Jared Taylor prevented from attending Scandza ForumLetter from Zurich Airport

Jared Taylor prevented from attending Scandza ForumLetter from Zurich Airport

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 29, 2019


I have been banned from Europe and will be deported tomorrow.

March 29, 2019, Zurich

Dear Friends in Stockholm, Turku, and around the world,

I am sorry to have to tell you that I cannot attend the Scandza Forum in Stockholm or the Awakening Conference in Turku, Finland, where I had been invited to give talks. Today, when I landed in Zurich for a connecting flight to Stockholm, Swiss border authorities told me I have been banned from Europe until 2021. I will spend the night at the airport, and tomorrow I will be deported.

The officer at passport control in Zurich airport had already stamped my passport and waved me through to my Stockholm flight when she called after me to come back. She stared at her computer screen and told me I had to wait. She didn’t say why. In a few minutes, a policeman arrived and told me there was an order from Poland that barred me from all 26 countries in the Schengen Zone.

He said the Poles did not give a reason for the ban, and he asked me what I had done. I said I give talks on immigration, and someone in Poland must not like them. “That makes me a political criminal,” I said.

The officer took me to an interrogation room and asked me about my travel plans. He went off to another room for a while and came back with a form for me to sign, saying that I understood I had been denied entry and was being sent back to the United States. After some more waiting, he fingerprinted me and took my photograph.

He then turned me over to a man in civilian clothes, who took me to a spare, dormitory-like accommodation where I will spend the night. It’s not a jail. People pay the equivalent of $40 to spend the night here if they miss a flight. I am free to walk around the terminal, I can make phone calls and use the internet, and I have a meal voucher that is supposed to last me for the next 12 hours. The officer kept my passport, though, and won’t give it back to me until I board the flight home.

Number 18, my room for the night.

Why did Poland ban me? Last September, I gave a few talks to nationalist groups in Warsaw. The talks went well, so when I was invited to Lithuania and Estonia in February to speak at conferences, I went back to Poland and spoke in Lublin and Warsaw. Attendance was by invitation only, but the Polish police learned about the meetings. They told the organizer that if I broke any Polish hate speech laws, he would be held responsible. They said I was “spreading a totalitarian ideology.”

In both cities, we switched venues for the talks rather than risk having the police show up. The talks were a success, and in Warsaw I also gave two television interviews. I left Poland by plane and assumed the matter was closed; clearly, it wasn’t. My Polish friends say they will try to find out the reason for the ban and try to appeal it.

But what are the Poles thinking? I’m not like Lenin and Trotsky meeting in Paris, plotting to uproot the entire West. I want to keep Poland as it is, the proud and eternal homeland of the Polish people. What I hope for Poland is what a huge majority of Polish people want, and is not much different from the policies of the regime. I am not a danger to Poland; I am its friend, its devoted admirer.

Three years ago, I got a letter from Theresa May, when she was still home secretary. She told me that my views are repugnant and that she had decided to keep me out of her country. Britain is the land of my ancestors, my language, my favorite authors—and now I was an exile. It was a bitter blow.

Just a few minutes ago, I used my meal voucher at the “Montreux Jazz Lounge” in Terminal E. I watched people eating and talking and laughing, and I envied them. They can come and go as they please. Terminal E is a modern, soulless place, but it is still Europe. It is part of that culture, heritage, and people that I love with a desperate, yearning love—to which I have devoted my life—and from which I am banned.

You and I, working together with our European brothers and sisters, we will save Europe. We will save it from every threat from every corner of the world. But our first and hardest task is to save it from itself.

Jared Taylor

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Tim Horton’s Censors Political Sights on WiFi Available to Customers

