Report from Freedom Fighter Gordon Watson in British Columbia on the END THE LOCKDOWN Rallies

Report from Freedom Fighter Gordon Watson in British Columbia on the END THE LOCKDOWN Rallies

The spot where we protest in downtown Victoria is perfect for getting feedback from citizens who go by.  Katie has been on the scene since dissident voices began denouncing the Lockdown a year ago.   On Saturday she told me lately response to our presence on the doorstep of the Ministry of Health headquarters, is 75 percent favourable to us =  drastically up from when she started.  There is no movement of folks who ‘get it’ about the SCAMdemic, to take the contrary position.  In this authentic populist movement, the trend is our friend

On Saturday March 13 one of the “UN-acceptables”  *  brought her vintage boom-box and played Van Morrison’s new album.  Doing his bit, contributing to the soundtrack of our lives  … the poet asks:  
“Why are they working and why are we not?”  Eh?

As the states down south awaken,  what looms, is    momentary respite before the Tyrants abandon all pretence of fiscal sanity so the economy spirals down into the pigsty of the Parable of the Prodigal Son.   By which I mean = implosion of the value of fiat currency issued by the Federal Reserve System against the value of other nations’ currencies / the mother-of-all financial crises. For which the SARS 2 Covid 19 thing, is the cover story

If we aren’t yet in The End Times,  2020 gave us a glimpse of it.   Jesus Christ himself foretold that we will be jostling with “the swine” for something to eat.   Read the Bible, folks. And ALL of it.  As you do, ask for wisdom identifying the Prodigal Son and also the “swine” in that Parable.   My own interpretation as derived from a lifetime of studying the theme of National Salvation  …. often called the British Israel interpretation of Biblical prophecy …is, the most politically-incorrect thing that can be said these days.   That Caucasians are True Israel.  Our God chastens those whom He loves. He allows the enemies of Israel to prevail, for a while,  to discipline us.  We are being humbled for having despised our heritage during the last century of profligate living.   

What if that peculiar interpretation is so?  Then the tsunami of racial aliens invading our territory is the communist agenda outworking … creating a permanent welfare class with which to drag America down to Third World conditions subservient to the antichrist UN.    After the Democrats stole the election,  the Republic alongside the Dominion of Canada, both founded in Christianity, are in the grip of crypto commies shamelessly crowing in Time magazine how they clambered up to the high office of the Presidency by hook and by crook.  

No mere coincidence the BC New Democrats used the same grand Myth ie. the PLAN-demic,  to the same end.  John Horgan & Co ‘stole a march’ in British Columbia.  And before my critics start yelping about that assertion, read the report of the Ombudsman from last summer Extraordinary Times Extraordinary Measures. Jay Chalke says that what the NDP  did – using the Emergency Power Act as excuse to avoid putting a law of general applicability before the Legislature, so as to pretend government by cabinet Order  – is illegal to start with.

Of course, many people will be so relieved when the diktats finally go away, that they’ll try just to get back to where they left off.  Not me : not some of us who are insulted to the very core of our being by such wickedness in high places.

What we must do,  is;  restore the Westminster model of representative government as promised in the Terms of Union in 1871.  Which requires,  first : identifying the perpetrators of this gross medical mal-practice.   Naming names, compiling evidence with which to make the case for prosecution of the race Traitors.   Then – after all due process of law –  putting them away in prison.    Those who knowingly participated in this crime against humanity ought to be executed for Treason.  Ideally : by firing squad televised live to the nation.  That won’t happen,  but public opprobrium is appropriate so the names of godless socialistas  Horgan,  Dix, Farnworth and the one fronting their criminal conspiracy … Doctor Henry  … go down in infamy.  

         Of course I’m aware that what I say comes off as IN-sanity,  today. Yet the role of the prophetic type is to tell the nation what it needs to hear, versus what volk want to hear.  For the past year, soft words and comforting noises issuing from the pulpits of so-called “Christian churches” abetted UNethical Doktor Henry.  False shepherds Pulpit parrots all singing from the same songbook =  the Central Party Line =  are what let the tragedy unfold.    

