“Hold the Line” — Freedom Fighter Tamara Lich’s Summer Book Tour

. Whether that’s by reading my book Hold The Line, donating to help pay for my legal fees, helping promote my book, attending events and rallies, or even participating in the 2022 Freedom Convoy — I just wanted to thank you. So, I’ve teamed up with Rebel News to launch a book tour this summer so I can thank you in person. I’m hoping you can make it out to one of our events. The dates for the book tour can be seen below or by clicking here. Some of the events are documentary screenings with Rebel News, and some will be regular book signings. Tickets for the book signings start at $5, but you can use your ticket to get a discount when you purchase a copy at the event. I can’t wait to meet you and hope to see you soon.  Yours truly,  Tamara Lich P.S. If you know anyone in the area of any of my book signing events, please forward them this email! 
Barrie (Ontario) Book Signing Meet Tamara Lich at The Simmering Kettle restaurant in Barrie, Ontario, for a book signing event for her newly published book, Hold The Line: My Story From the Heart of the Freedom Convoy. Thursday, July 27
Creemore (Ontario) Book Signing Join Tamara Lich at The Station on the Green in Creemore, Ontario, for a family-friendly book signing event where you can purchase books and speak with Tamara directly. Friday, July 28Huntsville (Ontario) Book Signing and Film Screening Tamara Lich will have a book signing table set up at the Rebel News Church Under Fire documentary screening with Producers Sheila Gunn Reid and Kian Simone.  Saturday, July 29
Toronto (Ontario) Book Signing Tamara Lich will be joined by Ezra Levant, Tamara Ugolini, and David Menzies for a special book signing. All at the luxurious Eglinton Grande.  Tuesday, August 1Dresden (Ontario) Book Signing See Tamara Lich at The Old Czech Hall in Dresden, Ontario. Purchase a book, get it signed, and let Tamara thank you for your support.  Wednesday, August 2
Aylmer (Ontario) Book Signing Hear from Tamara Lich and Pastor Hildebrandt at the Church of God. Books will be available for sale, and you can ask Tamara any questions.  Thursday, August 3Surrey (BC) Book Signing Join Tamara Lich at White Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church in Surrey, BC for a family-friendly book reading, signing, and question and answer session with attendees.  Wednesday, August 9
Whistler (BC) Book Signing and Film Screening Tamara Lich and Rebel News head west to sign books and screen the documentary “Church Under Fire.” Joining Tamara will be Sheila Gunn Reid and Kian Simone.  Thursday, August 10Powell River (BC) Book Signing and Film Screening Rebel News’ Sheila Gunn Reid will be screening “Church Under Fire”  at the Evergreen Theatre in Powell River, British Columbia. Tamara Lich will sign and sell books at the theatre too! Saturday, August 12

Medico-Stalinist Tyranny in Alberta: Calgary police hand 12 more fines to pastor who feeds the homeless

Calgary police hand 12 more fines to pastor who feeds the homeless

Calgary Street Church pastor Artur Pawlowski has been charged, yet again, by police for providing food to the homeless. Oh, and for organizing a protest, too.

Rebel News viewers might recognize Artur from the very beginning of our FightTheFines.com campaign, when my colleague Keean Bexte caught up with the pastor after he’d received a $1,200 fine for helping feed downtown Calgary’s homeless population.

After we hired a lawyer to fight for Artur, the police ended up dropping their ridiculous charge.

But, just as restrictions on gatherings have returned to Alberta, so too have Calgary police returned to, yet again, charge Artur. Over just a few weeks, the pastor and his brother have been given nearly a dozen fines. He’s been charged for not wearing a mask — even though it was outside. He’s been fined for violating orders on outdoor public gatherings. He’s even been charged for organizing protests — something he assured me he isn’t doing.

I spoke to Artur and his brother at a protest in Calgary about the situation, and how Rebel News is going to help the brothers fight their fines.

If you want to help support our fight for Artur, and every other Canadian we can fight for, you can donate at FightTheFines.com. Or, if you’ve received a charge yourself, you can tell us your story there, too.ProtestsCoronavirusFight the FinesCalgary

Calgary’s “March For Freedom” draws thousands despite threat of $1,200 COVID fines

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On Saturday, I was at Calgary City Hall to cover the weekly “March For Freedom” rally, where several thousand people showed up to protest Calgary’s coronavirus restrictions imposed by their tyrannical Mayor Naheed Nenshi.  