Tim Horton’s Censors Political Sights on WiFi Available to Customers

Until it was sold to Burger King, itself part of Brazilian multinational 3G, Tim Horton’s was an iconic Canadian institution.
Now, it appears to be censoring the websites, especially political websites, on the WiFi it provides for customers.
This afternoon, after being alerted by a colleague to this censorship, I checked it out for myself at an East End Toronto Tim Horton’s (Leslie St. and the Gardiner Expressway).
Tim Horton's Censors Political Sights on WiFi Available to Customers</p><br />
<p>Until it was sold to Burger King, itself part of Brazilian multinational 3G, Tim Horton's was an iconic Canadian institution.</p><br />
<p>Now, it appears to be censoring the websites, especially political websites, on the WiFi it provides for customers.</p><br />
<p>This afternoon, after being alerted by a colleague to this censorship, I checked it out for myself at an East End Toronto Tim Horton's (Leslie St. and the Gardiner Expressway).</p><br />
<p>Efforts to access Jered Taylor's American Renaissance (AMREN), Stormfront, America's oldest White Nationalist discussion board or Vanguard News, all resulted in a notice of "Access Denial".</p><br />
<p>"Access to this page has been blocked due to inappropriate centent." There's that vacuous politically correct catch all term "inappropriate." What does it mean? It means whatever the user has in mind. The poor customer seeking to access these sites is given no clue as to just how they are wrong or "inappropriate."</p><br />
<p>This is outrageous censorship of adult Canadians,</p><br />
<p>I urge Tim Horton's customers to protest. You can e-mail them at TimHortonsWiFi@timhortons.com</p><br />
<p>Paul Fromm<br /><br />
Director<br /><br />
Efforts to access Jered Taylor’s American Renaissance (AMREN), Stormfront, America’s oldest White Nationalist discussion board or Vanguard News, all resulted in a notice of “Access Denial”.
“Access to this page has been blocked due to inappropriate content.” There’s that vacuous politically correct catch all term “inappropriate.” What does it mean? It means whatever the user has in mind. The poor customer seeking to access these sites is given no clue as to just how they are wrong or “inappropriate.”
This is outrageous censorship of adult Canadians,
I urge Tim Horton’s customers to protest. You can e-mail them at TimHortonsWiFi@timhortons.com
Paul Fromm
When CAFE’s attorney approached Tim Horton’s about this Big Brotherism and censorship, this was the snotty response from Tim Horton’s lead counsel.
Dear Mr. :In reference to your note below, let me respectively decline your
request to change the Tim Hortons Acceptable Use Policy as it relates
to wifi available Tim Hortons Restaurants.
As a private entity providing a wifi service to guests, it is our
contention that it is entirely appropriate to request that guest
expressly consent to be bound by the Acceptable Use Policy prior to
using the wifi service.  If our guests do not agree with the terms of
the Acceptable Use Policy they are free not to use the service.

Best regards,

Jon Domanko
Senior Corporate Counsel | Tim Hortons
226 Wyecroft Road, Oakville ON L6K 3X7
T: 905-339-6261 F: 905-337-5205 E: domanko_jon@timhortons.com

IHR Meeting Discusses Censorship in Budapest


IHR Meeting Discusses Censorship in Budapest

Vienna, Virginia. October 11, 2014. Three participants in last weekend’s much harassed Future of Europe Conference in Budapest delivered their accounts and explanations to a meeting of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR).

Author F. Roger Devlin and Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, explained the sequence of events. About two weeks before the conference, socialists and the former communist party in Hungary spread wild alarm about the meeting of “White supremacists”.| A media frenzy followed.

The rightist government of Viktor Orban, facing municipal elections, caved in and ordered its interior minister to take all legal measures to shut down the conference. The convention centre where the meeting was to be held cancelled its contract. The hotel where people who registered through NPI were to stay cancelled reservations.

Although Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik had been a key planner of the event, they quickly folded, announcing that they had not known that the National Policy Institute (NPI), the organizers were “White supremacists,” an allegation which is false. Another organizing sponsor Arktos Books also folded.

Key participants, including Alexander Dugin, a former advisor to Vladimir Putin, were denied visas. On the Monday before the conference, NPI founder Bill Regnery, arriving in Budapest from London, was arrested, deported and slapped with a three year ban from the Schengen countries.

On the night before the conference was to occur, about 50 participants were in a Budapest pub. Riot police burst in and checked everyone’s ID. Some were searched. About 30 were detained and taken to their hotels for further investigation. Richard Spencer, the NPI organizer was taken off to jail, held until Monday and then deported. He, too, has been slapped with an arbitrary three year ban from the Schengen countries — all the EU, except England and Croatia.

