Twitter Much Freer Under Elon Musk, But Not Entirely Free: LGBTQ Critic CitizenGo Account Suspended

I’m Martin Gargaglione, a member of CitizenGO’s Media team and last month our account was suspended from Twitter, after posting an image on our Twitter page drawing attention to dangerous attempts of the most radical branch of the LGBT lobby to normalize pedophilia. 

On top of that, in pure censorship fashion, almost all of our tweets scheduled one week before were never published. We even had to delete everything to regain access to our account. 

The censorship we suffer at the hands of social media platforms is nothing new for us and is an open attack on pro-life and pro-family voices. Twitter moderators seek to prevent people from becoming aware of or talking about the perversions and radicalization of the LGBT lobby. 

We may have been suspended, but we will not be silenced. I am proud of who we are and what we defend. I am proud that we have such a huge and global network of active citizens who are concerned with such fundamental issues on which our freedoms and those of our children depend on. We will continue fighting against the radical lobbies and corporations who are targeting us. 

Right now, my voice and thousands of pro-life and pro-family voices worldwide, are being excluded from public debate and discriminated against just for ideological reasons!

Will you add your name to my petition demanding that Twitter CEO Elon Musk ends the censorship against us for once and for all?

The radical LGBT lobby is rapidly becoming a menace to children. By now, they are no longer hiding it. Children are increasingly the target of the LGBT lobby. Look no further than the parade of drag queens taking place all around the world in the presence of minors. 

It’s nothing new that pedophilia seeks to piggyback itself off the current LGBT ideology. There have even been initiatives to rebrand pedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’ (MAP), using the same logic that “we cannot control who we are attracted to.” They use the same slogan as the LGBT’s “Love is Love”.

And just because we warned about this danger, we were censored on Twitter!

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, we all believed that he would do what it takes to end the long and frustrating years of censorship and work towards a platform where at last, freedom of speech is respected … because he promised exactly that: to restore free speech rules on Twitter.

Yet, Twitter is still more restrictive than Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube – where we posted the same content and were not banned! 

We know very well that most those who manage social media platforms will stop at nothing to have their way and prohibit whatever traditional, pro-life, pro-family posts and publications.

Enough is enough! 

We need to put an end to the censorship and the suppression of our voices. There is absolutely no time to waste. We are counting on your signature to rise and fight back:

Click here to join thousands of CitizenGO members and sign the petition addressed to Elon Musk to stop the censorship on Twitter that silences pro-life, pro-family voices!

Just recently, a new #TwitterFiles investigation revealed that teams of Twitter employees built blacklists, prevented disfavored tweets from trending, and actively limited the visibility of entire accounts or even trending topics—all in secret, without informing users! 

Censorship like the one we are facing causes great difficulty for us to get key information out to the public about critical issues like child indoctrination and the latest woke radical ideas that threaten our children and their education. Not to mention that it is an open form of discrimination against people like us for simply having the opinions we have. 

The LGBT lobby, aided by most social media platforms, celebrates this censorship in an attempt to erase us, stigmatize us, and isolate us. And if we do nothing to defend our rights they will continue to push against us, because they are scared of what we say – they are scared we say the truth while they live in a lie!

I am proud of who I am, of my views and opinions, and I do not regret the post I published on CitizenGO’s Twitter account some days ago. I thought it was important for people to see how far the most radical branch of the LGBT lobby is going. 

I am equally proud of all of us who stand up together in times like these, as a network of citizens who together are making a difference. 

Add your name to my petition asking Elon Musk to re-establish freedom of speech as he once promised on Twitter and end the attacks on the pro-family voices!

With gratitude for all that you do.

Martin Gargaglione and the entire CitizenGO Team

P.S.These attacks are happening everywhere, so people across the world must know of the lengths social media platforms and big tech companies are willing to go to curb free speech, propagandize the information we have access to, and police us with how we can and cannot think.

We need you to take action NOW: we must show that we will not be intimidated, oppressed, or silenced out of the society we all live in.  

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

More information:

Caroline Farrow Arrested in UK For “Malicious Online Post”

Have you heard the latest?

A Christian mother of five children was arrested from false accusations that she ‘hurt the feeling of an LGBT activist on Twitter.’ 

Radical left has done it. Yes, once again! 

Our Caroline Farrow, CitizenGO’s Campaign Director for the United Kingdom and Ireland, has been arrested for alleged “harassment” and “malicious online  posts”. 