Little did they know, it wouldn’t take long for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to follow Nenshi’s lead. On Tuesday, Kenney announced province-wide gathering limits and business closures in our already economically battered province. 

Protesters met at Calgary’s City Hall before marching through the city’s downtown core, then reconvening back at the plaza for speeches. The protest was technically illegal, but those in attendance were undeterred — despite Calgary police sending out $1,200 fines to those in attendance last week.

Click here to watch my full report and find out why these brave Canadians risked getting a fine to go to the protest. Alberta was the last bastion of freedom in this country until Premier Kenney caved to political pressure and betrayed Albertans with the same copy-cat policies devastating every other province in the country. If this is happening here in Alberta, what hope is left for the rest of Canada? 

Yours truly, 

Sheila Gunn Reid 

Full Gospel Outreach Church FINED $14,000 for SINGING without masks in Saskatchewan

Full Gospel Outreach Church FINED $14,000 for SINGING without masks in Saskatchewan

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse in our ‘new normal’ — a church in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan has just received a staggering $14,000 coronavirus fine for singing without wearing masks. 

The fine comes after congregants of the Full Gospel Outreach Church were caught singing without their masks on, and a small ‘outbreak‘ of COVID-19 was allegedly pinned on their multi-day evangelical event.

The mayor of Prince Albert, Greg Dionne, said clearly that he wanted to make an example of the church. Speaking to CBC, he said there had to be “consequences,” so they handed down a $14,000 fine.

While the mainstream media demonized him and his congregants, I travelled down to Prince Albert to speak with pastor Vernon Temple and get his side of the story.

The church isn’t wealthy by any means. But they clothe and house the homeless, feed those in need and provide services for individuals with addictions. It makes the fine they got for practicing their religion even more appalling. 

Watch my video to see what pastor Vernon had to say about it.

Rebel News isn’t standing by. We are helping the Full Gospel Outreach Centre battle this outrageous fine — but we need your help. Please visit FightTheFines.com to pitch in a donation to help us cover the costs of the legal battle associated with trying to help this community-focused church stand up against the COVID bullies!

More Medico-Stalinism: Prince Albert Pastor Fined $14,000 for Singing

, Pastor Vern Temple does what other people won’t do. He helps the lowest of the low — homeless people, hungry people. He’s up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, so a lot of his work is with people from the nearby Indian band.  It’s one of the poorest churches I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen the churches in Iraq that ISIS torched. But the local mayor, a bully named Greg Dionne, just can’t stand the church. He’s always after it for something. And he finally found a way to try and bring it down — a ludicrous $14,000 fine for singing. I’m serious. For singing in a church. Here, watch Pastor Vern tell you himself:

No-one can afford a $14,000 fine. Certainly not one of the poorest churches in Canada, one that already spends every dollar it has to feed the poor and house the homeless. Imagine the moral compass of a mayor who permits a casino to stay open during the pandemic, but cracks down on a church for doing the same. Pastor Vern and his congregants can’t afford the fine. They can’t afford a lawyer, either. He’s between a rock and a hard place.

But that’s where we come in — you and me. Rebel News has hired a great lawyer for Pastor Vern — a freedom-fighting civil liberties lawyer named Sarah Miller. I almost feel bad for that bully mayor. He’s not going to know what hit him! We’re not going to pay the fine. We’re going to fight the fine.

And if you want to support our fight, go to www.FightTheFines.com and chip in to help us crowdfund this top-notch lawyer. That’s where you can check out our other cases, too! If you know someone who needs a lawyer to fight a pandemic fine, tell them to go to our site and fill out the form — we’ll try to have a lawyer reach out and help them. And if you don’t know someone who needs help, maybe you can be someone who gives it by joining our crowdfunding campaign and pitching in a few dollars. On behalf of Pastor Vern — thanks.

Yours truly,

Sheila Gunn Reid
Chief Reporter,

Rebel News P.S. Have you noticed how the lockdown bullies seem to be picking on Christian churches? Not on casinos, liquor stores, cannabis stores, or even Wal-marts and Costcos. They’re picking on churches. In this case, they’ve issued the largest fine in Canada — a whopping $14,000. Time to fight back!

RESIST THE MEDICO-STALINIST TYRANNY — Fight the Fines VICTORY: Walter Matheson’s “Tim Horton’s” social distancing ticket DROPPED

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RESIST THE MEDICO-STALINIST TYRANNY — Fight the Fines VICTORY: Walter Matheson’s “Tim Horton’s” social distancing ticket DROPPED

Another Rebel News victory!  I’m happy to report that Walter Matheson, our tenth FightTheFines.com case, had his social distancing ticket dropped!  

