Is the Ultra-Zionist Censorship Group, the Southern Poverty Law Centre, Purging Dissidents in It Ranks?

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The $PLC Massacre—Purging Pro-Palestinians?

Patrick Cleburne • Friday, June 14, 2024 • 1,300 Words

On June 12, in a shocking development, the Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC to announced it was laying off 60 employees, one quarter of its staff, and, in an apparent change of direction, closing some entire operations. My inspection of its financial reports reveals no recent funding shortfall (unfortunately). So what is going on?

The $PLC has acquired a very articulate union, which posted a long and vitriolic denunciation thread on Twitter:

Today, @splcenter – an organization with nearly a billion dollars in reserves, given an F rating by CharityWatch for “hoarding” donations – gutted its staff by a quarter.

— SPLC Union (@SPLCUnion) June 12, 2024

Amongst the 13 follow-up posts were

As of this writing, Google News has picked up no reports of this event in the Regime Media. Their extreme interest in and reverence for the SPLC has been put on hold. No doubt they are waiting to be told the Party Line.

Neither has the SPLC deigned to put up a statement on its Press Center website page.

But members of the Dissident Right Media quickly took note. Perhaps the most informative discussion is MELTDOWN: SPLC Terminates a Quarter of Staff, ‘Decimates’ 3 Departments, Union ClaimsbyTyler O’Neil, The Daily Signal, June 13, 2024.

🚨BREAKING: The far-left smear factory Southern Poverty Law Center is laying off staff, according to its union. The move comes one week after SPLC smeared a record number of mainstream conservatives as “hate” and “antigovernment extremist” groups.‼️

— Tyler O’Neil (@Tyler2ONeil) June 13, 2024

O’Neil has the advantage of having written Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. This book’s Amazon accurately says

The Southern Poverty Law Center … has… contributed to a climate of fear and hostility in America. Hotels, web platforms, and credit card companies have blacklisted law-abiding Americans because the SPLC disagrees with their political views … Corporate America, Big Tech, government, and the media are wrong to take the SPLC’s disingenuous tactics at face value.

I must admit this book flew under my radar screen. I plan to buy it: SPLC-watching is getting interesting again.

O’Neil’s account brings one up to date on this curious organization. Among other tidbits

In the wake of the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel, the SPLC remained silent. The SPLC Union released a statement before the SPLC did, and the union expressed “solidarity with the Palestinian people,” condemning Israel for “the violent imperialist desecration of a people—the beginnings of a genocide.”

…When the SPLC finally did release a statement about the Oct. 7 attacks, it falsely accused Israel of targeting Palestinian children in Gaza for airstrikes. [Links in original]

This is highly significant.

As Editor Peter Brimelow recounted in The Speech That Launched An SPLC “Hate” was anathematized by the SPLC in early 2004.

The impact was immediate. Despite there being in those days very few effective spokesmen for patriotic immigration reform, Regime Media inquiries abruptly stopped, as did major Talk Radio invitations.

The SPLC was thus allowed to determine the scope of debate. They have continuously abused this power to harm the Historic American Nation.

In 2009, after an earlier effort, I finally did a deep dive into the $SPLC’s finances: Good News: SPLC loses $50 Million. Bad news: $PLC can afford it.

What I found astonished me. Running huge surpluses from what Peter Brimelow called in his article cited above “a shakedown scam that preys on the elderly, Holocaust-haunted rich,” the SPLC had created for itself what it misleadingly calls an “Endowment Fund.” Normally in charities, this would mean a legally established capital fund from which only the income can be drawn. But the use of the SPLC’s endowment is entirely at the whim of the Directors.

And, instead of being held in convenient liquid form, the great bulk of the assets of the “Endowment Fund” have been committed to hedge funds, private equity managers, and other strange instruments, generally illiquid and in some cases hard to value (like President Trump’s real estate holdings). As of October 31, 2023, 89.6% of the “Endowment Fund” was in this category.

I also discovered (I believe I was the first) that the SPLC has a Cayman Islands bank account. Why a tax-exempt foundation needs banking facilities in a tax haven continues to mystify me.

