Soft Tyranny Canada: The Battle of the Waddling Dog Hotel Part II — Interviews with Paul Fromm & Gordon Watson

Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression discusses the arbitrary last minute cancellation last Friday of his planned lecture the next day at the Waddling Dog Quality Inn. Manager Brendan Petraroia called him “a racist piece of shit.” [Race had never been discussed in their phone call.] CAFE found a new location. Longtime activist Gordon Watson went to the Waddling Dog and found five or six police officers from two forces there to shut down the free speech gathering.
Preview YouTube video Soft Tyranny Canada: The Battling of the Waddling Dog Hotel

Soft Tyranny Canada: The Battling of the Waddling Dog Hotel

The Battle of the Waddling Dog: Police Mass to Stop Free Speech Lecture & Hotel Manager Cancels CAFE Meeting

The Battle of the Waddling Dog: Police Mass to Stop Free Speech Lecture & Hotel Manager Cancels CAFE Meeting

          VICTORIA. June 19, 2016 Yesterday saw the first round in the free speech battle at the Quality Inn Waddling Dog fought out with police massing to prevent free speech supporters from attending a meeting announced for this hotel. The heavy police presence reeked of the political police.
Frederick Fromm's photo.
Frederick Fromm's photo.

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CAFE was scheduled to host a talk Saturday afternoon. Here is the meat of the invitation.
Hear Paul Fromm in Victoria, Saturday, June 18, 2016
The Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Presents
Paul Fromm
Director, Canada First Immigration Reform Committee
Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award,
Free Speech in Justin Trudeau’s Soft Dictatorship
· Kicked off Parliament Hill
· YOUR WARD NEWS editor & publisher banned from sending or receiving mail
· Supremos Won’t Hear McCorkill Case (bequests to groups whose views are “contrary to public policy” vulnerable)
· The transgendered and sexually screwed up – yet another group you soon will not be able to criticize
I was in Edmonton Friday afternoon, prior to my talk there, when, about 3:30, I received a call from a ‘Brandon’ who said he was the manager at the Waddling Dog. A supporter had put the invitation up on the social media. Brandon insisted the meeting is cancelled. Some of the topics we don’t want to be associated with.’ I said the meeting is about free speech and related issues. I asked him which topics he objected to. He had no answer. I pointed out that CAFE was renting a meeting room, not seeking nor claiming the endorsement of the Waddling Dog.”
I further informed him that CAFE had held some half dozen meetings in the hotel’s library over the past four years. I had stayed there several times myself and had a room for a guest speaker as well. There has never been any trouble, we have always paid our bill and left the place in good order.
I pointed out that hotels rent bedrooms and meeting space. In a bedroom, people may indulge in heterosexual sex, sex within marriage, adulterous sex, homosexual sex. The hotel does not endorse or support these behaviours; they are the responsibility of those concerned. Similarly with meeting.
However, ‘Brandon’ was oozing hostility. I reminded him we had a contract. “I don’t give a shit,” he said. “It’s my property. You’re not coming here.”
I tried to get beyond the phony first name basis business and extract his last name. “I don’t have to give it to you,’ he said. However, I eventually learned he was a Brandon Petraroia.
He then called back and warned that he was calling the police. In a final parting shot, Brandon snarled that I was “a racist piece of shit.” We had not said a thing about race or ethnicity.
This final shot almost made me laugh. Had the blustering Brandon learned his hotel trade from Basil Fawlty (John Cleese of the hilarious British comedy Fawlty Towers where the lanky Fawlty used to insult and abuse his guests)?
In all this discussion, Brandon never asked what we believed. Like so many in this increasingly censorious society, he didn’t seek to learn or discuss. He had made up his mind and it was as closed as a wolf trap.
On almost no notice, CAFE had to arrange another venue and, more problematically, try to reach potential attendees. Nevertheless, the meeting went ahead elsewhere.
The Waddling Dog posted an incoherent defamatory notice on its Facebook.
A meeting that has been advertised to be held at the Waddling Dog on Saturday, June 17th by an extreme political group involving very racist views and KKK relations is false. This meeting is NOT occurring despite its mass social media presence. The anti-immigration group and radical party is not welcome on this property. Despite receiving threats today by their leader, Paul Fromm, our manager personally spoke with him and told him he is not welcome on the property. The local RCMP has been notified as well and will be on site tomorrow to ensure this doesn’t escalate. If you hear more about this, please understand it is false and we have zero association with this group and their views do not reflect those of the Waddling Dog.”