You may remember Walter as the very nice, very ordinary New Brunswick man who was slapped with a social distancing ticket while eating a muffin and drinking a coffee in an empty Tim Horton’s parking lot, alone, inside his car, with the windows closed. This win would not have been possible without our faithful Rebel News supporters that donated to help Walter out with his case.  

Click here to watch my interview with Walter and hear a message from our civil liberties lawyer Sam Goldstein.  According to Walter, the prosecutor threw the ticket out because the address was filled out incorrectly, but we think it might have had something to do with all the attention we gave this case — we got nearly half a million views on Walter’s original video.

  But that’s the whole point. If we didn’t do our job and shine a light on what happened to Walter, he might have ended up having to pay that bogus ticket and the cop that gave it to him would have felt free to give out more. 

We want law enforcement and power-hungry bureaucrats to think twice when trying to bully people with social distancing fines and hopefully, come to their senses and stop enforcing these silly social distancing measures. 

To support our fight and help us cover some of our legal fees, please visit FightTheFines.com and donate today.

Yours truly,  Sheila Gunn Reid 

.S. Please visit FightTheFines.com to help more people like Walter Matheson stand up to power-hungry police who are using this pandemic as an excuse to bully people. While you’re there, please consider donating to help us fight social distancing tickets that many others have received during the Wuhan flu lockdowns. And if you know someone who has been fined and wants our help, send them our way, and if their case has merit, we’ll make sure to stand up for them too. Thank you.

Press freedom applies to everyone – even The Rebel

Ezra Levant is the president of The Rebel News Network Ltd.


Ezra Levant is the president of The Rebel News Network Ltd.

It’s become standard practice for the Liberal government to refuse to accredit me or other reporters from my company, Rebel News, at press conferences. Other right-leaning reporters are banned, too. But, at a recent press conference at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre, during a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, there I was, smiling at Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland from the front row.

I had been smuggled into the room by the former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Okay – that sounds more dramatic than it really was. The former director of the CIA is Mr. Pompeo himself. And he didn’t really smuggle me in. But he did let me walk into the news conference as part of his own delegation, which included U.S. journalists. And I doubt he told Ms. Freeland about it.

That’s just as shocking as if it had really been a CIA operation: The only way I was able to attend a news conference by my own government was with the assistance of a foreign government.

It happened in the summer, too, when Ms. Freeland co-hosted a media freedom conference in London along with her then-British counterpart, Jeremy Hunt.

There, Ms. Freeland gave a speech and invited journalists to a question-and-answer session. But her staff singled out two of the seven reporters who showed up and told them they would not be welcome.

There just wasn’t enough room for all seven, they said. The Globe and Mail, CTV, CBC, Global TV and Al Jazeera could come. But the two conservative reporters could not – Andrew Lawton, the former Sun newspaper columnist who now writes for True North Canada; and Sheila Gunn Reid, a reporter for my company, Rebel News.

Mr. Lawton and Ms. Gunn Reid had been accredited by the British government, which organized the conference. Both had crowdfunded their travel from Canada. It was literally a conference about media freedom. But not for journalists with the wrong politics.

The other journalists waiting to talk with Ms. Freeland – including the Al Jazeera reporter – were stunned by her attempt to de-platform Mr. Lawton and Ms. Gunn Reid. And to their credit, they refused to attend the news conference without them.


Faced with a boycott, Ms. Freeland blinked and grudgingly allowed some media freedom at the media freedom conference. Ms. Gunn Reid got to ask her questions. Why had Ms. Freeland asked the UN to ban Ms. Gunn Reid from their conferences? Why had the Liberals refused to respond to her Access to Information requests?

Ms. Freeland’s answer was shocking, especially in juxtaposition to what she had just said in her official speech: “We all need to defend our independent press – even, and perhaps especially, when it criticizes us.”

That’s the script she read when she was onstage with celebrities such as Amal Clooney. But when it was just Canadian reporters, Ms. Freeland let the mask slip.

“You are here asking me a question, and that’s my choice and my decision,” she said. In fact, her choice had been to exclude Ms. Gunn Reid. But do press freedoms really require her permission?

“I do also think that it is important for governments, for countries, for multilateral organizations to be thoughtful about media organizations that are truly independent and truly impartial,” she continued.

