Maxime Bernier Demonized in Court & Media for Dissenting Views on COVID Liberty Curtailments

I’m 59, married to Catherine and with two beautiful daughters from a previous marriage.

I worked 19 years in finance and insurance. And then 16 in politics, including 6 as a cabinet minister.

My goal has always been to maximize freedom and prosperity for all Canadians.

But Justin Trudeau thinks I’m now a dangerous extremist.

He and the Liberal-funded mainstream media spent the past two years dehumanizing me and millions of Canadians like you.

Because we believe no one should be persecuted for refusing an unnecessary and risky treatment.

The politics of division has got to stop.

So many people have been suffering because of this government-sponsored nastiness.

We must heal the wounds.

And the only way to do it is to get rid of Trudeau’s authoritarian government.

The PPC was the only real opposition to the Liberals during these awful two years.

We must be ready for the next election.

Please contribute to increasing our political firepower with a $5 donation today.

Many thanks,

Trucker Support News from PPC Candidate Michael Bator Planned Hamilton Freedom Rally


Finally after a few times being asked, the stars have aligned and I will be speaking at this event with our treasurer Val and my friend Antoinette who really stood up for me when I was being trolled as a racist.  I really hope you can be there and show support for our neighbours in Hamilton like they do at our protests and I could use a little love too 😉.
Kelly’s Bakery was AccostedThe story is here but the gist is Kelly gave $1000 dollars to the truckers and as you know they were doxxed and an a___hole started being aggressive and rude along with a nasty email.  Kelly has been a solid person standing up for our rights, during the lockdown and all through this madness.  I would ask people to visit and let her know that we support her and are here for her.  Maybe buy a care package for the truckers or contact her. I will also let the Hamilton crowd know what transpired and ask them for the same.
Ottawa UpdateThe second Ottawa Police Chief has resigned due to lack of support by the Ottawa citizens.  They arrested some people including the two of the convoy leaders.  Request for more boots on the ground and there is a lot of misinformation coming from the bought media to discourage people but it seems it just keeps attracting more and more people and support.  We have people on the ground there and will keep you posted.
Donations for the TruckersEmail Robert as he is coordinating our logistics and supplies. The best to give is envelopes with a thank you type card or message with a Visa card or cash.  We can take other donations but we don’t have as much space.  We have one of our key people Julie up there helping with security and a trip leaving Monday and I will be going Friday to Sunday and if you want to come contact Robert as he is doing all donations and logistics.
Senators Called Back for Friday Morning, MPs in SessionPlease email your Senators today and every day. You can also email your MPs from the Truckers For Freedom – Michael Bator page.  Please share and encourage others to do the same, everyday this week until the vote happens.  I think we will need to phone as well, click here for a list of Senators.  Find your MP here, try and phone both offices.
We Got thisWe are winning although it doesn’t seem like it at times but you know that when you get a lot of flak, you are over the target (think bomber WWWII) and we certainly are over the target.  What they are doing they know is illegal and they broadcast it to create fear and discourage us while the world is watching and cheering for us and each week of threats about kids, stealing fuel and making arrests that get thrown out it is their intention to deter you.  To me, I dig in deeper, sleep less and fight harder.  We must be diligent but we must not relent.
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