Asymptomatic Covid-19 spread isn’t real, so why are people still wearing a mask?

Asymptomatic Covid-19 spread isn’t real, so why are people still wearing a mask?

Monday, December 14, 2020 by: Ethan Huff
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Image: Asymptomatic Covid-19 spread isn’t real, so why are people still wearing a mask?

(Natural News) After more than nine months of hysterical fearmongering about healthy people supposedly spreading the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) asymptomatically, science has confirmed that asymptomatic spread of the novel virus is not actually a real thing. So why, then, are we still being told that healthy people need to wear a face covering when out in public?

A new peer-reviewed paper published in the Nature journal takes a closer look at the 300 asymptomatic “positive cases” of the Chinese Virus that were identified in Wuhan, China, where the virus originated. These 300 “cases” were the only ones deemed to be asymptomatically positive among the more than nine million citizens who live in Wuhan.

Researchers found that among these 300 “positive cases,” not a single one of them spread the virus to any of their family members, friends or other close contacts. All of them were found to have “no viable virus” inside their bodies, according to lab cultures that were taken as part of an in-depth analysis, meaning there was no virus present to be transmitted.

A total of 190 asymptomatic samples tested positive for antibodies (IgG and / or IgM), suggesting either a recent positive Covid-19 infection or a false positive PCR test – the latter scenario is the more likely one, seeing as how PCR tests produce false positives more than 97 percent of the time.

Scientists identified and followed 1,174 close contacts of the “asymptomatic cases” and found that none of them tested positive for the WuFlu. This led them to conclude, in essence, that asymptomatic spread of Covid-19 is fake news, just like many have been saying all along.

“This study confirms what physicians have known and non-scientists have suspected for millennia: namely, that asymptomatic transmission has never been the primary cause of outbreaks,” says Dr. Simone Gold, M.D., the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors.

It’s time to take off your masks, America

Sweden, which has never imposed lockdowns, mandatory mask-wearing, or any of the other nonsensical and draconian measures that have been forced on American society, responded to the study’s findings with no surprise at all.

“Based on the experience of Covid-19 and other similar diseases, the assessment is that the spread of infection from people without symptoms accounts for a small proportion,” reported the Swedish Public Health Agency.

This is actually too nice of a response because it implies that asymptomatic “carriers” actually exist and can, in exceptional circumstances, still spread disease. We know from the study that this is not the case, as asymptomatic, aka healthy, people cannot spread something they do not actually have.

With that said, there is absolutely no reason to continue forcing healthy people to block their breathing holes with made-in-China plastic or fabric. Not only is this forced intervention medically useless, it is also harmful and unnatural, serving no purpose other than to make scared people feel “safe.”

Any state and local governments still trying to force people to wear masks are completely out of alignment with science, in other words, as they continue to push snake oil woo-woo as the “cure” for the WuWuFlu. The same goes for stores like Costco that no longer honor medical exemptions to mask mandates, which is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

This study dovetails with the Danish mask study, which found that wearing a mask does nothing to stop the spread of the Chinese Virus.

“My right to not wear something does not end where someone else’s fear begins,” is how one Epoch Times commenter, making an excellent point about how fear should never be used as an excuse to trample other people’s health freedom.

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