Report on Freedom Protests in Victoria Outside the B.C. Legislature

Report on Freedom Protests in Victoria Outside the B.C. Legislature

After taking a break the previous weekend we were back witnessing against the SCAMdemic  at The Legislature last Saturday .   The finish line for the tour de Rock bicycle race is our usual spot on Belleville Street.     So dissident voices would have been lost in that crowd.  I was content to see the usual quorum = 12 warm bodies by 2 pm on the 26th.   The rallies with big numbers of attendees are over but we’re still there for the fore-see-able future.    … summertime and the livin’ is easy. Langourous  safe, prosperous civilized Victoria. 

The photo is of me doing what I do.   Paraphrasing poet Steppenwolf half a century ago: God Damn the VAX Pusher man.  Since 1988, my calling is :  the Ministry of Condemnation.  In which the medium IS the message : i.e.  our presence at the very gates of the City, the Parliament building, condemns the Powers-that-Be provoking the conscience of individuals who walk and drive by.     And that irritation accumulates.  

Is it worth it?  Most certainly, yes.   People go crazy in herds. We are helping them to come to their senses one at a time.  The SCAMdemic was years in the making :  it will take years for us to heal from Boy Trudeau imposing martial law, because he got freaked-out by a bunch of guys parking their big rigs on his territory, ie Auto-Wa-Wa.    The tone of feedback from passersby tells the tale.  Three years ago, it was one-to-one — negative  versus positive reaction.  Now, a negative reaction is rare.   People stop to thank us and bless us every day.   The imaginary world of the Internet is powerful,  but not ALLpowerful.  Interaction at street level tells us that agreement with the general theme of the Freedom Movement is significant. My guess, is, conservatively, at least one quarter of the public is now, at least willing to consider that the PLANdemic was a HOAX. 

My own payoff, is handing out DRUTHERS  newspaper at the precinct of the Legislative Assembly. I rejoice in doing so literally right in front of the Charter of Rights sign supplied by Joseph Roberts’ COMMON GROUND.   Every copy put in someone’s hand, rebukes the fool, David Eby … once-upon-a time the head of the BC Civil Liberties Association … who, while Attorney General during the COVID19 nightmare, was conspicuous by his absence as we found out how Red Fascism works.  In a nutshell ;  WorkSafeBC was used as the  enforcement goons.   Commercial enterprises large and small did what they were told, or they were out of business that day.   If David Eby had any scruples, he’d hang his head in shame looking out the window at us asserting Freedom of the Press 100 yards away from the office of the Premier,  proving  :  The Free Press is the People’s Friend, the Tyrant’s Foe

The maxim is : the Lie is halfway ‘round the world before the Truth gets its boots on.  Preparing to negate the spell cast by Grand Witch Bonnie Henry took a while.  In the avalanche of books, one stands out.   CANARY in a COVID WORLD HOW PROPAGANDA AND CENSORSHIP CHANGED OUR ( MY ) WORLD.    Elizabeth Woodford has compiled a volume of utmost importance, irrefutable essays exposing the HOAX.     If they read it in good faith, this book is all that’s necessary to disabuse someone of the notion that there ever was any substance to the COVID19 myth.       Canary House publishing ISBN- 10 1739052536 

             we need signs

Part of the fun when we started three years ago was  hundreds of witty home-made signs blooming spontaneously.  Lately, we’re down to just a few.  One way you can support the Freedom Movement, is  sponsoring a sign that expresses what you want said aloud.    

High quality signage is easy to make. If you direct me to a meme / image on the internet that resonates with you, and send me a few bux$ I’ll use it to produce a professional sign at Staples.  Or, suggest a line of print = Ideally,  7 words or less.  We’ll hold them up at the Leg. and also at  Doktor Bonnie’s lair  = headquarters of the Min de Health on Quadra St.   I will then send you a receipt use-able as a deduction from income tax, via my provincial political party.  

