FREEDOM EVENTS IN THE OKANAGAN, October 7-14: Maria Ho, C.L.E.A.R Rally Kelowna, Druthers, Maria Ho


Penticton 4 Freedom Weekly Newsletter

Index of Important Updates In this issue:

–      Rallies and local events

–      Penticton4Freedom Sunday, 1 to 3 – Main Street & Warren Avenue, Penticton

o   Request for Feedback – please respond

–      C.L.E.A.R Rally, Kelowna – Oct 7th – Noon to 2 at Stuart Park by the Bear – David Lindsay’s court case and other updates

–      An evening with Maria Ho – Cannery Brewery – October 8

–      GEO Engineering October 12

–      1 Million March for Kids October 21

–      NCI Call for Volunteers – Largest body of evidence regarding COVID mandate harms and media lies anywhere in the world


–      Shop Local ~ Support Farmers – Bargains at the Farmers’ Produce Stands

–      Freedom Rising Newsletter – Issue 58 – Free Speech in Medicine

–      Druthers call to help! The October edition is online. Donations are always needed.

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FREEDOM RALLIES – Penticton4Freedom – every Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.  at Main and Warren, Penticton

In case you missed last week- We started with a small group of on-timers, so we gathered our chairs in a circle and had a great conversation, with others joining in as they arrived. We took our signs out to the sidewalks, and someone handed out Druthers to vehicle drivers stopped at the lights.

A transsexual woman joined us for a chat. She insisted that there was no harm to children from the SOGI123 recommended materials and had obviously been trained on what to say to get a rise out of people. One of our newer attendees simply countered by saying, “I love you, and Jesus loves you.” There is no hate here.

Another said, “If you have read the materials and teacher instructions that are part of SOGI123, and still insist there is no harm to children with that program, then we have nothing more to discuss”, then walked away.

THE MILLION MARCH PLANNING GROUP met on Zoom to report back our findings and decide about whether to organize another event in support of parental rights, protecting children, and opposing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity programs in the schools. Emily Duggan was a surprise guest. She has led the only successful initiative anywhere in Canada, to disallow Drag Queen Story Hour in libraries and other public venues in her area. She left us with some great tips on how to approach school boards and municipal councils on the subject of sex education and specifically SOGI 123 in our schools. Here is a 12 minute video of her address at the September 30 Million March 4 Children in Surrey.

This is a call-out to all who want to team up to attend school board and/or council meetings on this SOGI 123 or other subjects such as 15- minute cities, or any other of the attacks on our freedoms and natural law. Please reply by return email to show your interest and we will get back to you ASAP. Training and Action Buddies can be provided.

============================================= This week October 8th – Donald Lee has had to re-book to the following Sunday, so We Are Open to Suggestions – With an Open Mic, surprise guest speakers frequently show up, and it’s a great time to catch up with what’s going on in your neck of the woods.   IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR OCTOBER 15: Donald Lee will be arriving EARLY and will be first on the agenda because he has a later engagement in Vancouver. PLEASE SHOW UP AT 12:30 SO YOU DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. Donald Lee, author of “What The Hell is Going On? (the Web of Fraud that is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom)” will be our special guest speaker on Sunday, October 15. He will be focusing on solutions to that web of fraud he exposed in his book and will have copies of his book available for signing. Donald is an engaging speaker, with inspiring stories, insights, and action plans. Plan to be there! And then follow your plan and show up. 😉 I’ll see you there!   Miss a week and you miss a lot!  image.png
Fighting for freedom is more fun with friends. Bring a few. Suggest a topic or a speaker, and we’ll be happy to find someone to share their knowledge with us.   ——————————- o0o————————————- OTHERS’ EVENTS  ·      Kelowna CLEAR Rallies – 1st Saturday of each month at noon – Stuart Park, Kelowna ·       Oliver Rally – in front of city hall – Saturdays at 12:30 p.m.  · Check online for school board meetings and city council meetings in your area. They’ve been changing dates lately. ——————————————- o0o————————————————- EVENTS October 8th 5-7 pm  image.png

Maria HO and her band entertained us at the July 17 event at Skaha Lake Park, hosted by members of the Penticton Freedom Frequency. It’s great to have the opportunity to welcome her back in town. Bar food available. No cover charge. First Come, First Served. No reservations required or taken.