Ms. Freeland didn’t explain that accusation. She had no problem inviting Al Jazeera, the state broadcaster of Qatar. Later that day, she privately welcomed the Foreign Minister of Pakistan to the conference – one of the most brutal censors in the world.

Ms. Freeland did not reject censoring journalists. She justified it, if it was “thoughtful.” She ended by accusing Rebel News of being white supremacists.

It’s standard now.

Indeed, the Parliamentary Press Gallery – the reporters’ guild that controls access to many media conferences – has banned us without notice, explanation or any appeal. China’s state broadcaster, Xinhua, is a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. But we’re banned.

Not everyone appreciates our point of view. But we clearly speak to many Canadians. Our reporters have been accredited by governments around the world, in places such as Sweden, the Netherlands and India, and even in partly free countries such as Iraq and Morocco. Only Canada has banned us.

I’m not surprised the Liberals don’t like us. We ask prickly questions. But that’s part of our democratic system. If you need help understanding the problem, imagine if former prime minister Stephen Harper had banned liberal journalists from his government events.

Ms. Freeland’s conduct is remarkable given her former career as a journalist.

Liberals need to know how freedom of the press works – it’s a gift you have to give to your opponents, if you want it for yourself.

Thank you, CBC. I can’t believe I’m writing those words, but I mean it. — Ezra Levant


The Rebel

Thank you, CBC. I can’t believe I’m writing those words, but I mean it. — Ezra Levant



Did you know that Sheila Gunn Reid and I were at a media freedom conference in London, England?

It was a remarkable experience because it was co-sponsored by the Canadian and U.K. governments. Governments and freedoms don’t mix at the best of times. But the U.K. and Canada are particularly censorious these days.

But there were some amazing moments. Not only did Sheila find herself in an alliance with CBC and CTV against Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, but I had a chance to confront Pakistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

You can watch all our videos at MediaFreedomConference.com.

But here’s a quick selection of my favourite videos from the week:

Twitter has been warning users around the world that their tweets were violating Pakistani law. This has been going on since last year (at least), and it even happened to me!

That’s why I took my chance to challenge Pakistan’s Foreign Minister on this issue.

Click here to watch my video to see this censorious thug’s response.

Sheila Gunn Reid made strange friends and allies at the Defend Media Freedom Conference when a miracle happened after Chrystia Freeland’s staffer announced that only The Rebel and Andrew Lawton would not be allowed to attend a scrum.

Mainstream media journalists from outlets including the CBC, CTV and The Globe and Mail all refused to attend the event unless Sheila and Andrew were allowed, too.

Click here to watch that video.

To my surprise, I was invited to be part of a panel of young journalists!

I’m really not that young anymore, but I was happy to participate.

As you can see in my video, the younger reporters weren’t as dedicated to free speech as I am.

I hope you enjoyed these videos, you can watch all our reports from inside the Defend Media Freedom Conference, at MediaFreedomConference.com.

Your’s truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. We were the only independent media organization at this conference — everybody else was demanding subsidies or censorship. So we need your help to hold our politicians accountable because if we don’t do it, no-one else will.

UN official admits there is NO LEGAL DEFINITION of “hate speech”

UN official admits there is NO LEGAL DEFINITION of “hate speech”

The Rebel

Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid are in London to cover the so-called Defend Media Freedom Conference, which is being run by the British and Canadian governments.

During a question and answer session, Sheila asked UN Special Rapporteur on Free Speech, David Kaye, about the UN’s campaign against “hate speech and Islamophobia”.

His answer will shock you.

David Kaye admitted that there is no legal definition of “hate speech”. You almost have to hear it to believe it.

WATCH our video to see his full statement:

If globalists organizing a censorship campaign haven’t decided on a legal definition for “hate speech”, how on earth can we trust them not to use it to silence their critics — critics like The Rebel?

Yours truly,

The Rebel Team

Three Rebel journalists have been assaulted in three weeks. Enough is enough — we’re fighting back, and we need your help  

Three Rebel journalists have been assaulted in three weeks. Enough is enough — we’re fighting back, and we need your help


Assault on Keean Bexte

Our Calgary reporter, Keean Bexte, was assaulted by a leftist activist while he was covering the United We Roll pro-pipeline convoy in Ottawa.