I’m well-aware of the opinion that political parties are worse than worthless.  Yet, at its best, a party is a proxy and an Agent for personal participation in public life. Especially, it is critical exercise of freedom of expression  –  the Free Press and of assembly. Another way to be part of the witness against the PLANed-demon-ization, is, by funding DRUTHERS.  Send me a contribution, I’ll put it in the account of the Party of Citizens, and forward it to them. Then I’ll send the contributor a receipt useable for deduction from provincial income tax.  A similar transaction works for people who wish to support David Lindsay and CLEAR in Kelowna. If you have an idea for funding political activity via the P o’ C, run it by me.  If it’s legit. we’ll do it.

The Party of Citizens has a primitive page on FaceBook : Long name > Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians.     Much truth is said in jest.  Sure, it looks like a toy at this point in time.  But elections BC took us seriously-enough to register it last week.  On that page is a schedule of the bang you get for your bux$s.  any amount up to $100 translates into 75% deducted from income tax.  Or, if you want to go BIG, a banner is more like $400.    Worth $200 off income tax.  My contact info. Is at the end of this comment.  E~transfers will work to this e-mail address.

Information we get at street level, is in-valuable. The imaginary world of cyberspace has its place. But interacting with real human beings one-to-one has much different effect on our emotions, than sitting in front of a computer screen, in jeopardy of being overwhelmed by the latest fear-porn. For-instance: the rumor that “the masks are coming back”.  Well, first sign I saw when we started protesting, was  WE’RE NOT HAVING IT!.  At the start of their so-called Lockdown,  Public health Officer Henry and her cabal with the emotional plague … Dix, Farnworth, Horgan … proclaimed that a GATHERING  was illegal pursuant to COVID regulations.   We ignored them.    Other than discretely waving as they drove by our superspreader EVENTS the Victoria police never said  “boo” to us.

That contest was won on September 13 2020, when 1000 warm bodies showed up in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.   Her “mandate” pretended that a GATHERING of more than 50 individuals was illegal. Half an hour before the thing was set to start, there were 100 folks on the public square.   I went up to the Police officer in charge and asked “what are you guys going to do?”    He said “nothing. The Charter is above the Public Health Act    direct quote.   Point being > that decision was not made at street level, on the fly by Sgt. Walter #1928.   It must have been made at the very top of the VPD.                                  The Man with the Gun is on our side.

So if the gang of Traitors  – lately doing business as the NDP administration –  think British Columbians will comply with that INsanity again …  they’re right out of touch. We withstood Bonnie’s witchcraft before and we’ll do it again.          

August 30th 2023 A. D.
                Gordon S Watson

#4   5177 William Head Road    Metchosin  British Columbia   V9C 4H5

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Report from Victoria, Second Anniversary of Freedom Protests & Rocco the Impresario Not Well Received in Supreme Court of BC

Report from Victoria, Second Anniversary of Freedom Protests & Rocco the Impresario Not Well Received in Supreme Court of BC

As Frank put it so well,  re: our protests: “It’s a process, not an event”,   meaning the 27th of August marked two years of dissident voices raised at the Gates of the City, the Legislature.  About 30 of us on Belleville Street plus a couple dozen more picnicing on the lawn.    Every time we’re there,  people commend us.  We get grassroots intel. proving that the tide has turned.  It’s sinking-in on the populace that the SARS2Covid19 thing was an HOAX from the start.   Even as the headline in the pathetic excuse for a newspaper,  same day,  bleats  “Risk Rising as cases peak,”  few masks are to be seen.  Like the last days of the old Soviet Union : ordinary people know that the Central Party Line is nonsense.

Guys pedaling by shout out “Get a grip! Vaccines save lives, you wankers!” and “Grow up you morons!”  never stopping to dialogue. Cheap shots motivated by fear.   We haven’t seen Little Nell, the counterprotester who was exalted to celebrity status by the tv station hand-in-hand with the Times Colonist newspaper,    for months. Eighty degrees F, 200 folks on the grand lawn, horse-drawn carriages clipclopping by, all is serene …  warm and safe and prosperous.  Except for burying the bodies of those succumbing to the Quack-zeen,  the PLANdemic is over. Our regular GATHERING, once labelled by the Chief Health officer as a “superspreader”,  is a tourist attraction. Folks comfortably taking photos of themselves holding our signs indicating that the element of fear is gone. The SCAMdemic is passé.

