Alternative Forum Celebrates It’s 45th Anniversary

Alternative Forum Celebrates It’s 45th Anniversary

It stared back in January, 1979, For 45 years, the Alternative Forum in Toronto has held a monthly meeting (except during part of the COVID madness lockdowns) featuring a speaker or film on freedom related issues. Our first speaker was Prof. W. Harding le Riche of the University of Toronto. We have had MPs like Conservatives Don Blenkarn and the Hon. Alvin Hamilton and Liberals like Roseanne Skoke. We have had writers and lawyers.

We celebrated our 45th anniversary with Director Paul Fromm’s talk:

The Red Chinese Threat to Canada’s Economy, Elections & Security

* Wholesale espionage

* That secret Winnipeg lab infiltrated by Chinese scientist — Trudeau’s coverup

* Those 11 federal ridings targetted by Red Chinese money in 2019 — Trudeau’s coverup

* Red Chinese police stations in Toronto & Vancouver — yes, really!