            By hiding from the electorate the bombshell news about the Site C dam disaster Mr Horgan snatched a mandate for 4 more years.  That 2020 victory at the polls was the NDP’s highwater mark.  As the electorate catches on to his rank perfidy, the NDP is in freefall to the very bottom of the barrel.   His administration demonstrates the Peter Principle >  people rise to the level of their incompetence. 

       They are characterologically UN-able to admit the mistake they made. So they just make it up as they go. Dr Henry and Solicitor General Farnworth amending ministerial and Public Health Orders on the fly, admitting out loud there is no science behind them!   Such bumbling is a moving target so the paperwork of anyone preparing to challenge an Order in Court, is always out of date. At the outset of the hearing in court last week, the lawyer for the govt. side argued the Churches’ Petition was not properly framed in that it pointed at Orders no longer extant.   That got laughed out of court quickly. 

It’s sobering to realize that, parroting the cry of   “Awk ! covid!”   Premier Horgan et al. managed to borrow 10 times more funds in one year, than British Columbia has ever done before.   With interest rate at an all-time low, that appears do-able at first blush. But we know one thing fersure … when confidence is lost, interest rates go hyperbolic

Revolutions are nearly always tax revolts.    Once it becomes clear how – and by whom – British Columbia was sold out to the Bankxsters,  critical mass of resentment will move tax payers to turn on the politicians who did it.    I am just getting warmed up : the campaign to have John Horgan removed as an MLA according with the Recall law, starts here.

it does bother me slightly that,  in the accompanying photo,  I resemble Karl Marx. Reason being: no haircut in a year.  Meanwhile, I haven’t been compelled to put on the muzzle, either

Finally : I most strongly urge readers to get a copy of the new newspaper  DRUTHERS
The Free Press   The People’s Friend   The Tyrant’s Foe

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic

Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

* Dr Bonnie’s perjorative for us, whimpering on national tv that she feels our presence outside her office is a threat to her personal safety

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Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson Launches A Human Rights Complaint for Discrimination by Fountain Diner Because He Was Not Masked

Free Speech Activist Gordon Watson Launches A Human Rights Complaint for Discrimination by Fountain Diner Because He Was Not Masked

is the opening skirmish in my campaign to have one aspect of the KronaMadness scrutinized in a court of law. Starting with a tiny, apparently in-significant incident.  My technique, is = bundle-up your complaint so someone who knows nothing about it can grasp it, then put it in front of someone who can do something about it.

I am no fan of the BC Human Rights Commission. Yet it is a proper starting-point up the ladder of Court … getting a ruling on the legitimacy of Commissar Farnsworth’s  “mandate” for  muzzling British Columbians = particularly, the exemption which is expressly set out in his Ministerial Order. 

Gordon S Watson
Justice Critic, Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians


December 1st  2020

 British Columbia Human Rights Commission

This is my complaint that on November 30th 2020  employees of the Fountain Diner restaurant in Langford British Columbia unreasonably denied me a service normally available to the public,   contrary to the BC Human Rights Code.          

01             since about June 2020, I have been paying attention to the issue of the imposition of regulations under the Emergency Program Act  and also  Public Health Act . In August 2020,
I received from the office of the Ombudsman a copy of his report   “Extraordinary Times Extraordinary Measures”.  That report is available at the URL on the internet website URL

Over-simplified, the opinion of lawyer Jay Chalke, is :  the administration which had been in power prior to the election of 2020,  exceeded its authority, so that powers it presumed to enshrine in law, are un-constitutional ab initio.  UN-learned in the law as I am, I say that >
Orders predicated in those Acts, made consequent to illegal amendments to them, are each invalid.     Particularly:  the diktat of Commissar Farnsworth re compulsory wearing of face coverings = Ministerial Order M425 made November 24 2020 =   is of no force nor effect.
A copy of that order is enclosed as Item  ONE  of Materials to be relied-upon
02             in the fall of 2020, I began requesting copies of the Orders made by Chief Medical Health Officer Henry as they were advertised in the newsmedia.  Each time I called the main office of the Ministry of Health, asking for a hard copy of the most recent Order, I was told “it’s not available”. Then about a week later, it would be posted on the internet.  Point being : in the meantime, lacking proper NOTICE, the Chief Medical Health Officer had not complied with that Act ergo her Order was not in effect in that timeframe

