Public Order Emergency Commission Report Marks the Decline of Freedoms in Canada

C3RF Update, 24 Feb 2023 – What if?

On the crocodile’s tail and back

The release of the Public Order Emergency Commission Final Report on 17 February 2023 continues to reverberate across the country.  Witness Ryan Alford’s analysis that sees the report as promoting an unprecedented “crackdown on free speech” while noting that recommendations aimed at “modernizing” the reasons for invoking the Emergencies Act need to be rejected by Parliament.  Then there is Jessie Kline who bluntly states the Report is a “slap in the face to Canadians”  even as Rupa Subramanya declared that democracy in Canada “died a little” with the release of the Report.  Could it be that all of this criticism, along with the C3RF analysis offered here, are confirmations that Canada is well down the path to becoming the world’s first “post-national state” with “no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.” 

Rupa Subramanya, “democracy died a little” in Canada with the POEC Final Report

One could be forgiven for seeing a bit of an analogy between Trudeau’s call for Canadians to join him in celebrating a new post-national Canada and the age-old fable “The Frog and the Crocodile”.   In the fable, the frog looks longingly at leaving his damp environs to traverse a snake-infested river to drier ground – in much the same way that Canada has come to look at “build back better” as the new utopia.  Meanwhile, the crocodile offers the frog a ride to this new, dry utopia promising there will be no harm inflicted on the frog – in much the same way that Prime Minister Trudeau assures Canadians that transforming and resetting Canada’s economy will result in more jobs in a new, higher-tech economy.  In a progressive and tentative fashion, the frog agrees to hitch a ride first on the crocodile’s tail and then on his back – ostensibly to allow the crocodile to better steer.  Then the frog was convinced to ride on the reptile’s head for a better view and then, finally and disastrously for the frog, on his nose to help relieve an itch.  And so it goes with Canadians as they are progressively nudged and coerced to give up their national sovereignty and civil liberties in order to realize a more sustainable and just world and be stalwart global citizens – like our Prime Minister!

Frogs and crocodiles – good traveling companions?

Canada’s journey from a free and democratic nation, primarily concerned with its own sovereign interests, to a post-national one can be seen as a progression from the tail, back, head and nose of a global beast.  The jumping onto the tail of this behemoth can be seen to have occurred in 2015 when the Conservative government-of-the-day signed onto the United Nation’s Agenda 2030.  Not to be outdone, the follow-on Liberal government, in the same year, would move the frog further along onto the back of the beast by signing onto the Paris Agreement.  Agenda 2030 would commit Canada to prioritize its legislative efforts to accommodate the 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) on the way to realizing a just world.  The Paris Agreement would commit Canada to reducing its Green House Gas emissions markedly in an effort to hold global temperature increases to no more than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.  Between the two, the die had been cast for Canada to forego the interests of its own citizens and embrace those of unelected authorities in faraway bureaus.

Did Prime Ministers Harper and Trudeau saddle Canadians up on the globalist crocodile in 2015?

To the crocodile’s head

As per the fable, the crocodile had to use its considerable powers of persuasion to get the frog up to its head.  He beckoned by saying “Oh, come now. It’s a beautiful view! Surely you don’t think that I’m going to eat you after we’re halfway across.”  The frog relented as he was curious to see the view from atop the crocodile’s head and they were past the point of no return anyway.  Everyday Canadians, however,  would be a bit more circumspect when it came to giving up their civil liberties to make good on globalized demands to accommodate mass migration, de-industrialization and vaccination programs.  Indeed, when it came to immigration policies they would take a look at the lax and disastrous migration flows from the Middle East and North Africa into Europe in 2015 and express concerns.  Did the new Liberal government realize that the “no-go zones” and violent crimes that were surging across Europe should be seen as alarm bells for Canada? 

Canadians balk at traveling to the “head” of the crocodile due to safety and security concerns?

In the end, the government would have to forego persuasion in favour of nudging Canadians into acceptance through triangulation strategies designed to divide and conquer.  And so it was that a very unpopular Motion M-103 was floated in 2017 to accuse Canada and certain Canadians of being “systemically racist” and Islamophobic.  If rank and file citizens couldn’t be convinced to fall into line with globalist narratives they would bloody well be named and shamed into accepting them.  One way or another, they would be coerced into making the journey to the crocodile’s head where they could better see the errors of their ways and atone.  Naming and shaming, however, might get Canadians moving but it would not be enough to motivate the majority.  Accordingly, triangulation efforts would be expanded to suppress inconvenient, fact-based counter-narratives.

Canadian House of Commons passes M-103 with little public support – too bad for us?