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More Info coming…. If you are interested in helping to organize this event, please reply by email with your name and phone number, or call or text 780-908-0309 with your name and email address and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you.


  ——————————- o0o————————————- ACTIONS OF THE WEEK Go to for a list of action committees including Bill 36, FOI (Freedom of Information Registry and Support), SOGI, and Community Food/Self-Reliance.  Email to receive weekly update emails and links to their activities.   Also Email Ted Kuntz at to be invited to join the Canada-wide Friday morning zooms with freedom advocates and initiatives from across Canada. ———————————— o0o————————————-  
Worth A Look   National Citizen s Inquiry Is Calling for Your Help to Take the Commissioners Report World- Wide The National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) has amassed the largest body of evidence in the world exposing the methods used and the harms caused by the reckless, immoral and illegal use of compulsory injections and other mandates surrounding the “COVID pandemic”, which it turns out was never a pandemic at all. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO HELP GET THE WORD OUT NOW, AND WHEN THE COMMISSIONERS’ FINAL REPORT IS RELEASED IN NOVEMBER. Volunteer here! Volunteer Now! The Commissioners recommend that: ·  A full judicial investigation of the process under which the Covid-19 vaccinations were authorized in Canada must be carried out. Criminal liability, if discovered, may be dealt with under existing Canadian law. ·  The current use of Covid-19 vaccines in Canada that were authorized under the revised provisions of the Interim Order and the newly revised Food and Drug Regulations, should be stopped immediately. The Commissioners’ recommendations are based on testimony provided to the Inquiry indicating that the conventional evaluation and endorsement process for vaccines was not adhered to by the Canadian Government in their evaluation of the COVID-19 vaccines. Access The Commissioners Interim Report on the NCI website Included is a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Send a copy to your MP and MLA to help open their eyes. Video of Commissioner’s Press Conference – Sept 14 Citizen-Led Inquiry Asks Ottawa to Cancel COVID-19 Vaccine Approval – Epoch Times NCI Website   ———————————— o0o————————————-
Shop Local ~ Support Farmers Do you know what happens when the Keremeos and Cawston Fruit stands close?   S&S closes after Remembrance Day, Sanderson’s stays open year-round, other fruit stands vary between the end of October to either the first or middle of November.   Each one strives for that ultimate last dollar that they can collect before boarding up their stands. October and November are when the fields are turned for the winter. The remaining fruit, squashes and vegetables are then sold at discount prices where you drop your money in a provided cash box. This discount continues through to spring providing large 10 and 20-lb bags of apples until the fruit stands open again.   Thank you to Sue for the above update. XO   And a note from a produce stand shopper…   BARGAINS ABOUND I visited some shops, looking primarily for organics this past week and I highly recommend heading out to Keremeos and Cawston for fresh fruits and vegetables and already incredibly low prices. When the farmers sell to the chain stores, or even local retailers, we, as consumers pay multiples of what we pay if we buy direct from the farmer. For example, bell peppers – locally grown, beautiful, big, colourful top-grade peppers can be purchased for $1.50 a pound at a farm stand, where the regular prices, even now, in season, can range from $3.99 to $4.99 at many retail stores.   Most stores also favour buying US produce over local produce and we don’t know what sprays and fertilizers have been used to maximize production, nor what measures have had to be taken to keep it looking fresh and crisp during transportation. When they do buy from local farmers, the prices they pay are hardly sufficient to keep farmers in business, so mega-farms that use more chemicals to create bigger yields, can benefit while smaller farmers suffer. Farm costs have risen dramatically along with fuel costs, minimum wage costs and other government regulations and fees, which add no value to the farmers’ bottom lines or to the pocketbooks of the consumers who pay for them.   Whether those are concerns of yours or not, the farm stand lower prices and variety alone will amaze you and leave you with money to buy ice cream on the way home, and put some healthy change back into your piggy bank.   MAKE A LIST AND SCOPE OUT THE DEALS As a bargain shopper, I recommend that you go with a list of what you want, then take a quick tour of all the shops along Highways 3 and 3A through Keremeos, and highway 3 through Cawston, before choosing where to purchase your items. On my way home from buying tomatoes for canning, I discovered that buying a 20 lb box from the first vendor I found, cost me double what it would have cost down the road, if only I had gone there to check the prices beforehand.   Happy produce hunting. And Happy Thanksgiving!    