Turning to their most recent accounts, their Audited Financial Statements of October 31, 2023 and their IRS Form 990 of the same date, we find:

  • The $PLC had $7.9 million in cash on October 31
  • Their so-called “Endowment Fund” was valued at $662 million then—87.8% of their total assets.
  • They still have a Cayman Islands bank account.
  • They took in no less than $110.9 million from the public in the year.

As I said in a later discussion of this strange phenomenon:

The Southern Poverty Law Center has effectively turned itself into a “Fund of Funds.” These are entities that exist to divide resources between a selection of hedge funds, which they monitor… [the SPLC] is really a financial institution with a comparatively small public interest litigation annex attached.

Is The Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC) The Next Financial Bubble?

Exactly why the SPLC management is going to all this trouble is difficult to see. Perhaps they enjoy running money, but actually benefiting personally from a capital pool lodged in a 501(c)(3) is not easy.

In Will The Southern Poverty Law (And Investing) Center Return Its Madoff Money?, I wondered

So what is the $PLC’s mad scramble for enrichment all about?

Does the controlling clique at the Center one day intend to throw off its mask, let fundraising wither, and draw out massive salaries with minimal activity—a pattern not unknown in foundations with inherited endowments?

President Margaret Huang’s action is shutting down marquee programs like the Learning for Justice department and the Southern Immigrant Freedom Initiative, which provided free legal representation to detained immigrants across Georgia, Louisiana’ and Mississippi, certainly does suggest a loss of commitment.

Huang, right, was only imported in April 2020, after still unexplained scandals forced the eviction of cofounder Morris Dees and President Richard Cohen. She has absolutely no institutional history with the SPLC and quite possibly no institutional loyalty. Being Chinese may also reduce her interest in black/white conflict.

Furthermore, in note 14 of the financial statements, I read

On December 7, 2023, the Center closed on a 2.5 acre parcel located in Atlanta, Georgia amounting to $10,200,000…The establishment will be the site of the Center’s future Atlanta office.

If the land cost $10.2 million, the whole project must be several times that: big, even for the $PLC. I suspect Huang, who, although raised in East Tennessee’ has spent her adult life mainly in New York and Washington, is planning to move the whole outfit from hick Montgomery to cool Atlanta.

And yet, and yet… why was such a wholesale and embarrassing butchery needed?

I think Tyler O’Neil may have uncovered the reason. Since the Hamas October 7 attack, the Left has been falling into civil war. Surprisingly fierce pro-Palestinian forces have activated. These include apparently the SPLC Union.

But it turns out that the “elderly Holocaust-haunted rich,” or more to the point their even richer descendants, have no intention of extending to this faction the political tolerance long claimed for Leftist demonstrators generally.

This is a huge problem for the SPLC because it has long drawn much of its funding from these people (and the entities they influence).

I think, besides the $PLC management’s probable wish to lead a quieter and more elegant life, this was a Stalin-style Purge of Left Deviationists. In fact, it was an act of terrorism. The Union lost five stewards and their “Chair.” Perhaps the departments liquidated were particular strongholds of forbidden opinion.

For as long as the $PLC remains in Montgomery, this puts the remaining employees in a stressful situation. There are not many communist think tanks in Montgomery.

Many critics have long believed that the SPLC, notwithstanding its pretensions, is simply an instrument for Jewish ethnic interests.

This weekend, more unemployed Montgomery residents may be newly willing to agree.

Email Patrick Cleburne.

Lawfare By New York Radical Leftist Letitia James Targets Peter Brimelow and VDARE, Immigration Critics for Destruction h

Lawfare By New York Radical Leftist Letitia James Targets Peter Brimelow and VDARE, Immigration Critics for Destruction

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Lydia Brimelow about New York Attorney General Letitia James’s attack on VDare.