These inconvenient storylines would be rebuffed with campaigns that cited such speech as “hate”-based or mis/disinformation.  And so we saw the advent of a “Digital Charter” to keep government-defined hate speech offline and legislation such as Bill C-11 to regulate your internet user-generated content.  Such legislative efforts are proceeding in lockstep with many other initiatives from a wide range of institutional agencies that outright “cancel” the life and work prospects of wrong-thinkers.  How else to explain the raft of medical doctors who have had their medical licenses suspended or canceled for offering patient-specific advice in contravention to the narratives being disseminated by their controlling colleges of physicians and surgeons?  Then there are the teachers who lose their positions for questioning the woke narratives surrounding Residential School deaths.   Some are even advocating such heretical speech be punished to the full extent of the law?  Canadians would be herded to the head of the crocodile even if it meant the clock would need to be rolled back to the 17th century and the times of Galileo.

Heretical Canadians risk Galileo-like punishments for wrong-think?

To the crocodile’s nose

Getting the frog onto the nose of the crocodile would enable an endgame that would smash any dream of accessing a utopian homeland.  Instead, the way would be open to effecting an intended reality that embraced not only the loss of freedom but a “terrific chomp” that ended the little frog’s life.  In the Canadian sense, it became obvious that such a transition would require more than just a “nudge” or “controlling the narrative” as protests like Freedom Convoy 2022 made it obvious that everyday Canadians had some pesky questions that just wouldn’t go away.  Shutting down such curiosity and concerns would require efforts that went beyond controlling the narrative to controlling the actual behaviours of Johnny and Janie Canuck.  And so we see an accelerated rush to build global systems capable of surveilling and tracking the activities and movement of citizens respectively – systems founded upon digital IDs.

Digital IDs required to advance the globalist/ crocodile agenda?

The invocation of the Emergencies Act was instructive in this sense as it provided the backdrop that allowed Canadians to glimpse the real utopia that exists on the other side of the river – rather than the one that has been advertised to them.  This was the case as the Act unleashed the federalized banking system onto the moms and pops who had the temerity to make $20 donations to Freedom Convoy 2022 “insurrectionists”.  It did so by freezing their financial accounts regardless of their personal circumstances and without the due process guaranteed, until now, by the Charter.  The fact that this draconian move struck too close to home for the comfort of those working with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to implement digital IDs for financial purposes was made clear when the Canadian Banking Association scrambled to escape blame.  After all, it was their “legal obligation” to lock down accounts that the RCMP requested member banks to freeze.  It would seem that the freezing of Freedom Convoy 2022 participant bank accounts may have provided an inconvenient and unwelcomed preview of what awaits hapless Canadians in the new post-national Canada on the other side of the river.

Angelina Mason, CBA General Counsel and VP, banks had a “legal obligation” to freeze accounts

The fact that the Liberal/NDP government of Canada is chomping at the bit to introduce digital IDs for all of us has been evident throughout the course of their handling of the Wuhan virus pandemic.  Witness their working together with the WEF, the Netherlands and several airlines and airports to introduce a Known Traveler Digital Identification system and the tenacity displayed in keeping an ArriveCAN application in place even though it crashed Canadian airport throughputs.  One might think that digital ID control measures are now a thing of the past as these initiatives have either stalled or been made voluntary.  This is not the case, however, as we now see new efforts to implement them through Canada Health Transfer deals being made between the federal government and the provinces.  The transfer of related funds will be dependent on the digitization of patient information in each participating province in accordance with Canada Health Infoway protocols – protocols that include an International Patient Summary dedicated to allowing for the transfer of your medical data, including vaccination status, worldwide.  One might well surmise that the individual rights and freedoms of Canadians will be well and truly done if they jump onto the crocodile’s nose by accepting such digital ID initiatives.  Chomp chomp?

Will digital ID put us all on the crocodile’s nose?

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Major Russ Cooper (Ret’d)
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Brilliant Analysis of the Sorry State of Canadian Liberties

Brilliant Analysis of the Sorry State of Canadian Liberties

C3RF Update, 04 Nov 2022 – Cattle drive

Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights & Freedoms

Remarque! La version française suit un peu plus bas

View! Review and participate in Version 15.0 of C3RF’s “One Stop Tyrant Shop”

Read! Declaration for the promotion of truth

The round up

If a “round up” can be defined as corralling a collection of animals into enclosures for a particular purpose then Canadians can easily imagine themselves as the new livestock. It’s an easy analogy to make given the past almost-three-years of incessant whining by authorities of all stripes to “follow the science” as they concurrently prod us away from each other and into enclosures dispensing one-size-fits-all vaccination programs. It’s this or suffer the consequences of your, supposedly, uncoerced choices and lose your job, your ability to travel or even your kids as you obstinately put the public good and the public health at risk. To make matters worse, those livestock that have the temerity to wander off away from the cattle drive are left defenseless as attempts to justify their well-considered, but contrary, ways are met with obfuscation and outright ad hominem attack by controlling authorities and agencies alike. These strays are cancelled and belittled.