So why are we still at it?   A newcomer asked me that.  I pointed to the statue on top of the Cenotaph.     I replied: “My grandfather went to war in that uniform in World War One.”   To which the young man interjected  “fighting for Freedom”. I said:  “No, that’s not what they thought at the time. Same with my old man in the Second World War. And my mother, a nurse in the Canadian Army. They would not have said they were fighting for freedom. They believed they were fighting for the British Empire. That’s what I was taught, too, growing up. Now I know that  ALL WARS ARE WARS FOR THE USURERS.   Those of us paying attention see The Great Reset underway. A contest for dominance as the US dollar meets its inevitable end.  For which the COVID thing is the cover story.

                 I ain’t superstitious, but a black cat crossed my trail *

At 11:30 am as I walked on the precinct from the south side I had noticed an audience of maybe 30 folks in lawn chairs,   watching what appeared to be a play being staged by junior highschool girls, on the steps of the Parliament building.  As three of them scampered up the stairs in character, all I heard was the word “sisters”.   Going by at 2:30 pm, they were still at it.   Pausing to watch, I distinctly heard the infamous phrase that the three witches chant around their cauldron. I remarked to a nice lady passing by, “do you know what’s going on here?”  She didn’t.   I said, “spell casting”

The lore around this play is so ominous, that – other than in actual performance –  people in the theatre world are careful not to say its name aloud within a theatre. When talked about at all, it’s known as  “the Scottish play”.   Where I stood that moment, within earshot of the actresses, effectively was a theatre.    Latest example of the curse: Chris Rock gettting slapped violently, within 53 seconds of speaking its title at the Academy Awards.

I am a ‘prophetic type’, yes. But I never hold myself out as predicting precise events to occur,  in the Name of God.   This my report is NOT  a prophetic utterance. Rather, I knew immediately that what was going on,  was no light thing. It portends heavy-duty trouble at the Legislature.

Many people – Christians or not – realize that this SCAMdemic is a contest in the spiritual realm, first of all.  My Christian friends say they do pray for those in government. I don’t. Part of my calling is,  the ministry of condemnation. So, I pray against that witch Bonnie Henry,  her accomplices John Horgan,  Mike Farnworth, Adrian Dix. I recite the prayers of old in Psalms, excoriating wicked officials,  asking our God to remove them.

I get a kick out of quoting what Madam Justice Rita Levine said about me in the Court of Appeal: “Mister Watson is a long-time political activist”.   I “earned my stripes” in the anti-abortion thing back 30 years ago. Which was a lesson in ‘the faith once delivered to the saints’  that you don’t get in a seminary.  To those who chide me for operating in the mindset of the church militant ,“oh that’s Old Testament stuff. We don’t go by that anymore”,  I say, ‘yeah, well read what the Apostle Paul told the Thessalonians’. 

Seeing that it is a righteous thing with God, to recompense tribulation to those who trouble you”.  

Did Paul get that part wrong? Or did he get his theology straight from Jesus, as he says elsewhere in the New Testament?


On Monday August 29th 2022,  the next step in the Action4Canada case came down.  It was not completely dismissed, as several Defendants applied-for last May.  Rather, the Claim was struck in its entirety, leaving the possibility it can be amended, but only after the Plaintiffs pony-up about 100 to 200 THOUSAND DOLLARS  in Costs. to the defendants,  in the Cause. 
Here is the URL where the ruling can be read :  So bad  it is  “embarrassing” opines Mister Justice Ross. So , no longer is criticism mere kibbitzing from guys like me, UN-learned in the law.  He spelled-out how far, far below it is, below the minimal standard of a lawyer’s  professional duty of care.   I say that much-vaunted Rocco Galati himself, ought to bear the Costs ordered against the Plaintiffs.


Gordon S Watson

Metchosin British Columbia

 September 1st 2022 A. D.

