Report on C.L.E.A.R. Mega Rally & Worldwide Freedom Rally in Kelowna, September 18 & Upcoming Freedom Protests in British Columbia

Report on C.L.E.A.R. Mega Rally & Worldwide Freedom Rally in Kelowna, September 18 & Upcoming Freedom Protests in British Columbia

wWow!   We had a remarkable CLEAR MEGA rally and World Wide Rally here in Kelowna this past weekend with over 1000 committed freedom activists!  We are so thankful for all your support for freedom against both the unconstitutional Provincial and Federal orders and legislation.

Our incredibly successful rally featured Sibille, who provided us with her inspiring story on how she traveled to Europe and back without wearing masks or being quarantined!!  With proper planning, it can be done.

We had Keith McIntire , here from Penticton, discussing the harms caused by doctors failing to properly instruct our children as required by law in s. 17 of the Infants Act, the media simply putting out press releases and admitting they leave it up to us to determine if it is correct or not, and the option of laying charges against the family doctor!  A wonderfully inspiring speech.

Legal assistant to Lawyers4Truth, Edward Kallio, who traveled from the Kootenays, provided a great legal educational analysis of the problems facing present court actions.  Many people finally learned why we haven’t had a successful court action so far, especially in relation to injunctions to stop this madness from continuing. 

We greatly thank all our speakers for their dedication to freedom and sacrifices just to make it here for your benefit.

We’ve included some pix from our rally here as well.

Vancouver had over 7 000 or more people show up to their rally!!! 

These World Wide Rallies had millions of people all over the world joined together in mutual opposition to the destruction or denial of our rights and freedoms.  Additional anger is directed toward our controlled, and politically subsidized mainstream media.

All this was followed by a huge downtown march and highway rally, with our activists filling our streets and gaining the support of thousands of people.  If you weren’t there, you missed a wonderful expression of freedom!

Two weeks ago, our CLEAR representative David discussed with our rally activists, the implications and content of a recent letter that went out to Bonnie Henry from local Okanagan, anonymous doctors.  We’ve attached this letter here for everyone to read. We urge you to verify the sites they provide, and share this information with others.

It is a must read for anyone wanting information on all aspects of the COVID-19 lies being propagandized daily by our gov’t and MSM. Pay close attention to the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) and Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), as well as the Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) compared to the more accurate, Absolute Risk Reduction, to see first-hand how Bonnie Henry and the pharma companies, are misleading you with inaccurate and incomplete information.

Upcoming events:

Friday    September 24   7:00  pm   Kerry Park   Kelowna
Lawyer John Carpay, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

Saturday    September 25   12:00  noon    Stuart Park   

CLEAR Weekly Rally, this week featuring local businessman Steve Merrill, on his successful refusal to support the Bonnie the Commie mask and vaccine orders in his business!  You won’t want to miss his incredibly motivating story.


Vancouver    Friday, Sept. 24th   5:00 pm   Art Gallery   Featuring: Respiratory Specialist Chris Schaefer and Dr. Roger Hodkinson


Vernon    Sat.  Sept. 25    Polson Park    12:00 noon 


Kamloops   Sat.  Sept. 25   Riverside Park    12:00 noon


Penticton   Sunday Sept. 26    Warren & Main St.   12:00  noon
See everyone this weekend!!

In freedom 
Common Law Education and Rights