Some “strays” in present-day Canada refuse to be corralled

The fact that the roundup has been continuing apace for some time now is evidenced by C3RF’s own “One Stop Tyrant Shop”. This chronicling of overreaching dictates, edicts and mandates that work to carve out traditional, freedom-minded citizens from the herd of their more pliant counterparts is compiled from C3RF “Update” observations extending from 2018 to the present day. The current version, version 15, is a stunning 42 pages long and is growing as we speak. Indeed, the latest additions to this ever-expanding compilation of draconian measures and insults aimed at everyday Canadians include:

For the strays that refuse to be rounded by self-declared wranglers for whatever reason, the size and accelerating growth of the “One Stop Tyrant Shop” comes as no surprise. They believe what their own eyes see and have long recognized the current Canadian regime to be unconstrained by any check or balance. They see their executive, legislative and judicial bodies arrayed against them to pursue political power over and above any need to enable a “representative democracy”. They see a juggernaut that has lost all respect for the individual Charter rights of a formerly free people. For those moving along in the midst of the cattle drive, the mere size of the “Shop” comes as a shock to the system as, like a frog in pot of gradually heated water, they are beginning to see bubbles roiling around them.

Is it too late for the Canadian frog in a pot?

Canadian authorities have tried to play the long game by gradually cranking up the heat on Canadian civil liberties. In doing so, they likely perceived it was the best way to achieve the desired outcome of moving the country away from the individual liberties, meritocracy and free markets characteristic of a Western liberal democracy towards one that is centrally controlled by an “expert” class. This process has been facilitated by the creation of a supporting superstructure of legislation girded by judicial pronouncements that act to curtail any opposition, let alone debate. And so we see Bills C-11, C-18 and C-261 promulgated to curtail and shape what you can say in the public square even as the authors of such legislation give themselves the arbitrary power to define just what is acceptable when it comes to thinking and communicating. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the same NDP-sponsored government is floating a new law by way of Bill C-23 that would see climate cops given the power to conduct warrantless searches and seizures in the name of protecting the environment. Is it all becoming just a little too obvious? Even to those in the midst of the cattle drive?

Is Canada’s descent into despotism getting just too obvious? 

The rising

The rising sense that all is not going in accordance with “rule of law” principles that purport to dispense justice equally is being fuelled by a consistent barrage of biased and divisive actions foisted upon the public, and individual citizens, by the powers-that-be. The sheer number of these edicts, mandates and decrees, many of which escape any legislative process as noted in the “One Stop Tyrant Shop”, prompts the question: is it all about rewarding friends and punishing enemies? What to think when:

  • Tamara Lich is shackled and denied bail for “mischief” charges related to the Freedom Convoy 2022 protests while the return from Syria of alleged ISIS terrorists is celebrated by Canadian media and public safety officials. Tamara is chopped liver while the latter have Charter rights and must be removed from “sub-human conditions” in Syria;
  • Ex-Minister Bev Oda was harassed into resigning from office for hotel costs and a $16 orange juice while the same chattering classes poo-poo efforts to draw back the curtain on $6000 hotel rooms claimed by government officials during the Queen’s funeral proceedings; and
  • The Canadian legal and political systems move heaven and earth to patriate a self-confessed terrorist from American POW detention, and then award him $10.5 million in the name of Charter rights, even as these same systems can only muster efforts “at the margins” when it comes to judicially reviewing the constitutionality of pandemic measures.

It would seem that Canadian governance systems are operating on a divide and conquer basis to favour certain voting blocs while intimidating others into submission. This might be a good way to secure power and control over the short term but, as more and more Canadians become aware of the discriminatory measures at play, a backlash looms. How long will Canadians stand by and allow Section 1 of their Charter to be ignored? The section that demands limitations on their fundamental rights be “demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”.

Shackles for Tamara, dollars for the more-favoured when it comes to Charter rights?

The fact that some Canadians have come to see the writing on the wall when it comes to the evaporation of their civil liberties is now playing out as an embarrassing exodus. C3RF stalwart, Debbie, has chosen to rise up and vote with her feet by packing up her Canadian possessions, selling her house and hitting the road for Mexico. She now reports that she is at a U.S./ Mexican border town where other Canadians are amassing and coordinating a united crossing. Other Canadians are looking closer to home for relief from government and “expert” overreach and moving to provinces that are more amenable to protecting their individual rights and freedoms. Top of the list is Alberta under its new Premier, Danielle Smith. She has promised to push back against such unsupported tyranny and has already apologized to the unvaccinated for the discriminations they have suffered in her province until now. All this in conjunction with nurses moving en mass to free regimes, such as Florida, to get away from a Covid-only medical system that is resulting in “negative outcomes” for patients. Should it be a surprise when good people move away from oppressive jurisdictions to better their lives? Wasn’t that once the calling card for those seeking to land on the shores of a “strong and free” Canada?