* cue Rockin’ Roddy Stewart in his glory days, with Jeff Beck


Report on Recent END THE LOCKDOWN Freedom Protests in Victoria

      Dissident Voices in British Columbia :  Wed Nov 24 and Sat Nov 27 2021

Some folks tell me that they appreciate these updates to do with our PROTESTations against the NDP-fomented mass psychosis.  

Last Wednesday was another good day in front of the Leg. More confirmation that what we do, is worthwhile. Started off with just a few of us by my big banner asking

IS THIS MEDICAL FASCISM?   NO VAXX PASS  but no small signs. The very first passersby were a mom and stroller with three children. She stopped to thank us for being there.   That kind of thing makes it all worthwhile

Within 15 minutes we had the usual quorum.  When Randall appeared with the individual signs, we were greatly heartened.  By 1:00 p.m. we were up to 35 warm bodies on our side, with 2 counterprotesters keeping Little Nell company on the other side of Belleville Street

I was suspicious of a woman sitting on the bench, across the street with a camera fixed on us. So I went over and chatted.  Turns out : she is one of us. She had been through the Rentalsman process to do with the mask policy in her apartment building. She prevailed against the property management company!  The Rentalsman is an administrative tribunal, at the bottom of the Court ladder.    Even as small as this ruling may seem, it is exactly what we seek ; official acknowledgment that the mask diktat is UN-enforceable.    As of this writing, I have not yet found it on the Rentalsman website. 

On Saturday November 27th the rain was already coming down in buckets when we got there. By 2:00 pm we were drenched. Yet in good spirits. 

Another proof that our fellowshipping pays off, was hearing from one of the stalwarts that 400 dentists are signatories on the Notice of Liability they served on the Dental Association.  So, even if the lamestream media refuses to report about them, big things are happening.

I’d expected just a handful would show up in such filthy weather. Yet, by 1:20 pm there were 50 warm wet bodies on the sidewalk, commiserating : “I didn’t feel like coming but I thought I’d better,  to support the cause.”   Counterprotester Little Nell did drop by,  all by her lonesome, but got rained out.    She waved us all a sweet ‘goodbye’ at 1:28.

     The letter which gives away that there is no evidentiary basis for the mask diktat

Obtaining this letter is a defining moment trophy in our campaign to END the LOCKDOWN IN-sanity.  Realizing how damning it is, the Min. de Health refused to cough it up via Freedom of Information for most of a year.   In it, Bonnie Henry announced the end of dispute between BC Nurses and the Health Sciences Assn.    Since 2013, the policy had been, that nurses who would not submit to the ‘flu shot’ were ordered to put on a face covering.   It had been an ongoing labor grievance since then.  On official govt. stationery the Provincial Medical Officer gave away that neithershe nor anyone else, had evidence for substantiating the notion that wearing a face covering,  mitigates transmission of influenza.  And I emphasize that policy pertains to the hospital setting, where one would assume the situation would be most compelling.    Her  “Dear Colleagues” letter –  undated but probably at the end of November 2019 – is tacit admission that the government side could not produce evidence substantiating requirement for the mask diktat. 

Relentlessly misleading British Columbians that putting on the mask is somehow “the science”, when she knows perfectly-well it’s all nonsense, Bonnie Henry is revealed as a consummate liar.   Worse, that she and her accomplices are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to breach section 180 of the Criminal Code.   Participating in a conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, is another, distinct,  crime committed by John Horgan, Adrian Dix and Michael Farnworth


180 ( 1) Every one who commits a common nuisance and thereby
( a ) endangers the lives, safety or health of the public, or

 ( b ) causes physical injury to any person

is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

( 2) For the purposes of this section, every one commits a common nuisance who does an unlawful act or fails to discharge a legal duty and thereby

( a ) endangers the lives, safety, health, property or comfort of the public ; or

( b ) obstructs the public in the exercise or enjoyment of any right that is common to all the subjects of Her Majesty in Canada.

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic,     Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians


November 29th 2021 A. D.

Nov 27 2021 in the rain 004.jpg

LesLee and Will