The Ongoing Persecution of a Black Florida Principal Who Said the Holocaust Story Could Be Questioned

The Ongoing Persecution of a Black Florida Principal Who Said the Holocaust Story Could Be Questioned


A Black Florida educator finds out that even suggesting that the holocaust story can e questioned means efforts by the holocaust lobby to inflict poverty and economic ruin on him.

Songs & Satire from English Political Prisoner, Alison Chabloz — Canadian Tour

Songs & Satire from English Political Prisoner, Alison Chabloz — Canadian Tour


Political prisoner Alison Chabloz singing her songs on a tour in Canada and talking about her life. In pathetic minority-ruled England, they jail singers, especially satirists.


Interestingly, for Jewish “comics” different rules apply.

Larry David pisses on a picture of Jesus… you’re welcomed to laugh.

Sarah Silverstein says she’d kill Jesus again if he had the chance… again, welcomed to laugh

Caroline is being sued for speaking the truth

Caroline is being sued for speaking the truth

A member of our CitizenGO family is under attack.

Our brave Campaigns Director for the UK and Ireland, Caroline Farrow, is currently facing the threat of prison, for nothing more than daring to state the biological truth about men and women.

I need your response immediately. Next October 15th, Caroline must face a judge and the vicious transgender activist who has tormented her and her family for months — and who now demands Caroline pay him tens of thousands of British Pounds AND be sent to prison. She’s already paid thousands of Pounds in legal bills, with many thousands of pounds still to be paid.

And today, I’m asking for you to stand with CitizenGO and with Caroline against the powerful LGBTI lobbies.

I want CitizenGOers to pay Caroline’s legal bills so her family need not suffer further in that regard, and to fund our worldwide effort to tell the Transgender Radicals, “The majority will not be silenced by your hate and your totalitarian ideology!”

Chip in $4
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Let me explain the full situation.

Caroline earned the hatred of the transgender lobbies in March of this year when she faced investigation by her local police force after describing the sex reassignment surgery performed on a 16-year-old boy as “castration, mutilation, and child abuse.” 

Caroline was criticizing the decision of Susie Green, the leader of a radical UK transgender lobby group, to have this foolish surgery performed on her son on his sixteenth birthday. Mrs. Green had planned to take her son to Thailand because the surgery was illegal in the UK but, as a result of the publicity, Thai authorities were so shocked that they then banned the procedure for children under 18. 

That was the first time Caroline was dragged into court.

Even though the police decided to drop the charges against Caroline, another aggressive transgender lobbyist, Stephanie Hayden, decided to target her and directed a campaign of abuse at her across several social media platforms.

Caroline began to receive a huge volume of aggressive statements across many platforms. Countless blogs were written about her containing violent and sexual threats, which also threatened her family and young children.

Many of the comments were openly violent, and most were obscene and vulgar.

But the revenge campaign did not end there.

Caroline’s family began to receive offline harassment, such as unordered food deliveries coming to her house as many as eight times a day, and online confirmations for goods she hadn’t ordered. Of course, businesses wanted Caroline to pay for it all.

Then her husband was anonymously reported for “abuse” of their five lovely children. Police and bureaucrats came to the home demanding to interview the young children — a nightmare for any parent, though it was quickly determined there was no harm being done. 

The activists got hold of her family’s phone numbers and email addresses and caused havoc in their lives, including hints of harm to the children.

Terrified they might carry out their threats, Caroline stood up to her bullies on social media and pleaded with them once again to leave her alone.

The transgender activist, Stephanie Hayden, then arrived at her house to serve a lawsuit on Caroline for alleged harassment in an attempt to use the legal system to bully her.

Two days later, after having had little time to find lawyers and prepare a defense, the judge decided to believe Stephanie Hayden, who expressed concern that Caroline had misgendered him, which he called offensive. The judge banned Caroline from mentioning this transgender again.

But lies are part of the enemy’s weapons.

Stephanie Hayden is suing Caroline for as much as 100,000 British Pounds, and is attempting to set a precedent in case law to make misgendering illegal.

Not content with attempting to financially ruin Caroline’s family, Stephanie Hayden is also attempting to have our Director put in prison, falsely claiming that she has broken the terms of the injunction and is in contempt of court over an innocent joke Caroline made about a pork pie! 

Our brave campaigner, Caroline Farrow, should not suffer this harassment and persecution just because she told the truth.

But the reality is, she is now facing staggering legal fees just to defend herself from these vicious attacks.