Nevertheless, an intrepid Jared Taylor and a Hungarian contact salvaged the conference. A restaurant was arranged or Saturday night. About 100 attendees gathered clandestinely and heard short after dinner talks by Mr. Taylor and Professor Tom Sunic.

Frederick Fromm

Well, concluded Paul Fromm, ” we came to Budapest to discuss ‘the future of Europe’ and we saw first hand that the future will have to be fought for. It is a life and death struggle between the Cultural Marxists who are engineering the genocidal replacement of Europeans by the Third World and nationalists or Identitarians who wish to preserve the national characteristics of their lands and who want to keep Europe European. The methods of the Cultural Marxists involve repression,” he concluded.

IHR Director Mark Weber had also been in Budapest and offered a broader explanation of what had happened. “Before an earthquake takes place,” he said, “there are powerful movements of forces within the earth. Last May’s political earthquake was the election to the European Parliament of a large number of nationalists and Euroskeptics like Marine LePen’s National Front, UKIP in Britain and Jobbik in Hungary, This caused an unprecedented level of anxiety in the U.S. and European political establishments.”

The election results showed the bankruptcy of both conservative and socialist parties. They ignore chronic youth unemployment and seem helpless before the greed of multinationals. “People sense something is wrong,” Mr. Weber said. “Europeans are dying out and, with each passing year, America is becoming more and more unrecognizable — a Third World country,” he added.

Germany is Abolishing Itself, a recent book by a long-time member of Germany’s socialist party and former Governor of the Bundesbank, Thilo Sarrazin sold more than 1.5-million copies and set off shockwaves. “This reasoned and logical book and its author were furiously denounced by the media and the political establishment. Sarrazin stresses deep rooted social, economic and genetic problems,” Mr. Weber explained. Germany is threatened by a low birthrate. The Golden Age of German’s post war economy is ending. The income of the average worker has not increased in 20 years.


Frederick Fromm

For the post war years, each generation is one third smaller than the previous one but people are living longer. ‘Germans,” said Mr. Weber, “live self-centred lives. There is a dull fatalistic sense of a future where Germany will decline as will the population’s intelligence and skill. Intelligence is 80 per cent determined by genetics. We know that the average intelligence level in the West has been declining. And the average immigrant to Europe is less intelligent than the average German.”

However, the U.S. works to break down active ethnic solidarity world wide. “The Americanization of Europe means the ethnic extinction of Europe,” Mr. Weber warned. “Without Europeans, Europe is just a geographic designation. There can be no real Europe without Europeans. The central fact of American history is that it was founded and developed by Europeans,” he explained. “If it had been founded by Africans, it would be like Haiti’. You cannot a society like Denmark with a population of Mexicans.”

“The breakdown of the West,” he stressed, “is the result of radical egalitarianism and individualism. A 100 years ago, the whole world, with the exception of Japan and Ethiopia was dominated by Europeans. Today, Europe cannot or will not even protect its heartland.’

“The end of World War II was a catastrophe for the West. French author Celine saw the Axis forces as the bulwark of Europe against the egalitarianism of Soviet Communism,: Mr. Weber said.

“A nation that embraces an ideology not rooted in reality will not survive nor does it deserve to,” he concluded.

Toasts to Perseverence

Toasts to Perseverence



BUDAPEST. October 5, 2014. Despite efforts by the Hungarian government  to shut down the “Future of Europe” conference sponsored by the National Policy Institute, a truncated meeting was held Saturday evening(as I already reported).


Today many of us went on a walking tour of Budapest, meeting in the impressive Heroes Square.






Many of us went on to the moving Museum of Terror which focused on the horrific communist regime that ruled Hungary for 44 years. Ironically, some anti-racists hollering through megaphones at the museum staff and still protesting our meeting which was already over, were unaware that some 30 of us hated freethinkers had walked right past them.


Foot weary, close to 50 of us gathered, fittingly, in the Dracula Restaurant. The owners bemoaned the fact that Sunday evenings are usually slow with often just half a dozen customers. They were overjoyed to see us and by night’s end had run out of beer.







A number of toasts were made by Dutch, Flemish, British and American attendees.


Jared Taylor said: “Despite all the bullying by the government, you came out. To all our European brothers around the world.”





