

Conservative Leadership Candidate Derek Sloan Promotes Petition to Protect Children From Radical “gender ideology”

There is evidence suggesting that psychologically and emotionally vulnerable children are identifying as “transgender” at enormously disproportionate rates, and that children in foster care identify as such at a rate 15 to 20 times higher than children not in foster care.

There is also evidence suggesting that “transgender science” is tainted with pharmaceutical industry conflicts of interest and that the most vulnerable of Canadian youth are being pressured into identifying as “transgender” and subjected to a regimen of drugs that are permanently sterilizing them and causing irreversible damage to their bodies and their lives.

Vulnerable Canadian children (including a disproportionate number of those diagnosed with autism), who have no one to speak up for them, deserve better.

There should be a moratorium on this practice, at least until an inquiry can be completed to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies or any other entities present in this process.

I am the only CPC leadership candidate who is prepared to stand up against radical gender ideology and defend parental sovereignty and the integrity of the Canadian family. I will oppose Bill C-8, I will ban sex-change treatments for minors, and I will repeal Bill C-16, which enshrined radical gender ideology in Canadian law.

There are many other voices that are being raised against these related issues: some of them are parental rights advocates, some of them are libertarians concerned about free speech, and some are left-liberals such as J.K. Rowling. Jenn Smith is a transgender activist who has started an important online petition that calls for a National Inquiry into the mass medical gender transitioning/“sex reassignment” of vulnerable and at-risk children and adolescents in Canada.

As a Member of Parliament, I’m pleased to be able to sponsor Jenn Smith’s petition, and I look forward to presenting it to my colleagues in the House of Commons. This touches on an issue of justice that cuts across political lines. 

Please note that, although Jenn’s petition was started by the good people of Abbotsford, B.C., it is open to all Canadians to sign.

I urge you to sign the petition, too.


( )

Canada: Cops Murder Man to Death for Not Wearing a Mask

Canada: Cops Murder Man to Death for Not Wearing a Mask

Andrew Anglin July 17, 2020

Mask mania is upon us, and governments have to send a message to people about how important it is to wear masks.

The easiest way for them to send that message is to just start murdering people who don’t wear masks.


Ontario’s police watchdog is investigating after officers fatally shot a 73-year-old man in Haliburton County on Wednesday morning.

The man had refused to wear a mask and allegedly assaulted a grocery store employee before driving away, Ontario Provincial Police say.

Police were called to a Valu-Mart in Minden, Ont., just after 8 a.m., OPP Sgt. Jason Folz said.

Officers tried to stop the suspect’s car, but they refrained “in the interest of public safety” before doing a follow-up investigation, Folz said.

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) said the man drove away, and an officer saw the car and started following it for a short while. Based on the licence plate, officers made their way to a home on Indian Point Road, the SIU said.

Outside the home there was an “interaction,” and two police officers fired their guns, the SIU said.

Folz said that after shots were fired, “additional resources” were brought to the area near Eagle Lake, by the village of Haliburton, about 215 kilometres northeast of Toronto.

The man was shot and taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 11:47 a.m., the SIU said.

Folz said the victim was from the Eagle Lake area. He could not confirm if the man also had a weapon.

People at the grocery store had concerns about the way the man was driving in the parking lot and on the highway, he said.

Two officers fired!

He’s double dead, and neither officer will have to live with the murder. They can both imagine the other one fired the killing shot. Like in a firing squad – one gun is always loaded with a blank so no one knows who actually killed the guy.

It’s a good method for cops to use in murdering people for not wearing masks in the future. Cops are going to have to murder a lot of people in order to get them to wear masks, and we don’t want that to take a big toll on the brains of the poor cops.

After all, they’re just following orders. And no one should ever have to be held responsible for anything they do if they’re following orders.

Except the Nazis.

Parental Rights, Freedom of Belief & Dissent All Crushed by the COVID State Dictatorship

Freedom of thought, parental rights and freedom of belief all fall victim to the COVID-19 virus hysteria. Notice how this dissident has been stripped of his rights as a father because of his beliefs. This is communism on steroids.

Peel Political Police Arrest Man for Anti-Chinese Comments When Ordered to Wear A Mask at Grocery Store


‘If I wear a mask I will have an asthma attack’: Man charged for anti-Asian racist tirade caught on camera in T&T supermarket

Ahmar KhanYahoo News CanadaJuly 9, 2020

COVID-19 in Canada
COVID-19 in Canada

A 48-year-old Mississauga man has been charged for a racist tirade caught on camera in Mississauga, Ont. on Sunday, July 5 which went viral after a white, non-mask wearing man berated staff at T&T Supermarket who told him he couldn’t shop at the store without a face covering. 

“If I wear a mask I will have an asthma attack and these communists are attacking all of us…go back to China and take your coronavirus with you,” said a man in a racist tirade filmed by a bystander.

Peel Regional Police say John McCash turned himself into police on July 16 and was charged with causing a disturbance. McCash is set to appear in front of the Ontario Court of Justice on September 25, 2020.

“Hate-crime incidents have a negative impact on our community and create a ripple effect. It can increase feelings of vulnerability, anxiety and fear, not only on the individual who has directly been victimized, but also to the community at large. Reporting incident of hate-crime is essential to stopping these incidents; we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all we serve,” said Chief Nishan Duraiappah. 

The video was uploaded to YouTube and has been viewed almost over 280,000 times and was filmed at the predominantly Chinese-operated supermarket. It starts with a white man with his wife near him dumping grocery products from a bag on the floor while telling staff he “will never come back here again.” 

The man then goes on to threaten the staff that he’ll “have the media” here and staff can wear their masks and get sick.

“When you wear the mask, you get sick — it’s science,” he said.