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Freedom activists are critical thinkers!

Our society is so dumbed down and indoctrinated that anyone who is a critical thinker is labeled as a Conspiracy Theorist

Did you know: The term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was first coined and used by the CIA to ridicule anyone who opposed the gov’t narrative?




David is gratefully returning to the Action4Canada Empower Hour on Wednesday, March 27, at 4:30 PST.

Wednesday March 27, 2023 – Zoom Doors open at 4:25pm PST/7:25pm EST. Empower Hour guest segment 4.30pm PST/7.30pm EST followed by Tanya’s Weekly Update. Be sure to invite others and Register in Advance.

Special Notice: New Start Times: Beginning March 27th we will be swapping the Empower Hour and Weekly News Update start times. The Empower Hour will begin at 4:30pm PST/7:30 EST and the A4C Weekly News Update will follow after the show. This will make it easier for Tanya so that she is not rushed in providing the critical Weekly News Updates and our guests will have a firm start time.

This week David Lindsay, co-founder of Common Law Education and Rights (CLEAR), and a regular guest on the Empower Hour, joins Tanya to discuss his personal legal journey in defending himself against fundamentally corrupt government institutions – Interior Health and the City of Kelowna – and their attempts to incarcerate him. On April 12, 2024 at the BC Provincial Court in Kelowna David will be at his sentencing hearing for an alleged assault that took place on August 19, 2021. David is facing spuriously devised assault charges. His crime? Exercising his right of entry to a government building which is open to the public. 

Watch the short video below to fully understand how outrageous and unreasonable these charges are.

As you can see from the video there was no assault committed by David. The so-called victim is Greg Smith (the manager of security for the building leased by Interior Health), who was accompanied by two other security guards. The video shows Greg Smith using his upper torso to physically block David’s right of entry. If this is what qualifies for assault nowadays then it is very evident that Greg Smith is the one who committed the actual assault. These security guards present were not licensed to use force under these circumstances.

Greg Smith has a proven history of misrepresentation to the police and the court. Smith previously stated that David caused a disturbance on August 11, 2021, which Smith used to justify his suspension of David’s right of future access to the public Interior Health reception area. Here is a video which not only confirms that there was no disturbance, but also that Smith intentionally misrepresented the situation when he claimed there was.

In regard to the situation with the City of Kelowna, David has been embroiled in a battle in the courts to preserve the freedom to maintain public assemblies. This ongoing legal controversy could set a precedent nationwide that will affect every citizen’s right to publicly oppose government overreach. David is on the front-line effectively fighting for every Canadian’s fundamental freedoms. Although David is representing himself there are significant costs associated with accessing transcripts which are critical for appeal hearings. Please consider donating to David’s legal challenges by sending an Interac E-Transfer to clear2012@pm.me


Know Your Rights and How to Assert Them


In the video above, David Lindsay and Tanya discuss Canadian’s guaranteed rights and how to assert them confidently and knowledgeably when approached by law enforcement or other officials. They also discuss the origins and Constitutional rights of people to practice peaceful civil disobedience.

Historically, most restrictions or prohibitions on freedom of expression originated in the civil torts of libel, defamation and slander, and a few criminal offences such as libel as well. Today, governments all over Canada are weaponizing the Criminal Code and municipal bylaws to prohibit Canadians from expressing themselves on issues of prime importance to us – our Christian heritage and our culture.

On the upcoming Empower Hour, David will advise how various governments are doing this, what to watch out for, and how they are attacking freedom activists with falsified charges and civil legal actions in order to prohibit freedom of expression under multiple guises such as public safety, enjoyment, and not wishing to hurt someone else’s feelings, aka hate laws.

What it all boils down to, if our socialist and communist governments have their way, is that if you exercise your freedom of expression and speak out for what is right and honourable, you could be charged.

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