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Freedom Rising Newsletter – Issue 57 – Free Speech in Medicine HERE

Well friends, it happened…

As of September 23rd, we lost connection with 187,000 of you on Facebook and 27,000 more of you on Instagram. This is where the majority of our online reach came from, so this is a pretty big deal to Druthers. This is also a really big deal for all Canadians, yet many don’t seem to see or care that this is a very serious issue.

But they cannot censor print!

This goes to show the importance of Druthers as a print media option here in Canada. With online censorship seeping in thicker and thicker, now is the time to really double down and boost Druthers to get important news & information into the hands of more people.

It’s an information war… and we need more help from more people.

Please donate today:

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Thank you. Stay strong. Stay free.

Much love & strength to you all <3

Shawn Jason

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Read October Issue Online. Government Aims to Obliterate Natural Health Care


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Want to join the fun in one of these initiatives or suggest another more important to you?

Just reply to this email or call 780-908-0309 to offer your help and suggestions.

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Remember that Freedom Hugs are available at ALL our Penticton4Freedom events!

Let’s make this weekend AMAZING!!

Mary Lou Gutscher


Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Citizens’ inquiry on Canada’s COVID-19 response releases interim report – September 14, 2023

Convoys, Rallies & Freedom Actions in the Okanagan This Week

A Big Thank You to each and every one of you who are helping to get Druthers newspapers into the hands of freedom fighters and the “just curious” out there. 

In this issue:

–      Rallies

–      BC Interior Convoy January 28

–    Let’s Get Political – Council and School Board Meetings

–      National Citizens’ Inquiry – Yes, again! 😊

–      Conscience Buying – Global Walkout Step # 16

–      Recall David Eby Campaign – canvassers needed

o   First step: Complete a canvasser application.

o   Second step: Set a date to go canvassing. Buddy up for more fun.

o   Third step: canvas for signatures in David Eby’s riding – Vancouver-Point Grey

o   Celebrate wins as you gather more signatures and cheer other canvassers on


–      Worth a look – Dr Charles Hoffe and Freedom Rising Newsletter

–      January Druthers are now available at our rallies and online (and perhaps even at a retail outlet in your own town, especially if you make it happen. ;D Contact us if you’d like to help).

 ——————————- o0o————————————-    image.png

Sunday, January 29th, 1 to 3 p.m. 2020 Main Street, Corner of Main & Warren, Penticton.

Special Guest Speaker: Donald Lee – Author of “What the Hell Is Going On? – The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom”. Recently interviewed by Ted Kuntz on the Vaccine Choice Canada weekly podcast. More info on Donald’s website. And Kudos for his book Here.


Surprise speakers are a common occurrence at our rallies.

Miss a week and you miss a lot!


Fighting for freedom is more fun with friends. Bring a few.  Potential speakers & topics – dates TBD: –      Sean Taylor – fired Head Nurse with a powerful story –      Lindsay Gabelhouse – Journalist and Consultant –      Steve Merrill – Sun City Gold and Silver (or a local hard currency specialist) –      Understanding cryptocurrencies – experienced cryptocurrency traders and users Suggest a topic and a speaker, and we’ll be happy to follow up to find an expert to share knowledge with us.  

OTHERS’ REGULAR RALLIES ·       Kelowna CLEAR Rallies – *** Change in schedule*** Now held ONLY on the 1st Saturday of each      month at noon – Stuart Park, Kelowna – Next rally – February 4. ·       Oliver – in front of city hall – Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. ·       

Penticton – Tuesdays noon to 1 pm, in front of Richard Cannings’ Office – 301 Main Street ·  

 First & Third Tuesdays, head to the Penticton Council meeting at 1. City Hall, Penticton. ·   

Action4Canada Planning Session – Tuesday, February 7 at 4:30 pm at the Winepress Church ——————————- o0o————————————-   Freedom Convoy 2023 January 28th    image.png

Convoy Route: 

NOTE: Approximate times only 

Meeting Place for South Okanagan Convoy Participants:

8:00am – Convoy participants from South Okanagan to meet at the corner of 2020 Main Street (NE corner of Warren Avenue and Main Street) in Penticton. (Please arrive ON TIME as we could be delayed by 20 minutes due to construction on Hwy 97 just north of Summerland. It is important for the convoy to leave at 8:15 am sharp!) If you aren’t able to join the convoy but would like to give us a send-off, bring your flags and appropriate signs and cheer us on in front of the South Okanagan Events Centre on Eckhardt Street. Arrive no later than 8:10 am to join the fun.

