Stand with Adam Skelly — Victim of COVID Repression in Ontario

Stand with Adam Skelly

Ontario Reopening Act – Lockdowns- Shutting down small business

Mar 9, 2024

In 2020, Adam Skelly was one of the first people in Canada or the world to stand against the medical deception and tyranny of the covid-19 agenda. This quite restaurant owner, husband and father became the tip of a spear against authoritarianism, lawlessness and human rights violations.

We know the arch-criminals of covid, are plotting against us still. The WHO’s Pandemic Preparedness Treaty and IHR amendments; mRNA factories being built all around the world; continued gain of function research; and the WEF telegraphing “disease X” are clear evidence of this.

Adam Skelly is still the tip of a vital spear in Ontario and Canada; the tip of this spear is placed against the heart of a criminal conspiracy and abuse of power that has hurt all of us, left many injured, and cost others their lives.

If Adam and his team succeed, as they should, in their legal challenge against the province of Ontario, the attorney general, and public health for their abuse of us all using the “re-opening act”; then all of us and our children are safer moving forward. Please grab onto this spear and put your weight into it.  

Adam Skelly is a humble man who choose to stand up for what is right. Though he has risked by far the most in this situation; it is everyone of us who stand to be either liberated or trampled on depending on the outcome.

Please support Adam Skelly’s fight for all of us in whatever way you can. Below is an important message from all of us at Take Action Canada

The stakes are high and we need your financial support for a legal challenge against the province of Ontario, the Attorney General, and Public Health for instituting the Re-Opening Ontario Act Regulation 82/20 during Covid.

This Orwellian regulation provided the government with broad power to shut down businesses and limit organized events and gatherings. Since the height of the “medical emergency”, the data has demonstrated that these lockdown provisions destroyed small businesses, families, mental health, and the economy. It became a perfect example of the “cure” being worse than the disease. This is a fact that has been corroborated by experts with data now that enough time has passed to reflect.

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You may remember the plight of Adam Skelly. He was a conscientious objector who put himself, his family, and his business all on the line, on our behalf, to fight against the lockdown. In November 2020, when Regulation 82/20 was starting to be enforced, Adam decided to defy the government at great personal and financial risk and announced that he was keeping his small restaurant open for business. Adamson BBQ remained open and like-minded people came from all over to show their support. Adam’s defiance of the regulation became a rallying cry for many individuals and small businesses. The media portrayed Adam as irresponsible and a criminal for defying the orders.

The police fined him many times, but he continued to remain open. When the fines didn’t work, the police changed his locks in the middle of the night in order to lock him out of his business. With everything to lose, Adam broke into his own restaurant and reopened. Adam’s defiance was receiving national press so the now disgraced Major Tory and the Toronto Police decided to make an example of him to send a message to all small businesses in the province. In a sinister example of overkill, the police sent approximately 250 police officers, horses, and cruisers to his restaurant to arrest him. The images from that evening were plastered all over social media and the mainstream media. Adam never recovered from the loss.

Adam Skelly’s challenges may be the impetus for this lawsuit, but he is taking it forward courageously on all of our behalf and with the support of the Concerned Constituent of Canada (CCCan).

There are over 400,000 small businesses (categorized as 1 – 99 employees) in Ontario.

According to Statistics Canada, 19.8% of all small businesses with 1-19 employees shut down during the lockdowns.

13.4% of small businesses with 20-99 employees were lost.

These shutdowns didn’t just affect the business owners. The closing of each business creates cascading ramifications for their employees’ and suppliers’ livelihoods. Many survived on government handouts, but the bill has come due.

Bankruptcies are on a 10-year high, up 55% year over year.

It is estimated that small businesses are carrying an average of $190,000 in Covid debt with another 18.5% of small businesses considering declaring bankruptcy now that the government programs have subsided. The CERB program just kicked the can down the road.

We need to seize this opportunity to ensure that this does not happen again. That the next time, and there will be a next time, governmental powers will be limited and the standard of proof will be higher

The time is now. Please defend our future by donating to support this important legal challenge by etransfer to or with a debit/credit card.

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