“Rescind the Grant, Withdraw the Bigotted ‘Anti-Hate’ Booklet,” CAFE Tells Somali “Diversity” Minister Ahmed Hussen

“Rescind the Grant, Withdraw the Bigotted ‘Anti-Hate’ Booklet,” CAFE Tells Somali “Diversity” Minister Ahmed Hussen

Weston, July 5, 2022. Supporters of the Canadian Association for Free Expression picketed the constituency office of “Diversity” Minister Ahmed Hussen, a Somali refugee and dual citizen, this afternoon. They demanded that he rescind a recent grant to the anti-free speech lobby group, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network for the production of a booklet to combat “hate” in the schools but which is really of guidebook for suppressing politically incorrect ideas among students, even urging kids to rat on other kids.

As people from neighbouring stores and houses gathered around and largely agreed with the protesters, an employee locked the office door and fled. CAFE left its press statement and a few placards for the employee when she feels safe to return.

“Diversity” Minister Ahmed Hussen has given the militantly anti-free speech Canadian Anti-Hate Network $268,400 to produce a book for schools to fight hate. The book is sloppy and contains not a word about radical Islam. “Hate” has a specific meaning in the Criminal Code. Virtually none of the groups or views they smear as “hate” has ever been charged let alone found guilty under the law. “Hate”  really means views or opinions the Canadian Anti-Hate Network hates. Those include the Red Ensign and Donald Trump.

“It is outrageous Ahmed Hussen who was welcomed as a refugee  would so repay Canadians by funding this bigotted attack on free speech,” said CAFE Director Paul Fromm.  The booklet lists opinions the Canadian Anti-Hate Network finds unacceptable and urges teachers and students to try to suppress them. For instance, Gay Pride, Black Pride, Latino Pride are all good, but Euro-Pride of White Pride are “hate” and to be banished from schools

“Listing the Red Ensign  as a “hate” symbol, the flag Canadian soldiers fought under in two world wars —  this included my parents who both served under this flag —  is an insult to Canadian history,” Mr. Fromm added/
“We will  demand:

1. That the grant be rescinded

2. That the booklet be withdrawn and not distributed to educators

3. That the minister apologize for the smear against the Red Ensign that was our country’s flag.  Whether this smear was made out of ignorance or malice toward Old Stock Canadians, HOW DARE HE?’ Mr. Fromm concluded

The crest on Hussen’s sign (the crest of Canada) is the SAME crest on the Red Ensign he and the anti-free speech Canadian Anti-Hate Network say is a “hate symbol”.



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Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director

June 21, 2018

Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6


Dear Minister Freeland:

I am writing out of deep concern  about a Canadian now languishing in a German prison and now about to face trial under a law, Sec. 130 of the German Criminal Code having to do with racial incitement.


The woman, Monika Schaefer was born in Canada and is a Canadian citizen. On January 3, while visiting her brother and attending a trial in Munich, she was seized and arrested and sent to Stadelheim, a maximum security prison in Munich. She was visited by an official from the Canadian Consulate who offered her some help with matters in Canada but informed her they were only allowed to visit every six months. She remained imprisoned WITHOUT being charged until mid-May. Her trial begins July 3.


Several weeks ago her brother Alfred was advised by the Canadian Consul in Munich that, on Ottawa’s orders, there would be no consular observer at her two week trial. This is a matter of free speech and protection of Canadians travelling abroad. Let’s be clear: Ms Schaefer could face five years in prison. The issue before the court is a video she recorded in June, 2016 in which she apologizes to her late mother for haranguing her as a teenager for not having “done something” to stop the killings of Jews in WWII.


Actually, if we believe in freedom of speech, her views, like them of not as expressed in her six minute video “Sorry, Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust,” should not matter.


The absence an observer from the Consulate sends a distinct message to the German authorities: We are not interested in this woman; do as you please. That is appalling.


When I and others have sought to inquire from various government officials about what is being done for Monika Schaefer, we are shuffled aside by the invocation of the Right to Privacy Act.  This is the typical response: “Please know that consular officials are bound by the Privacy Act and cannot release details about consular cases. This also applies to the case of Ms. Schaefer. I can, however, confirm that Canadian officials in Germany are providing consular assistance to her.”

 This is one of the most misused bureaucratic excuses for keeping matters secret. We are not inquiring about Ms Schaefer’s sex life (or lack of it) in prison or about any allergies she might have but about what is being done to assist her.


We urge you to reconsider the decision and send an observer to Ms Schaefer’s trial. She is a violinist and has long taken a passionate interest in her community, having four times run in elections for the Green Party, which, I trust will not be held against her.  An observer lets the German authorities know that Canada’s government cares and is concerned about freedom of speech. We had hoped that more active interest on the part of the Canadian Government might have convinced the German authorities to avoid a trial and simplydeport her and send her home to Canada.


Sincerely yours,


Paul Fromm