03             After studying this topic for the last few months, my position today is =  the Covid 19 phenomenon is a HOAX of the first order.  It is the worst medical mistake in modern history.  Included as Item TWO and integral to this my complaint, is the transcript of remarks made by Dr Roger Hodkins buttressing my opinion.  Also : Item THREE of Materials to be relied upon is the article by the past president of the Ontario Medical Association Mask Laws Necessary or Nonsense? 

04            Item FOUR of Materials to be relied upon, is, a batch of pertinent pages from the Kaplan Report. It is crucial that the Human Rights Commission know and take in to consideration, that in her official capacity as a health officer in British Columbia Bonnie Henry md gave evidence to the Kaplan Commission re the efficacy of wearing masks to prevent transmission of contagious disease in hospital settings.  I have good reason to believe and I verily do believe, that in the labor arbitration carried on between the BC Nurses Union and the Health Sciences Association re the issue of whether or not nurses were compelled to wear masks in hospital settings   Bonnie Henry in her capacity as Chief Medical Health Officer for British Columbia signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which she acknowledged that the wearing of masks was irrelvant to transmission of contagious disease, particularly, the influenza virus. The labor arbitration was settled behind closed doors, in December 2019.   That Memorandum is now improperly hidden from the public.    It is crucial for the purpose of this my complaint against the Fountain Diner that the Human Rights Commission compel Dr Henry to produce that Memorandum of Understanding – or whatever that document is titled – as evidence in this my complaint. 

05            Also  Item FIVE of the Materials to be relied upon, the interview COVID-19: Americans are in ‘delusional psychosis’.    It is crucial that the Human Rights Tribunal appreciate that section 103 of the Public Health Act  RSBC provides for a categorical defence to a prosecution under it, if the accused had a sincere belief as to the veracity a certain set of facts.    

06            On or about September 2020,  in my investigation of the Corona Madness,  I came upon the letter of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority,  informing Translink as to the legality of compulsion to wear the face muzzle. A copy of that letter is Item SIX of the Materials to be relied-upon.     When I learned about the exemption card offered by Translink,  I immediately published that image around the internet, and handed it to people whom I encountered in what we used to call “the real world”, recommending that they get it and use.  Dozens of people went to the Translink offices and got the card, for free, or printed it out from my email message. Feedback I got from them tells me that Translink drivers do acknowledge that that card is valid for the sake of exempting the bearer from wearing a muzzle. It is important that the Human Rights Commission appreciate that that policy was in effect on November 30th 2020, the day I was denied entry to Fountain Diner.   Around that same time, I came upon the image of a card which declares that the person using it is exempt from compulsion to wear a “mask”.  A photocopy of the front and back of that card is Item  SEVEN  of the Materials to be relied upon.     Ironically, when I came back home to compose this complaint, I saw a bus go by in which the driver was NOT wearing a muzzle.   Shocking, eh? !

07              For context, it is worth noting the following anecdotes.  On Monday November 23rd 2020 I was in Vancouver at work in the STAPLES store on Seymour street downtown. The manager of the store came about 20 feet from me and politely said “sir you have to have a mask on”.  I said to him “I’ve got the exemption card”. He was happy with that and left.  He did not ask to see the card itself.  Shortly thereafter, I attended the Registry of the Lawcourts building at 800 Smithe Street.  At the entrance, I was challenged by a deputy Sherriff.  I showed him the exemption card.  He glanced at it but did not read it.  He went through the protocol questions with me, then directed me to go ahead and enter.  I filed a document with the Registry Clerk, then left the premises.    In Vancouver and in Burnaby and in Surrey, I entered several other businesses including restaurants. When they politely asked me to put on a mask, I showed them the card and had no problem. With one exception.  In that instance, I simply ignored the fool who refused to acknowledge the declaration,  continued to finish what I was doing – photocopying – then left the premises. On Wednesday November 25th 2020 I came back to Swartz Bay on the ferry and had no problem with the staff as I walked around, breathing freely un-muzzled.   Despite relentless annoying messages over the public address system about requirement to wear a mask, no one challenged me anywhere on the ship.