Arrive: 8:30am – McCurdy Mall Kelowna (Hwy 97 & McCurdy) – Leave: 9:10am.

Salmon Arm, Vernon, Armstrong & Kelowna convoys to meet us here

Arrive: 9:45am – Superstore – West Kelowna 3020 Louie Drive (turn Right on Butt Road) Osoyoos/Penticton convoy to meet us here – Leave 10:15am

Take the Connector to Merritt

Vehicles will proceed slowly to permit catch up, then resume highway speeds

Washroom Break – Loon Lake Road (Left side of highway)

Arrive: 11:30am – Gravel Pit – Merritt (At traffic light at bottom of hill coming off the connector, go straight and take the second left into Godey Pitts) – Leave 12:00pm

Tour through Merritt

12:30 pm – Leave for Kamloops

Arrive: 1:30pm Petro Canada Copperhead Exit Kamloops – Leave 2:10pm

Arrive: 3:15pm Salmon Arm – Mall – Leave 3:30 pm via Hwy 1 East to Hwy 97B, turn Right, Junction Hwy 97B and 97A, turn RIGHT onto Hwy 97A to continue through Enderby and Armstrong

Arrive: 4:30pm – Vernon – travel straight through

Arrive: 6:00pm – McCurdy Mall Kelowna – End and socialize.

Lead Car: Lou

Tail Car: Sarah

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! For those coming from Kamloops/Shuswap area, please contact us so we can set up meeting points for everyone so no one is left behind. (Contact Ruth at ) If you cannot make it, or cannot car pool, etc. please hit the highway and wave your flags! HONK HONK!!

“Yeah, breaker one-nine
This here’s the Rubber Duck
You got a copy on me Pig Pen, c’mon?
Uh, yeah, Ten-Four Pig Pen, fer sure, fer sure
By golly it’s clean clear to Flag Town, c’mon
Yeah, its a big Ten-Four there, Pig Pen
Yeah, we definitely got the front door, Good Buddy
Mercy sakes alive, looks like we’ve got us a convoy”

——————————- o0o————————————-


City of Penticton Council Meetings

First and third Tuesday of each month

Visit Here to learn more

Participate Electronically

Members of the public and the media can view or participate in Council Meetings and Public Hearings by watching the live stream or via ZOOM webinar by clicking the link on the website home page right before the meeting is to start. Note the link will not work in advance of the meeting start time.

Public participation (Q and A) in Council Meetings and Public Hearings is only permitted in relation to items on the agenda. These are not forums for the public to comment on unrelated issues.

Watch or participate in person.

Regular Council Meetings and Public Hearings are held in-person in Council Chambers, City Hall, 171 Main Street beginning at 1:00pm.

The public can participate in-person or electronically for the question period and public hearing. The meeting participation details can be found on the City of Penticton website on the day of the Council meeting.

School District 67 School Board Meetings

Begin at 6:30 p.m.

Have a question?

The Board appreciates your interest in the proceedings and if you have a question regarding an agenda item, please submit your question prior to the meeting via email to:  Please include your name and affiliation or partner group and contact information.  A staff member will read your question to the Board and if your question is not answered during the meeting, a written response will be provided. 


More Details Here

——————————- o0o————————————-

·      Support the National Citizen’s Led Inquiry – Sign the Petition!!
Support for the National Citizens’ Inquiry (NCI) is increasing among Canadians. Over 46,000Canadians have signed the petition in support of a truly independent public inquiry into all federal and provincial COVID-19 policies.   HELP INCREASE THOSE NUMBERS BY SIGNING YOURSELF, AND SHARING WITH OTHERS THE IMPORTANCE OF SIGNING THAT PETITION, TOO.   We can’t trust the Canadian Political Establishment to create truthful, unbiased inquiries nor to hold themselves accountable for the harm they are doing. A Citizen led inquiry is the only way to get at the truth, and to provide a road map for the freedom movement and communities at large for preparing for the future.  