Posts she didn’t even make!

We need your help to demand that the Detective Chief Inspector, David Bentley, apologise for the unwarranted actions of the police officers, who so forcedly and ruthlessly stormed in and raided Caroline’s home.

Sign NOW to demand an immediate inquiry into these actions, and an investigation into the complaint history of her accuser.

While Caroline was being arrested, the transgender activist posted a picture in his social media literally popping a champagne bottle and celebrating how a mother of five is arrested in front of their autistic children, for something she hasn’t done.

The persecution will have no end, if we don’t stand up to it NOW! If it can happen to a Christian mother of 5 in a rural English town, it can happen to anyone — including you and me!


Sebastian Lukomski and the entire CitizenGO Team

P.S. If you have already signed, please share the petition with your friends.

Here’s the email we sent you earlier on this:

Caroline Farrow, CitizenGO’s Campaign Director in the United Kingdom, has been arrested from accusations that she ‘hurt the feeling of an LGBT activist on Twitter.’ They are calling the arrest justified for potential charges of “harassment” and “malicious posts”. There not a limit to how far the totalitarian establishment will go, continuously clamping down on our fundamental freedoms — particularly on our right to our own faith, thoughts, and beliefs. Demand the Detective Chief Inspector, David Bentley, inquire into the actions of the the Surrey Police Department, who have deprived Caroline of her liberty, in such an undignified way. SIGN THE PETITION

I wouldn’t be emailing you so late if it wasn’t as important as this…

In the last hours, Caroline Farrow, the CitizenGO’s Campaigns Director in the United Kingdom and one of the bravest defenders of Christian family values, has been arrested and taken away in front of the very eyes of her children under false, unfounded and unwarranted accusations that she hurt the feelings of an LGBT activist.

“Teatime. I was doing a roast chicken. Knock at the door. Two coppers. There’s been an allegation of harassment and malicious posts, and we’ve come to arrest you”. 

Caroline was dismayed… She immediately asked to see a warrant, but a 6 foot 3 police officer forced his way through the front door, arrogantly claiming that he didn’t need a warrant. 

She knew instantly who was behind these false accusations: the same radical transgender activist who previously tried to have her thrown in jail and never stopped to harass Caroline and her family! The same activist who has had two other women arrested in identical circumstances. 

It should terrify us all that the police can simply take an LGBT and transgender activist’s words for something, storm into your house and arrest you.

The Surrey Police Department, and those who called for Caroline’s arrest, should be ashamed of such a forceful, disgraceful and unnecessary intrusion, and MUST be held accountable — she needs all of our support now, more than ever.

SIGN NOW to demand an inquiry into the actions of the the Surrey Police Department, who have deprived Caroline of her liberty, in such an undignified way, and an investigation into the complaint history of her accuser.

I am sick to my stomach hearing about what has just happened to Caroline, and have no words to describe how her young children and family must be feeling right now. 

One minute you’re cooking dinner, the next, you are being taken to a cell! And just because your accuser, no matter if he’s lying, is a transgender activist!

For some time now, the authorities have been tracking Caroline, in her everyday life, as well as online, in pure authoritarian-like, Soviet fashion. 

Back in 2019, she found herself under investigation by her local police force after she described the sex-reassignment surgery performed on a sixteen-year old boy as ‘castration’, ‘a form of child abuse’ and ‘mutilation’.

Following a media backlash, transgender lobby activists did whatever it took, to ensure that Caroline was punished. One such, was Stephanie Hayden who began targeting Caroline over social media in a relentless campaign of abuse, that included attacking her Catholic faith, making several threats and attempting to get her de-platformed from the media.

Caroline’s entire family has been harassed with prank phone calls, targeted with exposure to disgusting explicit materials, and stalked on social media. 

Did it make any difference that Caroline repeatedly asked for protection from the police? NONE! Sadly, she is not a transgender activist, she’s only a Christian mother trying to stand up for her values and protect her family. 

Having monitored Caroline ever since, yet despite the lack of any notable evidence, the Police decided to raid the house, ruthlessly seizing all of her and her family’s devices, including the homework iPad that Caroline’s 10 year old daughter with autism uses for her homeschooling. 

“As I was stripped of my personal belongings, I kissed my cross necklace before putting it in a plastic bag. I’ve never taken it off since it was given to me.”

ACT NOW in defense of Caroline: demand the Detective Chief Inspector, David Bentley, to inquire into the unwarranted actions of the police officers and investigate the complaint history of her accuser.

