Political Prisoner Alfred Schaefer Re-arrested & Sentenced to Six Months for Showing a Prisoner How High His Dog Can Jump

Political Prisoner Alfred Schaefer Re-arrested & Sentenced to Six Months for Showing a Prisoner How High His Dog Can Jump

Dear friends,
Shortly before noon today, 23-08-23, the uniformed thugs came to pick Alfred Schaefer up at his home to give him his “taxi service” to jail. He is to serve a 6-month jail term for showing his buddy in the courtyard of the last jail he was in, how high his dog Pavlov could jump. 

Alfred’s wife heard a commotion and so she opened their front door, to see that the police had already entered the building. They had some strange tools, such as a rusty old spade, and they were on the phone telling headquarters that they had entered the building and were in front of the door of the targetted person. It seemed they had no intention of ringing or knocking. Lucky that Elfriede was already there, or they might have broken the door down, like they did to the old wheelchair-bound man Tom in Munich where they crashed his home in the middle of the night with a dozen police officers, to be sure they could contain him. 

Elfriede told these officers that Alfred was down in the garden, and she escorted them there. Two more police officers approached from the other side of the yard. Clearly they were ready to ambush Alfred in case he should run. 
Alfred had no intention of running. Background information for people who may not be aware: he was supposed to present himself at the jail on August 3rd, but he simply did not go willingly and voluntarily to the jail on August 3rd as per their orders, as that would have been a traitorous thing to do, to go to the enemy and say here I am, your prisoner of war.

Have you ever seen police officers carry rusty spades as part of their tool kit? I wonder what they had in mind. It was good that Alfred’s wife was present to witness all, because you never know what kind of story they might have concocted, just in case somebody got hurt, and then plant the “weapon” and call it self defence? I’m only speculating. Nothing of that sort happened, but the rusty old spade got my imagination going.

That is my news for the day. Please feel free to share this around. 

Monika Schaefer

PS: We do not know at this time which jail he will reside in, but as soon as I have his whereabouts, I will post his mailing address on my website freespeechmonika.com and we’ll get the word out.

Anti-Free Speech Bigotry in Jasper: Shop Refuses Photocopy Service to Monika Schaefer

Anti-Free Speech Bigotry in Jasper: Shop Refuses Photocopy Service to Monika Schaefer

The owner of a small-town local business in Jasper Alberta refused to provide a simple service today the 31st of January 2019, based on the idea that she did not want to serve a person who “hates”.

download3 Sheets Jasper Inc. triples as a Stationery, Print shop and Laundromat. Upon my entry, Sonja L. Dickey asked me what she could do for me. I said I needed something photocopied. She replied that she needed to see what it was first. I asked if she was controlling and censoring everything first, before providing service. Is that how she runs her business, I queried.

There is a back story. About two years ago when I had brought in a two-sided color book review of Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin, to have copies made, she stared trance-like at it for a long time until I wondered whether she had had a stroke. She then informed me she did not want to “participate” in this. She refused to make copies. Since that time however, I have been in the shop on several occasions to make purchases or have other things copied. I was always friendly and even cracked jokes with her. I thought that dispute we had over the copy refusal had been somewhat amicably resolved. She was certainly willing to take my money for subsequent services and purchases.

Upon my protests today regarding her refusal to provide service in exchange for a fee in a shop which advertises this service, she stammered some incoherent things which made no sense to me. She said she did not want anything to do with something that might involve the police. I explained to her that she should never think we actually live in a free country with freedom of speech if this is the kind of fear she feels. She retorted:

I am NOT afraid.

I explained that if you have a shop, there is a simple exchange of goods or services for money, and that is what I was there to do. I dropped the document on the table and invited her to look at it. It could have been my mother’s kitchen recipes for all she cared at this point, because she did not even look at it. She simply declared that she did not want me there, she would not serve me and that I must leave. I remained standing. She declared, with glowering eyes, she did not want to serve someone…

who hates!

Oh gosh! What does that mean, I asked. She could not answer. They can never answer. She showed me the door. When I did not move quickly enough for her little tantrum, she threatened to call the police. I said go ahead. I laughed and went on my way.

Here is Sonja Dickey’s contact information.
Phone: 780-852-3151
email: 3sheets@telus.net
snail-mail: P.O. Box 2098, Jasper, AB, Canada T0E 1E0
facebook: 3 Sheets Jasper Inc

If you write or call, please remain polite and informative, and do not resort to smear or insults, as that is what hasbara trolls do and we are not them.