——————————- o0o————————————-




Tips: If you have to buy something online, purchase a pre-paid credit card USING CASH. Then your online spending is entirely anonymous. If you’re buying online. Utilize the big marketplace websites to find what you want, then look for it directly from the suppliers/producers. If you find an item in a big department store you want, try to find the producer and buy directly from them. No one can be expected to do this with every little thing, but try it with big items at least 🙂 Be creative! Think outside the box! Do a bit more research before spending money. Let’s try to be more conscious of where our money comes from, where it’s going and to whom it is going. 
——————————- o0o————————————- SPECIAL BULLETIN! The Campaign to Recall David Eby is in full swing! Dozens of Okanagan Canvasser volunteers have already officially registered to collect signatures and support the campaign in other ways. –         The signature gathering period is from January 17 to March 20. –         A Canvasser can be any BC registered voter, but the signatures must be registered voters in David Eby’s riding – Vancouver-Point Grey. –         Any signatures gathered by anyone not officially registered as a canvasser will NOT be counted. –         The target for signatures is 25,000! to make the official signature requirement is met. Organize your own dates and accommodations for heading to Vancouver-Point Grey and if you are looking to share rides with a few others, let us know so we publish that. Our rallies are the best place to coordinate events with other interested participants. AirBnB has many properties available at better than hotel prices, including everything from a bed to sleep in, to a full home that can sleep up to 6 people. Registered Canvassers will receive updates and instructions by email directly from INSTRUCTIONS       1. Register as an authorized canvasser here: a.     Complete the canvasser application form with all your own information. b.     The proponent is Salvatore Vetro. You may type in his name or leave it blank to be filled in by Salvatore himself. c.      Salvatore must sign every application and submit it for the canvasser to qualify to gather signatures. 2.     Print a copy of your completed application and sign it. 3.     Scan your signed application. 4.     Email your scanned document to 5.     Save your original application as a precaution. 6.     Find more information at  The new website will be up by noon, January 11. While you’re there, sign the petition against Bill 36.   IF YOU HAVE LIMITED COMPUTER, PRINTER OR SCANNER CAPABILITIES… please get in touch with Mary Lou at 780-908-0309 for help. IF YOU WANT TO FILL OUT THE FORM AND HAVE SOMEONE ELSE TAKE CARE OF THE REST FOR YOU…  Show up at a Sunday rally at 1 p.m. at Main Street and Warren Avenue, Penticton where we will have blank printed Canvasser applications for you to complete and sign. We will then scan and email your application for you.  Organize your own dates and accommodations for heading to Vancouver-Point Grey and if you are looking to share rides with a few others, let us know so we publish that. Our rallies are the best place to coordinate events with other interested participants. AirBnB has many properties available at better than hotel prices, including everything from a bed to sleep in, to a full home that can sleep up to 6 people. Registered Canvassers will receive updates and instructions by email directly from OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO TO HELP TOSS DAVID EBY OUT ON HIS EAR 1.     Make signs that say RECALLDAVIDEBY.CA and use it at the rally or put one up on your front lawn or both. 2.     If you wish, you can add something else to the sign such as “Scrap Bill 36.” and/or “We need healthcare workers.” 3.     Check the electoral district map at a.     If you have contacts in or near the riding, get in touch and see if you can work together canvassing. b.     It’s also good to find a place to stay for a few days while you are actively canvassing. 4.     Although we generally advocate moving away from major social media because of censorship, it’s important to use the opposition’s tools to defeat them wherever possible. With that in mind… a.     Recall David Eby has a group on Facebook and on Instagram. If you have accounts with either or both, please repost and encourage others to participate. 5.     Have a magnetic vehicle sign made and spread the word that way. Use it in the January 28 BC interior convoy. (Convoy details in our Penticton4Freedom emails and on our website.) 6.     Sign the petition to Scrap Bill 36. Many volunteers have sign-up sheets. Come to our Sunday rally at 1 p.m. at Main & Warren, Penticton to sign the petition.

Please Note. This template, which is found at has an error in the section “Why is Bill 36 concerning for you?” Where it says “S5506”, it should be S506. Please correct any copies you may have picked up, before handing them out. We have alerted the website administrator to the problem, so check online before printing more.

——————————- o0o————————————-


“What the truckers began, the doctors must finish.” 

Dr. Charles Hoffe spoke at the “Heroes Take Action” event that kicked off the ‘Recall David Eby’ Campaign.  He said: “What the truckers began, the doctors must finish.”  Listen HERE – Only 16 minutes  image.png

——————————- o0o————————————- 

FREEDOM RISING Newsletter #31 – Freedom Convoy Anniversary
This newsletter contains the latest information and actions of the week. Please read, then share with your family and friends. HERE  

——————————- o0o————————————- 

Remember that Freedom Hugs are available at ALL our Penticton4Freedom Friends

Let’s make this weekend AMAZING!!