But that is where the CitizenGO family can help out.

They wanted to intimidate her into silence and teach others a lesson about what happens to those who speak out against Gender Ideology.  We must not give in to this. Together we (you, I and all the CitizenGOers worldwide) must try to stop it before October 15 (the Court date). 

I am writing to you today on Caroline’s behalf, to ask for your help in covering her legal fees.

Chip in $4
Chip in $10
Chip in $25
Chip in $90
Chip in $200
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To be honest, I am certain that our CitizenGO family can raise enough money to cover Caroline’s legal fees.

But Caroline is just one victim of the radical LGBTI lobbies worldwide. That is why we must fight to defeat their radical ideology on a larger scale.

With enough support, we can target precedent-setting lawsuits like Caroline’s, we can track and oppose legislation that would put more innocents like Caroline on the wrong side of the law, and we can fight against the ever-growing influence of the LGBTI lobby and the Gender Ideology on the cultures of the world.

But to make these goals possible, I am — as always — relying on you to help me.

Will you help Caroline and CitizenGO fight the LGBTI lobby with a contribution of $100 or $50?

I understand how much I am asking of you.  But every bit of your contribution is an important piece of our united goals.

Some CitzenGOers have already given $100.  Some have given $200, or even more.  

Others have given $50 or $10. 

Can I count on you to join in this fight?

Even if $100 or $50 is out of reach, $25 or $10 will go a long way toward helping Caroline persevere through this personal legal assault.

But please, chip in with whatever amount you can spare today.

With best wishes, 

Ignacio Arsuaga

President, CitizenGO

P.S. In a few days (October 15th), Caroline will face her transgender tormentor in court.

Your support is urgently needed before that date to help her cover the mounting legal fees, and to help CitizenGO fight against the radical LGBTI ideology.

Please contribute $10, $50, $100 or whatever you can today.

RCMP called in after pushing and shoving breaks out at controversial UBC event

RCMP called in after pushing and shoving breaks out at controversial UBC event

UBC says RCMP were called in due to concern for the safety and security 

Campus security called police when things started to escalate after protesters started banging hard on windows, threatening to break them, an event organizer said. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press)

RCMP were called in as tensions rose outside a controversial event at the University of British Columbia Wednesday night.

The event organized by student-led group Students for Freedom of Expression invited two controversial speakers to attend. One of them was Mark Hecht, who wrote a highly-criticized anti-immigrant op-ed for the Vancouver Sun last month.

The other speaker was Ricardo Duchesne, who has been critical of multiculturalism and Canada’s immigration policies.

But the event was met by dozens of protesters, upset over the university’s decision to give a platform to what they say is far-right hate speech.

“We did get a call from campus security that some of the people demonstrating and protesting were banging on the windows,” said Const. Kevin Ray with UBC RCMP. “There was some pushing and shoving.”

He says campus security called police when things began to escalate.

Justice Centre@JCCFCanada

Tweeting from the UBC Students for Freedom of Expression’s event entitled Academic Freedom to Discuss Immigration featuring Drs. Duchesne and Hecht.

Protesters outside are pushing, blocking, & shoving attendees. Only way to enter is to be shoved in with help from security.

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“When everyone went inside, security thought it was possible that they would smash the windows with their banging,” said Nicholas Kosovic, founder of the group who organized the event. “Some of the attendees were frightened.”

According to the group, about 80 people attended the event.

‘Lawful expression of ideas’

In an email to CBC News, vice-president of academic Andrew Szeri confirmed RCMP had to get involved due to safety and security concerns.

In a statement released last month, the university defended its decision to go ahead with the event.

“Discussion and debate cannot occur without the free and lawful expression of ideas, even those we may fundamentally disagree with, find distasteful or even repugnant,” read the statement.

RCMP say no one was hurt and no arrests were made. Approximately 10 officers responded to the call and had to stay in place until the event was over, Ray added.

CBC News has reached out to Students Against Bigotry, the group that organized the protest outside the event.

11th Update from Glen Allen re Allen v. SPLC Litigation

11th Update from Glen Allen re Allen v. SPLC Litigation



Friends, Donors, and Interested Persons,


Still no word from Judge Blake in my case.  If this goes on much longer, I may file a pleading to try to trigger a decision, although that is a problematic step.


You may recall that in my last update on September 6 I reviewed the status of several recent cases brought against the SPLC.  Since that update, there’s been a decision in the Center for Immigration Studies case in federal court in the District of Columbia — an unfavorable decision, as Judge Jackson granted the SPLC’s motion to dismiss.  My claims differ in important respects from the claims CIS alleged in its case, so I am not dismayed or particularly surprised by the decision.