This morning, Tuesday July 3rd 2018, on Day Two of the Schaefer sibling’s trial, we learn that the period of punishment for Alfred (under para 86a) who was taken yesterday into police custody is over for the time being.   After today’s session he will be permitted to return home. Alfred now has this further trivial case to face later in the lower court.  Alfred, ever-fisty, has now been offered the option of bail of 5000 euros to secure his release, though he will have another ludicrous action taken against him for a suspect gesture!  He also had to surrender his passports – quite as if he could ever be a ‘flight risk’ as a man completely determined to face down what he considers are his country’s traitors and those swindle-speakers responsible for the “contamination” of its citizens’ capacity for rational, healthy hatred of sociopathic depravity and corruption.
The trial resumed this afternoon at 12.30. Monika’s veteran attorney Wolfrram Nahrath will be presenting his 22 page argument against Para 130 of the law Volksverhetzung/populace incitement in which he will raise the precedent of the two ex-Constitutional Court Judges Hassemer and Hoffmann-Riem who, in 2006, called for the Repeal of this “ Holocaust”-denial law based on heresy values versus scientific attitude (our Hellenic scientific attitude versus the “Holocaust” anti-rational argument Teaching Guidelines).   
Tomorrow we shall learn whether the lead Judge Hofmann will have to step down because of his evident bias towards the defendants. The disdain of this Judge for withholding due microphone use so both defendants and the public gallery could hear the proceedings, and the ruling over the norm of a ready glass of water for defendants, is but two of the ‘contrariwise’ obstructive aspects to the due basic rights of all citizenry.  These mocking obstructions give further surreality to the conditions under which Germans and foreigners must encounter under the Basic Laws in favour of prosecuting the expression of free opinion among citizens and right to discuss normal historical source criticism without legalese protected exceptionalism.
“No surrender”!
Michèle Renouf
CAPTION:  Alfred and Sylvia see each freed!

Letter to Arthur Topham from Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer (Canadian held since January 3, 2018 in German Maximum Security Prison)

Letter to Arthur Topham from Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer (Canadian held since January 3, 2018 in German Maximum Security Prison)
Today is DAY 40 of Monika Schaefer’s loss of freedom. 
Dear Reader & Supporter of Free Speech,
On Friday, February 9, 2018 Radical Press received a long-awaited letter from Monika Schaefer who has been held in a German prison in Munich since January 3, 2018. At the time of writing her letter (Jan. 25) Monika had still not been allowed to receive visits from her family. It is my understanding that this has now changed and her brother Alfred’s wife has been to see her on more than one occasion.
As one can see from reading her letter Monika is in good spirits and appears to be coping well with her unjust loss of freedom. A great measure of her positive mental state appears to be the result of all the letters and cards that she’s been receiving. It’s hoped that readers will continue to write to Monika and send words of encouragement and love.
Monika Schaefer
Schwarzenbergstr. 14
81549 München
A note regarding the poster/graphic above. It would be deeply appreciated if those who have websites or blogs could post the image on their sites or on Facebook. This will help to spread the word about not only Monika but also the other three marvellous women who are sacrificing so much for the sake of Truth and Historical Revisionism. Search engines like Google, etc. pick up these posters and when people search on the net they show up as constant reminders that we are living in very dangerous times and our freedom of speech is quickly evaporating like morning dew in the desert. I’m also enclosing a pdf of this poster below for those who can utilize it for specified purposes.
We need to keep the plight of these courageous women at the forefront of our efforts and try to draw their plight to the attention of more and more truth seekers.
Mehr Licht!
Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The Radical Press
“Digging to the issues since 1998”
Monika Schaefer’s Letter to the Radical Press
Received Friday, February 9, 2018
Letter #1
25. January 2018
Dear Arthur and Shasta,
Words can hardly describe the joy I felt upon receiving your letter of January 8th, and the wonderful picture/graphic that you created. My heart pretty near burst right out of my rib cage. Thank you Arthur for all you are doing – I have seen from other correspondences that you put together a good list of contacts for people to write letters to, and that kind of thing.
For 21/2 weeks I heard nothing from the outside world, and then suddenly the flood of letters started arriving. Oh my goodness, I was in pretty good spirits before (all things considered), but receiving these letters REALLY lifted my spirits.
Life for me has simplified, in terms of day-to-day. My biggest concerns in the first while were about all the logistical stuff on the home front. I haven’t been permitted a phone call yet, nor a visit, and I have no idea if any of my letters to my brother have gone through, so of course those logistical concerns just stressed me out for awhile. But basically I just resigned myself to having faith that my friends and family would take care of things.
. . . As I mentioned, life has suddenly become quite simple. Time expands and shrinks simultaneously. I could write books already about the interesting experiences in prison, and it seems like a long long time ago when they locked me up. On the other hand, the days flow one into the next very quickly, as the simple punctuations of daily life go round and round. I am keeping healthy and well, in mind, body, spirit and heart & soul. It is wonderful to know that Truth and Light, and indeed God, is with me. I know that.
During my last free night at Alfred’s, I had a remarkable dream, in which I was walking in a circle, with a bunch of other people, all walking rather slowly, heads slightly bowed forward, kind of shuffling along. Going counterclockwise. After my first full day here, I bolted upright in bed and gasped, as I realized that what I had seen in my dream (3 days earlier) was the daily hour outside in the courtyard, the “Hofgang”. The circular walk in the dream was the same general size as the courtyard here, and people walk round and round counterclockwise. That was not the first time in my life that I was shown something in a dream. But it has been rare.
I can assure you, about that “Hofgang”, that my head is not bowed, and I am NOT shuffling along. I either go vigorously, or sometimes a few of us play ping pong or volleyball. We have a lot of laughs and good moments. 
I’m in a cell with 4 others. We have our moments, sometimes difficult, but mostly okay, and sometimes good conversations. Sleep is sometimes hard to come by as we have one vigorous snorer. Earplugs don’t work so well – Oh well – This time shall pass.
I pray that you are both well.
Mehr Licht!     
… and much Love to you!