Tucker [00:00:00] Illegal immigration into the United States is at its highest levels ever. Tens of millions of people have come here illegally over the past 15 years, and none of them will ever leave. Mostly they come from the poorest countries on the planet. We don’t know anything about them, really. We don’t know if they’re pro-America. We don’t know if they’re hostile to the people who already live here. We don’t know, in the case of the recent arrivals, what they’re going to do for a living as robotics eliminate low-skilled jobs. So what’s happening right now at the border that what’s often mentioned on TV is really undersold as a story. This is changing America forever, and almost certainly for the worse as we’re watching it. And no one is doing anything about it. The governor of Texas occasionally makes noises about it — it’s over his border that this human wave is flowing, and yet he’s taken no real steps to stop it. There are some media outlets that let you know that it’s happening in general terms, but they don’t seem particularly outraged by it. We’re sitting here as our country is destroyed and no one’s responding, and at some point you have to ask why? Are the majority of Americans in favor of this? Of course not. In fact, no one’s in favor of this. No one will defend this in public. No one will explain why we need it. Why it’s a good idea. How it’s going to help this country. How your grandchildren will live in a better place because of it. People are just silent, like it’s not even happening. And again, you have to ask why. And the answer, of course, is really simple because they’re afraid, they know they’ll be punished if they say anything about it. The story of Peter and Lydia Brimelow explains why they’re afraid. Peter Brimelow has been a journalist for 50 years. Worked at a whole bunch of what are now called mainstream publications. Was an editor — Barron’s, Forbes, National Review, Dow Jones, a legitimate old school journalist. And in the late 90s, he began to ask questions about our immigration scheme. Is this really good idea, is it helping America? And of course, no one could answer those questions because the answer is obvious. No, it’s destroying America; as it destroyed California, so it will destroy your state. That’s certain. But for asking that question, he was fired from his jobs and shunted off into what we call the fringes. But he didn’t stop. He started a website called VDARE. He runs it now with his wife, Lydia.

And for the crime in the supposedly free country of opposing the immigration system currently in place — not the official system, but the actual system — where anyone from the poorest parts of America [sic] with no skills whatsoever can come here and immediately go on welfare. That’s our current system. For saying that that’s a bad idea, powerful forces have just tried, to destroy their lives, not just their lives, the lives of their family, using the justice system to do it. And needless to say, you probably guessed, using something called the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is nothing to [do with] the South or poverty. It has to do with shutting down free speech in this country. They have descended on the Brimelows and have really kind of tried to destroy them. That’s not an overstatement, but you judge for yourself because Lydia Brimelow, who helps run VDARE, joins us now to explain what’s happened to her. Lydia, thanks so much for coming on.

Lydia Brimelow [00:03:13] Thank you so much, Tucker. It’ll be very nice to have our story told.

Tucker [00:03:18] So I have known your husband, sort of, since he was not a controversial figure at all. And he became a controversial figure when he began to say things like, hey, why are we doing this? And he was immediately called a white nationalist, a white supremacist. And I remember very well his response, which is, no, I’m not. And if I was, I’d say so. But that kept up and he wound up publishing with you, VDARE online. That would seem not a particularly controversial thing to do in a free country. But for your family, it’s been, a very risky thing to do. So I hope that you would explain to us what the government, we’ll start with the government, is trying to do to you for daring to oppose the immigration system.

Lydia Brimelow [00:04:03] Yeah, absolutely. So it’s hard to believe everybody who hears the story says it’s completely incredible. Peter founded VDARE Foundation, which has [as] its main project, back in the late 90s. As you said, we’re in our 25th year now, and I joined about ten years ago. I do the fundraising and the back office work, and he handles everything that goes up on the website We’re a nonprofit journalism enterprise. So everything that we do, all of our people are paid through generous donations from individuals. I can tell you we don’t get any government grants or big foundation grants either. It’s all just grassroots. And we’re veterans of cancel culture at this point. So we’ve been kicked off a lot of mainstream services that most people use to distribute the media that they produce. And that is nothing compared to what we’re facing right now, which started about two years ago, originating out of the hate crimes division in the state of New York. A series of subpoenas were issued by Letitia James first, to Facebook, which I can explain a little bit in a minute. And then to us and our board members, at VDARE Foundation, with no clear trigger, they have refused to tell us what they’re investigating. It’s been two years of us just being crushed under this burden of investigation. The subpoenas were, like, 47 points each.