There has also been a decision in the James Kennedy Ministries v. SPLC and Amazon case in the federal court in Alabama, a case I’ve been following but didn’t mention in my last update.  Here too, after 12 months, Judge Thompson granted the SPLC’s and Amazon’s motion to dismiss.  The opinion is 141 pages, which may partly explain why it took so long to issue.  Here again, the plaintiff’s claims differ from mine in important respects and I am not surprised by the decision


But when I say I’m not surprised by the CIS and James Kennedy Ministries decisions, I don’t mean I approve of them. To the contrary, I commend the plaintiffs for fighting back against the SPLC’s odious hard-left censorship tactics.  The courts in those cases, so focused on the niceties of legal doctrines and so insensitive to the real world consequences of the SPLC’s malicious conduct, lost sight of the forest for the trees in granting the motions to dismiss.  Some day, some court will have the vision and courage to put the SPLC in its place.


I’d like you to know I’ve not been idle in the cause of free expression as we’ve awaited a decision.  For example, on October 8, 2019, on behalf of the Free Expression Foundation, Inc. I and a colleague filed an amicus curiae (Friend of the Court) brief in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the constitutionality of the Anti-Riot Act under which three young members of the Rise Above Movement had been sentenced to several years in prison for their involvement in the scuffles that arose at the Charlottesville rallies in August 2017.  (The RAM defendants had nothing to do with James Fields’ driving of his car into the crowd at Charlottesville).  I have attached my amicus brief below.  The Anti-Riot Act, which the government had rarely used in 50 years, is flagrantly unconstitutional in that it gives the government prosecutors unbridled discretion to pick and choose on political grounds among participants in tumultuous demonstrations — as happened in Charlottesville and elsewhere, where no Antifa have ever been prosecuted even though so many of them have committed violent acts.  I and my colleague also filed an amicus brief in a separate prosecution of RAM members in California.   In that case Judge Carney, agreeing that the Anti-Riot Act is unconstitutional, struck it down.  Judge Carney’s opinion is also attached below.  These are important developments for the cause of free expression, but the mainstream media, predictably, has ignored them.


As always, I am grateful for your past moral and financial support and respectfully ask for your continued support.   Here is my website for donation purposes:


My best to you all!



Poll: Only 18 Percent of Germans Feel Free to Voice Views in Public

Poll: Only 18 Percent of Germans Feel Free to Voice Views in Public

For years, we have discussed the unrelenting attacks on free speech in Europe with the expansion of hate speech laws and the general criminalization of speech, including international speech crimes.

(Johnathan Turley)

Some in the United States would like to follow down that dangerous path (and universities are reinforcing the view of the need to regulate speech). The implications of such anti-speech policies are evident in Germany where a survey, conducted by the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach(and published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) found that only 18 percent of Germans feel free to express their views in public. It is the most vivid example of how Europeans are learning to live without free speech. Undeterred, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the successor to Angela Merkel, is now calling on greater limits on free speech during election periods — a concept that would normally be viewed as counterintuitive outside of the new European model.

Notably, over 31 percent of Germans did not even feel free expressing themselves in private among friends. Just 17 percent felt free to express themselves on the Internet and 35 percent said that freedom to speech is confined to the smallest of private circles.

Even at the height of the Stasi, citizens were not nearly as controlled in East Germany. It is the irony of our times. It has been otherwise liberal governments that have succeeded with authoritarian regimes failed in getting people to give up their free speech rights. All in the name of fighting intolerance . . . by codifying intolerance to an ever-expanding range of speech.

Over the course of the last 50 years, the French, English and Germans have waged an open war on free speech by criminalizing speech deemed insulting, harassing or intimidating. We have previously discussed the alarming rollback on free speech rights in the West, (here and here and here and here and here and here and here) and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). There are encroachments appearing in the United States, particularly on college campuses. Notably, the media celebrated the speech of French President Emmanuel Macron before Congress where he called on the United States to follow the model of Europe on hate speech

Antifa Smashing Camera at “Zombie” Youth Climate Strike

Antifa Smashing Camera at “Zombie” Youth Climate Strike 


I’ve had a dramatic week which got recorded and is on the videos below. My camera got smashed at the Youth Climate Strike on Sept.27th. Three Antifa attacked me. They man in black mask threw it over the Cambie Bridge and it got smashed. — Brian Ruhe
Antifa Smashing Camera at “Zombie” Youth Climate Strike

Many people have expressed their concern for my safety so I have listened. My $350 video camera with memory card was destroyed which I need to replace soon. Please donate as I am succeeding in waking a lot of people up. A few of months ago I was getting 1000 views a day but now it is 2000 a day so the mission is going well. Below is an easy link to donate online.