Our Letters Are Reaching Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer

Our Letters Are Reaching Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer
People are beginning to receive letters from political prisoner Monika Schaefer, arrested, January 3, and held in a maximum security prison, apparently for her video, Sorry, Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust.
She has received about two thirds of her mail, the prison authorities told her. The rest is being held because it violates Sec. 130 of the German Criminal Code, which essentially enforces the New Religion of Holocaust and forbids any questioning of the Hollywood version of World War II. Thus, it is important in writing to Monika not to talk about the so-called holocaust or Jews. Letters should be newsy or personal or supportive. 
Monika is in good spirits and is bouyed by the outpouring of concern and support. He sister-in-law has visited her several times. She is allowed out for an hour a day`s exercise. Here are two reports of recent letters from Monika.
From British activist Richard Edmonds
Today (February 5) I received a very friendly letter from Monika. Also my friend Milton Ellis who lives in Wales, U.K. received a letter from Monika this morning.

In her letter, dated the 20th. January (and date-stamped the 2. February, Munich), she says that on the 19th. January  she was given a lot of letters; these were the first letters handed over, till then she had heard nothing from anybody apart from a visit by the Canadian consul. She writes that she has now received many letters of support; and the prison  authorities tell her that there are many more that they can give her. But they have also informed her that one third of all the mail addressed to her cannot be handed over and Monika suspects because the contents are contrary to Section 130 of the Basic Law (the German Race Law).

Monika says how the letters of support induce positive energy into her. From Britain she also received a card from a group of British Friends; this card was posted on the day that Alison Ch. had her most recent court appearance (10. Jan.). Monika asks that I pass on thanks to all those whose names on the card she recognises (and I have e-mail addresses for): Monika gives a special hug for Alison, “I cherish the memory of playing together with her”,  also to Stead, James T. Adrian, Paul, Melinda Peter Phillips and to two or three others with unclear names.

Monika concludes : I thank all those who have written to me. It has cheered my heart tremendously.


And from Monika`s brother Alfred:
Dear all,

Today I got  phone call from a woman who has just come out of this prison and was Monika’s room mate. Also, my wife had seen Monika last Wednesday, and will see her again tomorrow.

Monika is in strong spirit, she is unbowed, and she is more concerned about our well being in this struggle than she is about her own forced absence from the struggle. — Alfred

Monika`s address is:

Monika Schaefer

Stadelheim Prison

Schwarzenbergstr. 14

81549 München,