One of the 56ers, a veteran of the Hungarian Revolution, said: “When Victor Orban (the prime minister) learned of the leftist protests against this conference he shit his pants and tried to ban us. Still we prevailed. Orban got no credit. Just yesterday Victoria Neuland (she of the “Fuck the EU”  when the U.S. was agitating in the Ukraine) denounced him the day after he banned this conference. To us!”


I toasted the nationalists and free thinkers:  “To your courage and determination to insist on free speech. Join me in that determined vow that has so often thundered across the Anglo-Saxon world: ‘NO SURRENDER!'”


National Policy Institute Conference Salvaged in Hungary Despite Police State Tactics to Shut It Down — Organizer Arrested

National Policy Institute Conference Salvaged in Hungary Despite  Police State Tactics to Shut It Down — Organizer Arrested

BUDAPEST, October 4, 2014. Despite police state efforts to shut down a conference of racial realists, the meeting proceeded with a somewhat reduced programme tonight, at a location that was a closely guarded secret.Over 100 attendees from across the European world gathered for a sumptuous Hungarian dinner and gave standing ovations to  former Croatian diplomat Tom Sunic and American Renaissance founder and author Jared Taylor.

The communist red star may no longer fly in the Hungarian flag but repression is still the order of the day in post communist Hungary. The present regime seems to have learned little of such rights as freedom of speech or assembly or freedom from unreasonable detention.

The Washington-based National Policy Institute had planned a three day gathering here. called the European Congress. Announced speakers included Alexander Dugin, a former close advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Jared Taylor founder of the American Renaissance.

Under pressure from the usual suspects and enemies of freedom, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán  ordered Interior Minister Sandor Pintér to “use all means available” to prevent the congress. Pintér said the event “is built on openly racist ideological grounds, participants openly promulgate race-theory, therefore the expression of their ideas runs counter to Hungary’s Basic Law”.
However, according to The Budapest Beacon (October 2, 2014) ” the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) says Pintér’s ban is contrary to the Basic Law that was drawn up by his own party. TASZ said while it strongly opposes the ideas that will be propounded at the congress, “freedom of expression equally applies to those spreading racist theories”. According to them, there is no criminal act as long as nobody’s rights are violated. Until then it can be considered peaceful and legal. “So far there has been no sign that this will not be the case,” it wrote.” NPI organizer Richard Spencer insists: ” “This kind of free expression is explicitly protected by Hungary’s recently enacted constitution. Our fear is that much about the event might have been ‘lost in translation’ or, worse, that the ministry is responding to untruthful messages sent by those who oppose the congress, as well as the very notion of traditional European identity.”
Attendees arrived from Britain, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Belgium Canada, the U.S., Romania, Croatia, France, Slovakia and Hungary.
The Hungarian government denied Mr. Dugin a visa. NPI founder Bill Regnery, the scion of a prominent Chicago publishing family, was detained at the airport in Budapest, held overnight and deported. A Budapest hotel where attendees had been encouraged to register arbitrarily cancelled registrations booked through the conference. The nearby convention centre where the conference was to be held also cancelled under government pressure.
French author Philippe Vardon was approached by the French police on behalf of the Hungarian police and was threatened that, if he came to Hungary, he’d be arrested. “this is outrageous,” Jared Taylor told tonight’s gathering. “France and Hungary are members of the Schengen Group (committed to free movement across borders). He was told he was ‘a notorious racial activist,’ and, therefore not allowed in.”
Similarly, Arktos publishers and the nationalistic Jobbik Party who were to be active participants withdrew at the last minute.
On Friday evening, a number of attendees gathered in “The Clock” cafe. Around 10:00 p.m., 50 burly Hungarian police entered. They closed off all exists. About 50 patrons were told they could not leave. The police checked IDs. Many people had only a driver’s licence. Richard Spencer was detained and arrested. He repeatedly asked what he had done wrong, what the charges were. He has not been seen since. About another 30 patrons were, detained, put in police vehicles and driven to their hotels to show their passports. One embarassed policeman told an English attendee: “I am sorry for fucking up your evening.” More police vehicles were parked along the narrow street. The other 20 attendees, including myself, were detained in the bar but then let go after two hours. — Paul Fromm
A further report on tonight’s talks will follow.