Keean covered the official speeches by the United We Roll folks. But as we do, we like to cover what the critics say — often just because they are so inarticulate, it’s sort of amazing. So Keean was amongst the antifa just asking them for their views. And he was talking to one guy — the guy with the aviator glasses, when some other leftist thug sneaked up on him and just hit him.

Now, obviously, it didn’t deeply hurt Keean. But it was shocking. And it damaged his phone. And more to the point — it was an assault.

This is him:


And the cops — just did nothing. In fact, worse than nothing — Keean told me that police, who were literally standing right there, police said to him if he wanted to make a complaint, he should call the police department. They were right there. But they couldn’t care less.

Assault on David Menzies and Efron

A couple of weeks ago, two other Rebel journalists were attacked. Again, they weren’t beaten to a pulp; I don’t think they were hurt; but so what — you can’t punch a journalist.

A manager at the Radisson Toronto East manhandled David Menzies, and our cameraman Efron earlier this month.

You can’t punch people. We were lawfully on that property; that Radisson manager then asked us to leave, and we were about to leave, Menzies even started to say he was leaving, but before that manager even finished his sentence, he just punched David and Efron, and punched our gear.

We filed a lawsuit in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, against the Radisson Toronto East hotel, and their manager David Strong, on behalf of our employees, David and Efron.

We’re not suing for millions. We know that they weren’t wounded for life. The money isn’t even the point — we’re suing for just $10,000 each, a total of $20,000. We’ll pay far more than that in legal fees. We’re suing to make a point — you can’t hit people. Even if you disagree with them. You can’t do that, whether your a person, or a multi-billion dollar corporation like Radisson.

Not the first time Rebel journalists have been hit

Of course, this isn’t the first time a rebel journalist has been assaulted. The worst was when some male feminist named Dion Bews hit our Sheila Gunn Reid — at a women’s march, no less.

The CBC actually took the side of the thug in their news reports, trying to humanize him and paint him as the victim. In the end, Dion Bews was convicted, but because of a court error, he got off with a slap on the wrist.

So we sued Bews in civil court for more than a year, and we finally got justice in the form of a court order.Here’s what the judge who upheld our lawsuit against that thug Dion Bews had to say:

Mr. Bews is entitled to his political views, and the Plaintiff and The Rebel are entitled to their political views.  Mr. Bews however, was not entitled to commit assault and battery because his political views differed from those of the Plaintiff or The Rebel.

You can read the entire decision, here.

So we did that. It cost us more than $30,000 in legal bills. Bews had to pay Sheila just $3,500 and for the rest of his life he’ll be known as the cowardly male feminist who hits women.

Help identify the Antifa thug

If you can help identify the Antifa thug who hit Keean, then please email tips@therebel.media with his identity. We’ll keep you confidential. If you are the first to positively ID him, we’ll pay you $500.

Don’t take the law into your own hands. No vigilantism, please. Just tell us who he is, and we’ll do the rest — we’ll put him to the law, as we did with Dion Bews.


So this is him, two different perspectives. That’s who hit Keean. In Ottawa. So he’s probably from there. He seemed to be someone who protests a lot; he seems to be political. My suspicion is that he’s some public sector union thug who protests every day, and when he saw our people, he wants to do more than protest — he wanted to punch a conservative.

Help fund our lawyers

The second thing I need your help with is to pay for the lawyers.

If Sheila were a Liberal, if David and Efron and Keean were Liberals, not only would they not have been attacked, but if they were, police would take care of everything. They didn’t charge the Radisson manager, and they didn’t lift a finger in Ottawa. So, we have to pay for justice.

The lawsuit for Sheila cost us more than $30,000. It wasn’t about the money. It was about defending our people, standing up to bullies, and letting the world know that if you come for the rebel, we’ll come for justice. (By the way, David, Efron and Keean didn’t ask me to do this. I’m choosing to do this. Because I am grateful to them for suffering for our journalism, and because it’s right.)

I’m going to need $500 to pay the bounty to identify this thug, because the police don’t plan to investigate. And then I’m going to need $30,000 to sue him, and $30,000 to sue the Radisson.

Do you think that’s wasteful? Do you think that’s a luxury? I don’t. It’s my way of saying to Keean and David and Efron that I value them and I respect them and I want to treat them how I would want to be treated if I myself were assaulted by a left-wing thug.

That’s my goal — $60,500. If you can help me cover those legal bills, please do. I promise to keep you posted on the case.

This is part of the price of being a conservative in Canada. But I think we have to pay it. If you think so too, please help us out by contributing below.