Canadians surging to Alberta for a better chance of securing their civil liberties?

Not all Canadians are voting with their feet though. Some, like Greg Hill, have accepted the gauntlet thrown down by bullying governments and “cancel culture” to declare “fight’s on”. Greg lost his job as a Canadian airliner pilot due to vaccine mandates and is now a Director at the “Free to Fly Canada” organization. Free to Fly has expanded rapidly to comprise more than 2000 aviation professionals and 40,000 passengers all dedicated to retrieving lost mobility rights guaranteed under the Charter. They note that such restrictions may have been “suspended” but that they stand to be re-initiated in line with predictions from our own Prime minister. As part of his in-place fight, Greg has penned a “Declaration for the Promotion of Truth and Individual Rights and Freedoms”. This avowal proposes that Canadians of all stripes commit to legal, civil disobedience measures to resist the onset of tyranny in Canada.

Greg Hill, Director at Free to Fly Canada declares, “fight’s on” 

The reckoning

Try as it might, the efforts of governments, courts, the media and “cancel culture” to obscure and justify the dissolution of individual rights and freedoms in Canada, both through fluffed up emergencies and legislation, cannot escape eventual judgement by the public-writ-large. This will be a certainty as the alternate outcome, in the form of a deep dive into the loss of all such rights, is just too depressing to even consider. The process brought to bear will need to be independent in nature given the enormity and power of the agencies and authorities, both public and private, that have been involved in the lifting and restricting of civil liberties over the course of the Wuhan virus pandemic. As it stands now, the failure to enact such a review and move on its recommendations ensures the same will happen over and over again until the very nature of Canadian society is irrevocably impacted to leave a hellscape for our progeny.

Does a hellscape await a Canada disinterested in its descent into despotism?

Another C3RF stalwart, Barry, has joined the conversation on the matter of a Canadian drift into a dystopic future by noting that it is being promulgated by an “overbearing central government devoid of principle or restraint intent on controlling our behavior and thoughts, even on-line”. Certainly, if we are to shut down such overreach now and into the future we will not only have to take Greg Hill’s Declaration to heart but go beyond such civil disobedience measures to make some concurrent structural changes. We have to realize that we got to where we are now, a country operating at odds with the principles that so many have fought and died for before us, through a dearth of checks and balances required to slow down, let alone halt, such illiberal excursions. Barry suggests that the problem lies in the fact that cultural and societal changes have taken us to a place where we have outgrown our British-style parliamentary system.

Has Canada outgrown its British-style parliamentary system?

As Barry also notes, “Canada’s British style parliamentary system only works so long as the central government acts with reasonable prudence and restraint”. Unfortunately, and in a day and age that lacks the servant-leaders required to propel such an honourable enterprise forward, we are left with a governance system that affords far too much power to a select few. We see this full force in the Canadian parliamentary system where the Prime Minister has the power to handpick his or her executive in the form of a Governor General and Cabinet and then go on to appoint, through a proxy Governor General, Senators and Supreme and Federal Court judges. In the hands of an individual driven by modern-day ideologies that lionize “the end justifies the means”, the nation can easily find itself being held hostage by a “kid in a candy store”. Is it any wonder that Canadians see their liberties being zapped by the legal and political ministrations of a system crafted to suit a person at the center of the power structure – a person who suffers no constraints from a compliant media or political opposition in the form of NDP-type support. If any country needed structural change to its governance systems, perhaps in the form of recall and term limit legislation, it would be Canada. Either that or vote in a slate of servant-leaders capable of measuring up to the required standard of integrity and honour demanded by a parliamentary system?

Does Canada need more servant-leaders and less “end justifies the means”? 

Thanks for your continued support

Your patronage makes a world of difference in the ability of C3RF to educate, advocate and act in service of preserving the individual and fundamental rights of all Canadians. It is truly unfortunate that such efforts are required but the fact remains, these rights and freedoms are coming under increasing attack from all quarters including our own legislative, judicial, media, academic and security authorities. Please know that the funds you so generously donate go directly into campaigning, events, bookkeeping, technology costs and legal advice. When these basic services are met, we use excess funding to assist other groups in advancing the cause of Canadian individual rights within a strong and free Canada. We also contribute to related legal proceedings and charitable activities when able. If you missed the call, click here to support C3RF today!

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Major Russ Cooper

Major Russ Cooper (Ret’d)

President and CEO, C3RF