Freedom Rallies for the Okanagan, December 31 & January 1, 2023 — Kelowna, Vernon, Kamloops, OK Falls, Osoyoos, Penticton & Freedom News

Click here to read in browser

Please forward

Rally’s and Events

“It Ain’t Over”



Freedom Convoy

voted The

Canadian Press

Newsmaker of

the Year

JOIN US in celebration of

their contribution to freedom

Freedom Convoy Tribute 2023

– Canada Unites the World!

In recognition of the incredible national & international effect Canadian truckers have had for freedom, supported all over the world, we are remembering their contributions and sacrifices on the 1st anniversary of their arrival in Ottawa earlier this year on January 28.

Join us on January 28, 2023 at McCurdy Corner in Kelowna, B.C. for an all-day convoy in the B.C. Interior!!

More information to come shortly.

Supported by: CLEAR & The Resistance


Contact Bettina


Geoengineering Free Canada | Facebook

This group is to educate people and try to put a stop to the geoengineering and poisonous chemtrails they spray in our skies.


Sign this Petition NOW! 41 651 signatures to date

+456 since last week!



We need a truly independent inquiry – not some committee where the arbitrator is appointed and the terms and conditions set out by the Prime Dictator of Canada.

Here is the Petition:


Be a witness – do something!!!


Returning next week!


Know Your Rights: 

Guidelines for Peaceful Protesting/Gathering/Rallies and/or Attending Events (eg. Council Meetings, School Boards, Handing out Flyers)


From Vaccine Choice Canada

Please obtain a copy from Tom at Saturday’s Kelowna Rallies and pass along to informed and uninformed alike!

Or watch here:



New Credit Card Fees & Lack of Privacy

The dangers of digital gov’t ID and currencies are here… you need to use cash.

Withdraw money on Sunday from the bank machine, and then leave your money at home if you are scared to carry it with you, and just carry the amounts of cash for each day’s purchases for the week.


USE CASH $$$$$$$$$


Contact Unity Health & Sciences Team to volunteer to distribute their professional brochures and Medical Doctor Packages throughout your home area, and to your medical doctor!

Not every doctor, analyst, and specialist is on the gov’t side and many have strong science and personal experiences opposing the gov’t narrative.


New signs???

Even though COVID-19 restrictions are, for the most part, no longer in effect, other freedom issues have arisen as gov’ts use the cover of COVID-19 to introduce other more formidable liberty restrictions, including privacy violations.

Freedom is a multi-generational struggle – our legacy is to leave a better place for our children, not simply to quit after an issue appears to be over and anger diminishes; and of course, it rarely is truly over.

We urge you to provide designs ( and/or your own signs for upcoming threats, including Digital ID

Digital currency and no cash

Climate change fraud

Further restrictions



CLEARBITS: Will return next week!

Freedom Rallies

It ain’t over till it’s over”

Kelowna, BC

December 31, 2022

+3° – Cloudy  (subject to change without notice!!! Lol – dress warm – NO SNOW!!!!)

12:00 noon

+ The CLEAR Information Table

Stuart Park

Because It Ain’t Over!


December 31, 2022 12:00 noon

Vernon Freedom Rally

12:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. @ Polson Park

Join Darren for the Largest rally in the North Okanagan, and growing weekly!

North Okanagan

Shuswap Freedom



December 31, 2022 11:30 a.m.

OK Falls

Freedom Rally

11:30 a.m. Across from Esso Station

Join the OK Falls freedom activists continuing their local Freedom Rallies!


Decemer 31, 2022 12:00 noon

Oliver Freedom Rally

12:00 p.m. Town Hall

Join the Oliver freedom activists who are continuing their local Freedom Rallies!


December 31, 2022 11:00 a.m.

Freedom Gathering

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Town Hall



Freedom Gathering

December 31, 2022 10:00 – 12:00 Noon

Valleyview Centennial Park



Freedom Rally

Jan. 1, 2023

1:00 p.m. Warren & Main St. in N.E. lot

Join Mary Lou for the largest rally in the South Okanagan, and growing weekly!