They want us to turn over essentially every document that we have interacted with, since 2016. And for a small organization, you know, at our peak, we had four full time employees. Right now we have two. That’s Peter and myself. This has just been an absolutely crushing burden. And I will say the Facebook subpoena was interesting because we had actually been kicked off of Facebook, years previous. So we had not even been on Facebook to interact with Facebook in many years, and they were asking for all of the data that VDARE had ever accumulated, created, while we were on Facebook, which we had incidentally, also requested. VDARE was kicked off of Facebook the same day that every one of the people involved in our organization was kicked off, including myself. I had never posted anything political online, at all, but they took all my baby pictures. The video of my daughter’s first steps, which was not saved anywhere else. Facebook still has that. They have, in fact, told my lawyers that we are too dangerous to get our data back, including my daughter taking her first steps. So that was the first subpoena that Letitia James’s hate crimes division issues.

Tucker [00:06:43] May I ask you to pause for one moment and just clarify something. So Facebook is calling you too dangerous to possess your own baby pictures? Has VDARE ever committed violence? Is there something we’re missing? Terrorism? Insurrection. Killing people?

Lydia Brimelow [00:06:59] Never.

Tucker [00:07:00] Okay, okay. Sorry. I just want to clarify that.

Lydia Brimelow [00:06:59] We’ve never even been accused of doing that, right? I mean, people use these scare smear words all the time, white nationalists, white supremacists, racist, xenophobe, whatever the flavor of the day is.

So we get accused of being those things all the time, which we would argue we are not. But violence is something we have never been associated with. We’re even careful to talk about the national divorce because of what implications that might have. I mean, we’re living in a very high-tension environment right now politically. And I think it’s important that people choose their words very carefully and choose their actions very carefully. I think it’s entirely justified that a large portion of the American population feels drawn to activism right now, but it needs to be chosen very carefully. And once you destroy something, you can’t take it back. And our enemies should remember that too. Once they destroy us, what are they going to do then?

But to go back to the subpoenas, we have our mainstream, you know, when I say mainstream, what I mean is like in normal times when VDARE is just surviving cancel culture and putting out this message that demography is destiny and that America is legitimate and real, that we’re a true culture and we have a national identity that’s worth defending, and that immigration has massive negative effects that nobody’s talking about.

Our operation is about $800,000 a year. In the last 12 months, about, we’ve had to spend half a million dollars just complying with the subpoenas.

The full, 37-minute interview is available at Tucker Carlson’s website.

See also: James Edwards Q and A w/ Peter Brimelow



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The Enemies of Free Speech & Political Freedom At Work Again in Trying to Nix Bequest to National Alliance

The Enemies of Free Speech & Political Freedom At Work Again in Trying to Nix Bequest to National Alliance
Let’s be quite clear “anti-racists” are anti-White. We are in an all-out war with people who wish to suppress any ideas contrary to their own. No marketplace or ideas for them, free discussion. In their jihad against free speech, nothing is sacred to such people.