The errors are so many. There was no discussion of race or immigration in our invitation or telephone exchange. We are not the Klan nor are we a political party.  I made no threats of any sort. However, the blast clearly confirms that we were victims of political discrimination.
The next day saw the powers of the police state swing into play. More and more in an increasingly feminized, infantilized Canada today, if you hear something politically incorrect, call the cops.
A previous speaker for CAFE at the Waddling Dog was lawyer Barclay Johnson who explained that we are over-policed and police are overpaid. That leads police into a form of social work to justify their positions. In BC, where they justice system is fanatically anti-man, police in a domestic dispute come around and haul the man off to jail. It’s about breaking up families and isolating men. Police are willing agents of this.
Long-time free speech activist, anti-abortion campaigner and unpasteurized milk rebel Gordon Watson went to the Waddling Dog just before the meeting and filed this report.
“On Saturday June 18th 2016, I arrived at the Waddling Dog Quality Inn at approximately 1:45 pm, to find  officers Sihota and Apa and several others from the Central Saanich Police, on the premises. I went in to the building as I had done several times in previous years when I attended meetings convened there by Paul Fromm. Immediately inside the main door I noticed a chalkboard on an easel in front of the Library door saying “this area is closed”.
It occurred to me I might find people who’d arrived for the meeting which had been scheduled for the Library, and were puzzled what to do next, in the restaurant. So, I headed down the hall towards it. A man followed me and asked who I was. When I said “I’m from the press” he asked for credentials. When I said I did not have such credentials on me, he told me to leave the premises. I asked him who he was.
He replied “I’m the owner.”
I said the words “I’m gone” or I may have said “I’m going”. Either way, it was clear to all concerned that I intended to leave. Turning back from going towards the restaurant, I proceeded the way I’d just come, so as to go out the main door. As I did so, the man who’d challenged me stepped in to my line of travel, jamming his left shoulder in to my body as I walked by him. Glancing back after being assaulted, I noticed he still had his feet planted firmly in a squat, knees slightly bent, which lowers one’s centre of gravity. There is no doubt in my mind but that he’d assumed that stance, readying himself to impede me, as part of provoking me to retaliate physically against him.
His act was what police officers / deputy sheriffs do when they want to arrest someone but don’t yet have an excuse: that is, deliberately make physical contact so as to provoke reaction in the target, of him reflexively shoving back, so they can then lay hands on that person, pretending that he had initiated an assault. In this instance, I did not pause in my travel towards the door. Rather, after I felt his shove, I stepped farther away from the man and said to him sarcastically “that’s so trite”. Sergeant Sihota was standing right there, paying attention to what was going on. Sgt. Sihota couldn’t have missed witnessing the man purposely putting his shoulder into my chest as I walked by him, and hearing my response to the assault
I came away insulted that police had let themselves be manipulated into enforcing denial of my right to freedom of association; my right to participate in democratic activity, along with denial of Paul Fromm’s freedom of speech. Especially, I was insulted that armed, uniformed officers of the government interfered with the reciprocal of freedom of speech, which is, my right to hear what he has to say on certain political issues. Having known Mr Fromm for over 20 years, and heard what he has to say about the pattern of vicissitudes he’s endured from his enemies during that time, there is no doubt in my mind but that the same old canard was played by them on Saturday.
This kind of intimidation for suppressing political activity is one of the hallmarks of fascism? They were duped into the role of the goon squad —  misappropriating the power, prestige and resources of local government to assist the enemies of freedom. The ‘show of force’ at the Waddling Dog Quality Inn in this instance was a disgrace upon the reputation of your police force.Canada is now so morally bankrupt that those of us who disagree with the Central Party line find ourselves facing policemen who mouthe the ridiculous excuse proffered by Sgt. Sihota : “we’re here to keep the peace … to see that everyone is safe”. Safe from what? Controversial Ideas? Safe from discomfort when confronted with concepts Outside the Box of what race traitors in high places deem palatable?”

Incidentally, the police never contacted me or CAFE to learn the nature of the event before descending in force to break it up.
This is just the first skirmish in the Battle of the Waddling Dog. Stay tuned. — Paul Fromm
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