We’ve seen recently how the establishment is clamping down viciously on our fundamental freedoms, particularly on our right to our own thoughts and beliefs, which are the core of who we are. 

We’ve seen it with Pavi Raasanen – Finnish MP who faced a jail sentence in a lengthy trial for posting a Bible verse. We’ve seen it with Maureen Martin, who was fired from her job for expressing her religious beliefs. And even most recently, Irish teacher Enoch Burke, who was jailed for refusing to validate gender ideology. 

How many countless others must there be?

Let’s not think for a moment that this is some kind of a distant reality. 

We must wake up to what is happening. We need your help immediately to fight to halt this totalitarian attack on our ideas, our beliefs, and our freedoms! It is up to us to make sure these kind of attacks do not continue to repeat themselves.

While Caroline was being arrested, the transgender activist posted a picture in his social media literally popping a champagne bottle and celebrating how a mother of five is arrested in front of their autistic children, for something she hasn’t done.

The persecution will have no end, if we don’t stand up to it NOW! If it can happen to a Christian mother of 5 in a rural English town, it can happen to anyone — including you and me!

Please sign this crucial petition today in support of Caroline and her family, and in all that they are currently going through and bring justice to the several women her accuser is making false allegations against.


Sebastian Lukomski and the entire CitizenGO Team

Soros Pro-Abortion & Pro-LGBTQ Agenda Front Groups Defame CitizenGo

Soros Pro-Abortion & Pro-LGBTQ Agenda Front Groups Defame CitizenGo

Because of our great success in giving a voice to you and millions of CitizenGO members, Soros-funded groups and international abortion giants are targeting us to try to shut us up or shut us down. Our plans require substantial funding — and the bills are beginning to stack up…

Here’s the email we sent you earlier on this:

, First: the Planned Parenthood and Soros-funded European Parliamentary Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Rights (EPF) released a report in six languages misrepresenting CitizenGO documents stolen from my hard drive.

Then: they attacked us by name and defamed us in a hearing of the European Parliament, slandering CitizenGO as “anti-democracy” and asking the European Union to censor us. Now: CitizenGO refused to back down, and we’ve stung them with our redoubled campaigns, so they’re coming after us. I need your support today to fight back.

Just a few weeks ago, the Soros-funded EPF released a new report attacking CitizenGO and other pro-life, pro-family organizations. Using Radical Leftist tactics to destroy their enemies, they filled this new report with lies, distortions, and references to documents stolen from my hard drive in a hacker attack.

This is dangerous, my friend. They are gearing up for all-out war, and their goal is to shut up or shut down CitizenGO, and anyone else who opposes their radical anti-life, anti-family agenda. I expect they will soon demand our campaigns be banned and our doors closed. They are really obsessed with CitizenGO (I counted 179 references to us in the report).

And we are first in their sights because thanks to you and millions more supporters we are having the most impact, exposing their lies and evil and stopping their plans. If you and I are shut out of standing for the unborn, a healthy family and Christian values, who will stand against the Radical Leftists, the abortion industry and the LGBT lobby?

I fear no one else will dare stand. So, with this rising threat (and great hope from our success), I ask you to stand with CitizenGO. I am not afraid to keep up the fight as long as I know you are standing with me. Now is the time to defend ourselves in Congresses and Parliaments, in the media and in courts of law. Everywhere, anywhere.