One More Victim of Politically Correct Censorship: Heather Leung, Critical of the LGBTQ Agenda, Dropped by Tories After NDP Protest

One More Victim of Politically Correct Censorship: Heather Leung, Critical of the LGBTQ Agenda, Dropped by Tories After NDP Protest

[Candidates for mainstream Canadian political parities must be cyphers, never having said anything critical of privileged groups like Moslems or the LGBTQ censorship crowd. A cowardly Andrew Scheer hopped to it and, when openly homosexual and convicted shoplifter NDPer Svend Robinson commanded, he meekly obeyed and dropped candidate Heather Leung who has some private views on homosexuality. She believes in conversion therapy, feels homosexuality is perverted [there’s backup for that in the Bible] and believes some homosexuals recruit children. Wouldn’t it be better to have candidates that actually believe in something rather than programmable parrots ready to squawk out whatever the party leader decides is the party line?]

Conservatives drop Burnaby North-Seymour candidate Heather Leung after homophobic comments

The party says it made the decision after learning about historical comments by Leung.

Heather Leung, former Conservative candidate for Burnaby North—Seymour in the 2019 federal election. Handout / PNG

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The Conservative Party of Canada has dropped Heather Leung as their candidate in the Burnaby North—Seymour riding, after video interviews surfaced in which she made homophobic comments.

In a video that appears to be from 2016, Leung said conversion therapy provides hope to those living “the perverted homosexual lifestyle.”

In a 2011 “Heather Leung is no longer representing the Conservative Party of Canada in the riding of Burnaby North—Seymour,” the party said in a news release“Recent media reports have brought to light offensive comments made by Ms. Leung saying ‘homosexuals recruit’ children, and describing the sexual orientation of the LGBTQ community as ‘perverted.’”

Leung has not responded to a request for comment.

Conservative spokesperson Rudy Hesny said the decision came after the party had time to review Leung’s comments.

“We said in our statement, they were obviously very offensive, and we couldn’t tolerate those kinds of comments,” he said. “It was just a question of reviewing all of it and, as media were also reporting different comments and things like this, we were able to get all the facts.
Burnaby, BC: OCTOBER 04, 2019 — NDP candidate Svend Robinson addresses the media Friday, October 4, 2019 at his constituency office in Burnaby, BC about homophobic remarks Conservative Party candidate Heather Leung has made in the past. Jason Payne / PNG

Hesny said the Conservatives intend to send a letter to Elections Canada informing the agency that Leung no longer represents the party, but that it may be too late to have her party affiliation removed from the ballots, which may have already been printed.

“Her name is going to still be on the ballot but the question is if they can remove her being a representative of our party,” he said. “I think this is something we have to discuss with Elections Canada.

Earlier on Friday, Robinson, the NDP candidate in the riding, challenged Scheer to denounce Leung, strip her of the candidacy and take away her party membership after the video interviews resurfaced earlier this week.

Robinson became Canada’s first openly gay MP in 1988, which resulted in death threats and the trashing of his constituency office. Through the 1980s and 1990s, he introduced at least five different private member’s bills aimed at amending Canadian laws to include same-sex marriage.

He said statements like Leung’s are hateful and hurtful, especially to vulnerable youth who are struggling with their identity.

Scheer’s decision Friday echoes that of his predecessor, Stephen Harper, who set the precedent during the 2015 election when he stripped membership from an Ontario candidate who called homosexuality “unnatural,” but it also serves to push back against critics who have called the Conservative leader anti-gay.

Scheer has refused during the campaign to say whether his views have changed since 2005 when he opposed same-sex marriage.

He has promised, however, to protect LGBTQ rights.

“There is no tolerance in the Conservative Party for those types of offensive comments,” the Conservatives said.

Hesny said that the party’s decision Friday reflected Scheer’s vision for Canada, laid out in a keynote speech delivered last May.

“I find the notion that one’s race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation would make anyone in any way superior or inferior to anybody else absolutely repugnant,” Scheer said then. “And if there’s anyone who disagrees with that, there’s the door. You are not welcome here.”