08             On the morning of November 26th 2020, at approximately 10:30 am, I called the head office of the Ministry de Health :  250 952 1330 identified myself and told the telephone receptionist that the Public Health Act Order of which I’d heard rumors, was not available on the website of the office of the Chief medical Health Officer. Recognizing my voice from the other times I’d called asking for a copy of Orders which were pretended to be in force as of those days yet not available, she said “we’ve had this converstation before.”  I demanded her name and position. She said “Angela patient client relations

09            The Public Health Act RSBC dictates that a person subject to an order must be notified of that Order.  I told “Angela” that I required a hard copy of that Order so that I could originate a Request for Reconsideration pursuant to its section 43 as I had done twice before. In both instances, there has been no reply from the Chief Medical health Officer nor anyone else in her Ministry. Even though in that exchange,  I offered to drive downtown and pick up a copy were they to make it available Angela told me that there was no Order available via the internet nor anywhere else.    Days later, I learned that the rumor about a “masking mandate” originated with Ministerial Order in Council M425 made – ostensibly – under the Emergency Program Act.  Thus,   the receptionist, in charge of advising the public what was going on for all things to do with the Ministry de Health was in ignorance about the state of the law

10             On Friday November 27th  2020 I went in to Langford.  UN-muzzled, I went in to the place where I do banking.    No one said a word to me about anything to do with a mask.  I then went to the Canada Post outlet in the Westshore Town Centre mall.    After noticing the headline on the Times-Colonist newspaper, I purchased a copy in the Fairways store.     No one there said anything to me about not being muzzled.    Reading the frontpage article headed At odds over whether doctor’s note required to not wear mask : item EIGHT of Materials to be relied upon, I noticed the quotation from the Emergency Management BC.  In the Canadian Journalism style manual,  such double quotation marks indicate that that is precisely what was said.   I went over to the STAPLES store on McCallum Road.   No one there said a word about me not wearing a muzzle, because I am a regular customer and have shown the exemption card to most of the employees, over the past couple of months.     I cut the article out of the newspaper and fitted it on one sheet then made many photocopies. My intent was,  to hand them out, for free, to people with whom I might come in contact so as to prompt discussion about the facts and logic to do with government policy to do with the so-called “pandemic”. 

11            On Monday November 30th 2020 I went up to the door of the Fountain Diner at  102- 2800 Goldstream Avenue Langford British Columbia.  I went inside the door and spoke to a waitress.  I gave her my name to put on the list of customers waiting to get in.  The look she gave me conveyed that she was unhappy that I was not wearing a muzzle.   About 10 minutes later, she came out and called my name. When I stepped up as though I would enter, she impeded me.  She said  “you have to wear a mask”.  I had in my left hand quite obviously, the exemption card.  Politely,  I put it closer to her face so she could get a good look.  She glanced at it but did not read it.  She said something like ‘it isn’t from a government office’.  I said to her  ‘read it.  The Human Rights commission is a government body.’  She turned away saying she would get the manager.

12            A few minutes later, another woman walked up to me saying she was the manager.  She spoke but it was hard to understand what she said through the cloth diaper she was wearing over her mouth.    After another try, I gathered her name was “Crystal”.  She told me she was refusing me entry because I did not have on a face mask.   I held out the exemption card for her to inspect. She sneered at it.  I pointed to the explanation on the back. She refused to read it. In short order, it became perfectly clear that she was not going to let me in. 

13            I warned her that if she was refusing to acknowledge the declaration on the card as excuse to deny me service normally available to the public,  I would make a complaint to the BC Human Rights Commission.   She said  “that’s your choice”.  I responded “no, that’s your choice.  You chose not to serve me contrary to the law    I left

I hereby entreat the Human Rights Commission to haul the Fountain Diner folks in to line …. educate them, as well as all citizens, as to their duty to obey the law

Gordon S Watson

Post Office box  47034   Langford P O British Columbia V9B 5T2