This requires a warchest before the worst of the battle starts. If we are not prepared to stop their attacks on us, CitizenGO is in danger of being forbidden to operate in multiple countries, or even forced to close our doors. As you may know: Our campaigners Caroline Farrow in England and Ann Kioko in Kenya have been targeted multiple times by hackers, radical activists, and lawsuits for defending the lives of children and the family. Multiple Soros-linked organizations have mentioned CitizenGO specifically as threats to their radical agendas in open strategy meetings. CitizenGO’s bank transfer services vendor shut down our account without any warning for political reasons. Radical leftist governments in Spain (where we are based) and other countries have started legal and administrative processes to hurt CitizenGO. We suffer hacker attacks every few weeks. That is why CitizenGO is constantly on the lookout for attacks, why I have contracted some lawyers to help us bring EPF to the courts for the illegal usage of our stolen documents and defamation, and why I am planning campaigns addressed to members of European Parliament to prepare for when EPF tries to shut us down. But the costs to both defend ourselves from attack and increase our activism around the world are only going to rise, and I need your help. Please, chip in today to help CitizenGO continue to fight:
I will donate $14 I will donate $42 I will donate $112 I will donate $224 I will donate $420 OTHER AMOUNT We continue to defend unborn children and vulnerable women and girls against cultural imperialism and the push for more abortion by the United Nations. You, me and another 552,000 concerned citizens supported our petition to the UN Commission on Populations. Additionally, over 230,00 of our signatures contributed to the successful erasing of the radical content related to abortion and the LGBT agenda from the final document of the UN Commission on the Status of Women 65. We are running a global campaign demanding the Big Tech CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Apple, Amazon, Pinterest to stop censoring our voice. You, me and another 513,000 CitizenGO members (and counting) are currently pressuring Netflix to remove offensive scenes from their series Paradise PD. The episode portrays Jesus as coming down from the cross to kill his persecutors with machine guns, followed by the scene where he engages in actions that are nothing short of pornography. We are protecting our brave Campaigner Ann Kioko, who is attacked by Marie Stopes (international abortion giant) with a lawsuit, because she exposed its illegal activities in Kenya. I would not take back a single campaign, and I would not abandon a single fight. But the fact remains, our effectiveness has made us the number one target of EPF, and I need your support to defend us all.


Ignacio Arsuaga and the entire CitizenGO Team

P.S. The Soros-funded EPF is coming for CitizenGO, and anyone who will fight the radical abortion agenda. Just a few weeks ago, they launched their third attack on CitizenGO, brazenly referencing stolen documents to slander our work defending the unborn. Your support is critical to help us increase our defense of the unborn, as well as defend ourselves from EPF.

More information: EPF’s Report on CitizenGO and other pro-life and pro-family groups (European Parliamentary Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Rights) Christian organizations in Europe blacklisted as “anti-gender religious extremists” by pro-abortion parlamentarians (Evangelical Focus) CitizenGO’s Global Ambitions Threaten Women’s Rights in East Africa (Byline Times)

CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that works to ensure that human life, the family and our freedoms are respected worldwide. CitizenGO members live in every nation of the world. Our team is spread across 16 countries on 5 continents and operates in 12 languages. Learn about CitizenGO here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.This message is addressed to you do not wish to receive emails from CitizenGO, click on this link. To ensure that CitizenGO messages reach your inbox, please add to your address book. To change your email address, language settings, or other personal information, contact us. To contact CitizenGO, please do not reply to this email. Instead, write to us at

Protesters Call for Criminal Charges Against CBC

Protesters Call for Criminal Charges Against CBC

Yesterday in downtown Toronto, we stood up and spoke up for Canada’s children.

CBC Drag Kids Protest

Seventy-five outraged Canadians, concerned for the well-being and protection of our children, joined me in front of CBC’s Toronto broadcast headquarters to protest the recent airing of the “Drag Kids” documentary.

Protesters at the CBC HQ

We continued our ongoing call for an investigation into CBC’s promotion and glamourization of child sexual exploitation in the form of child drag. By airing material that presents children as sexual objects, in homo-erotic performances, in the company of mostly naked men, CBC is effectively broadcasting child pornography, which is a violation of section 163.1(3) of the Criminal Code.

These actions are not only reprehensible, irresponsible, and immoral, they are criminal.

No Kid a Drag Kid

So far, over 21,000 citizens have signed our petition calling for an investigation.

It is very telling that there were no counter-protesters on-hand for our protest.

I was not surprised. Child drag is not something anyone wants to be seen “supporting”. How could anyone stand up against us and dare to endorse homo-erotic drag for children? It is a losing argument!

And yet, the media was also nowhere to be seen, showing themselves both unwilling to support and unwilling to denounce child drag. I believe this is out of fear of offending the LGBT community.

CBC - Criminal Betrayal of Children

We are hopeful that our protest yesterday will help bring the danger of child drag to light. We are also hopeful it will be the impetus for an investigation and possible criminal charges being laid against Ms. Sandra Kleinfeld, the Senior Director responsible for “Drag Kids”.

You can watch my message at the protest here, where I call for a criminal investigation:

David Cooke's Message

Yours for Life, Family, and Freedom,

David Cooke and the Entire CitizenGO Team

David Cooke

P.S. I want to say a special thank you to everyone who was able to come out and take a stand for our children in Toronto yesterday. Your presence was a powerful witness for the truth. I believe God will use it and bless it.