Jews have been remarkably successful, thanks to their significant control over much of the mass media and Hollyweird, telling their tribal stories about World War II — often labeled ‘the holocaust.’ This tribal history, as all such histories are, is entirely self-centered and prone to wild exaggeration. For instance, one of the tenets of the new religion of holocaust is that what happened to the Jews is WW II was the “worst” atrocity in human history. Well, without leaving the 20th century, Stalin exterminated 8-10-million Ukrainians by fame in 1932-33 in the holodomor. Clearly, 8-10-million is greater than the alleged 6-million.  In the greatest ethnic cleansing in human history, 16-million ethnic Germans were expelled from their ancestral homelands in the Sudetenland, East Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, the lands of the Danube Swabians and others. Three million died or were murdered along the way.
Even dull Canadian high school graduates know that Hitler allegedly killed 6-million Jews, although they might be clueless as to how many Canadians died in WW I (60,000). The time has come to get out from the tyranny of another tribe’s history, no longer adopt it as ours and start telling out own stories.
Now is the time for the German tribe to tell their stories.
Paul Fromm
CHRISTIAN Jürgen KLEIN:  THE GERMAN STORY, THE GERMAN WAY:  The story of an ethnic Schliessen German in Silesia (now Poland though still considered East Germany by those who lived there), surviving the TRUE ‘holocost’ from numerous Allied atrocities, especially the Soviet animals at the time.  Then being driven from their ancestral homes, seeking a life in the ‘free world’, places one would expect where they would find a sympathetic ear but further demonized because of decades of anti-German propaganda coupled with VENGEANCE at a level hardly before experienced by a people.  Begs the question – why the widespread rabid, vituperative hatred of the Germans?  It wasn’t because of some alleged treatment of a subversive population scattered across the Reich because nearly ALL of their ‘survivor stories’ are bogus AT BEST.  Learn more about the Germans, their culture, their history, and you will come away shaking your head in shame for the treatment of the Germans by the ‘free’ (and not so free) world.  Christian has settled in Eastern Toronto in Scarborough.  THANK YOU, CHRISTIAN FOR THIS MOST IMPORTANT INTERVIEW.  (Diane King)
JIM RIZOLI:  Cofounder, producer/interviewer (Fred Leuchter and Assistant, Diane King) of the Series, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY REVISIONISTS.  This also entails seeking out UNSUNG HEROES and German survivors of Allied atrocities – The German Story, The German Way.  Hard core historical revisionist, Jim and, his brother, Joe moved from combating the illegal immigrant hordes in their cable shows to dealing with the fundamental and pervading issue of the holocaust. Their immigrant battles led them to the plight of Ernst Zundel in Canada, being prosecuted for having reprinted *Did 6 Million Really Die*! Thus Jim and Joe’s efforts and cable shows also turned toward the issue of the holocaust.  That’s when their troubles accelerated. In 2002 – 2003 they began producing numerous (1000s of videos) dealing with many issues and 100s of videos about the holocaust. Consequently, YouTube videos (700) under the name of Jim Rizoli were banned. His name was banned on Facebook. In 2010, their cable shows were suspended. They returned and then were permanently removed in 2014. We are back to provide a venue of/freedom of, telling the story for tried-and-true revisionists and Germans throughout North America, Europe and Australia.