The sanctity of a man’s will means nothing to people like the well-funded ($125-million war chest)  Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center. They are certainly not suffering from poverty.
In an error-riddled article, the National Post (June 28, 2013) reports the latest example of this phenomenon. Beginning  with the headline, the Post manages a serious error or untruth in almost every sentence.
The article is headlined “How a late Canadian coin collector’s $1M estate could be used to revive ‘most dangerous neo-Nazi group in America.” I am reliably informed by sources close to the case that the estate is much more modest, about $250,000, of which the Canadian taxman wants about a third, leaving perhaps $150,000, not chump change but considerably less than the Southern Poverty Law Center alleges with its magic million number.
First sentence: “A U.S. racist group that has been linked to assassinations and bombings is poised to inherit an estate worth as much as $1-million from a late Canadian coin collector, the Southern .Poverty Law Center said Thursday.” The “link to assassinations and bombings” is utterly bogus. The National Alliance was/is an explicitly non-violent group. The Post explains: “The author of The Turner Diaries, a fictional account of a U.S. race war and the apparent inspiration for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, Mr. Pierce advocated the creation of a whites-only homeland through the eradication of Jews and other races.” National Alliance founder Dr. William Peirce promoted non-violent political education. The Turner Diaries is a novel — that is, fiction — no different in its violence than a Rambo or James Bond story. Timothy McVeigh, the person alleged to have bombed the Murragh Building in Oklahoma City, was not a National Alliance member. There is also considerable question as to whether he DID, in fact, commit this act or was merely a patsy.
The Post continues: “Before he died in Saint John, N.B., in 2004, Robert McCorkell bequeathed his assets to the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group that waged a three-decade campaign of racist violence in the United States, the SLPC said. While the National Alliance is now basically defunct, Mr. McCorkell’s estate, which the SLPC said is about to be settled, could help revive what at one point was the dominant force of the American neo-Nazi movement.” The National Alliance was NOT involved in violence. As usual, the catch-all smear “neo-Nazi” is used to muddy the waters. The National Alliance was White Nationalist. They did not emulate National Socialism. They did not wear uniforms. In fact, the only “uniform” Dr. Pierce, who held a  Ph.D. in physics, advocated was conservative dress for the young men and women in the movement to be able to recruit their peers. Dr. Pierce, according to Wikipedia, “was descended from the aristocracy of the Old South, descendant of Thomas H. Watts, the Governor of Alabama and Attorney General of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War.”
Then, we’re told by the Post: “While the National Alliance is now basically defunct, Mr. McCorkell’s estate, which the SLPC said is about to be settled, could help revive what at one point was the dominant force of the American neo-Nazi movement. This is a movement that very rarely sees hundreds of thousands of dollars. Typically these people have no money at all, said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Alabama-based civil rights group and a top expert on hate and extremist groups.” Hang on a second, if the National Alliance is “now basically defunct” and “has no money at all”, what is there to revive? And Mark Potok may be a senior fellow or an odd  fellow, but the SPLC is NOT a “civil rights group.” Just the opposite: It is actively opposed to freedom of speech.
The meddling U.S. group is now trying to reach into Canada to nullify Robert McCorkell’s bequest to the National Alliance: “The SPLC has hired Ottawa lawyer Pam MacEachern to examine what could be done to stop the Alliance from inheriting Mr. McCorkell’s estate. She found two cases suggesting the bequest might be halted through the courts. ‘At this point we’re really not sure what we’re going to do next, if anything. But certainly we felt it was important that Canadians knew about this in particular,’ Mr. Potok said. ‘It‘s very rare. This is a movement that very rarely sees hundreds of thousands of dollars. Typically these people have no money at all.’” It might be noted that Pam MacEachern represented EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere) a militant homosexual lobby group in arguing before the Supreme Court of Canada that the normal traditional definition of marriage (a man and a woman!) was unconstitutional. The judicial revolutionaries on the Court agreed and, so, Canada has same-sex marriage. MacEachern also represented anti-Internet free speech complainer Richard Warman in a lengthy libel suit against Paul Fromm and the Canadian Association for Free Expression, alleging that inter alia he had been defamed by being called a “censor.”
And now the man himself, tearing himself away from whatever he does in the bowels of Canada’s Ministry of National Defence: “‘I think it’s possible to challenge the bequest legally,’ said Richard Warman, an Ottawa lawyer and anti-racist activist. He said he hoped either the family or interest groups would step forward to do so.The basis of such a challenge could be that the will goes against public policy as well as Canada’s international legal obligations, which require Ottawa to prevent the financing of groups espousing racial hatred, he said.”
A U.S. source close to the case called the SPLC’s and Warman’s remarks “Orwellian. They seem to want to cancel the Canadian and American legal tradition of respecting a testator’s wishes and intent.” the National Alliance espouses White pride, not hatred. The SPLC-Warman line seems to be that the courts should be able to step in and nullify a will if the bequest goes to an ideology of which they disapprove.
We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.
Paul Fromm

Robert  McCorkell was recruited into the National Alliance in 1998, and in 2002 lived at the group’s hilltop compound in West Virginia, where he edited the final book written by its founder, William Pierce.

Robert  McCorkell was recruited into the National Alliance in 1998, and in 2002 lived at the group’s
hilltop headquarters in West Virginia, where he edited the final book written by its founder, William Pierce.