Trucker Convoy Support Rallies & Other Freedom Events in the Okanagan, February 5-6, 2022

Trucker Convoy Support Rallies & Other Freedom Events in the Okanogan, February 4-6, 2022


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CLEAR 2020 02 03 Newsletter and Rally Updates

British children up to 52 times more likely to die following a COVID shot: gov’t report


Canadian Constitutional Crisis

Brian Peckford and Jordan B. Peterson

Brian Peckford remains the last surviving member of Parliament who was part
of the negotiations to draft the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Join him for this important interview as he describes exactly how s. 1
of the Charter was intended to be interpreted, and it is not the override position
that Trudeau or other provincial governments continue to rely upon it for.


Fifteen Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship With Your Government

Whatever you do, stay out of abusive relationships. 

1. Stops you from seeing friends and family;

2. Won’t let you go out without permission;

3. Tells you what to wear;

4. Monitors your phone and emails;

5. Controls your finances;

6. Controls what you read, watch, and say;

7. Monitors everything you do;

8. Punishes you for breaking rules that keep changing;

9. Tells you the abuse is for your own good;

10. Pretends to know better;

11. Doesn’t allow you to question;

12. Tells you that you’re crazy and no one agrees with you;

13. Calls you names and shames you;

14. Gaslights you, attempting to change your memory of events; and

15. Plays the victim when things go wrong.

If all this sounds familiar, you might be thinking of our relationship with Big Government under COVID-19 tyranny.

Whatever you do, stay out of abusive relationships. In the video below, psychologist Richard Schulman

lists a few signs that you have become trapped in one.


149 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted


Kelowna Convoy Rally – Huge Success

Thank you to all who joined us this past Saturday, January 29 for another huge
display of opposition to Bonnie the Commie, and the Trudeau Communist Gov’t.

If one considers all those who support but couldn’t make it due to work or other
reasons, those who are simply too scared to be in the public eye, or fearful of
losing employment or family / friend relationships, it is clear that support to end t
hese lockdowns is well over 50%!!

Ordering the media to not give us a platform as Castanet has admitted, has
failed our corrupt governments. It has only delayed the inevitable.

We are getting closer and closer to have these restrictions removed.
Many other countries have done so, and slowly, our provinces are doing
the same – but only because of our continued pressure and public activities.
But as evidenced by Bonnie the Commie’s recent extension of vaccine
passports until June 2022, we have a way to go.

Remember however, our rallies cannot end until all four of these events happen:

1/ Bonnie the Commie, Farnworth, Dix and Horgan, and their Bureaucratic
underlings, are criminally charged and removed from office;

2/ That those people taking their place do so on the knowledge and
understanding that these rights and freedoms restrictions will never 
happen again; and,

3/ That all decision makers in the media are also charged for their
part in covering up the facts that they knew would have exposed
this fraud right from the beginning.

4/ All restrictions are removed – not just some. Plexiglass
barriers are removed, people do not wear masks anymore,
and no mandatory vaccines. ALL mandates are removed.

Here folks, is an inspiring picture and short video of the front of our Kelowna
Convoy rally. Many hundreds more lined the sides and the Bear up top where
this picture was taken, and up and down the streets supporting the hundreds
of vehicles in the Kelowna Convoy.

As more people become active, the politicians are feeling the pressure.
Events at Coutts, Ottawa and other locations are forcing politicians and
health officials, to begin to back off.

Stay with us as winter begins to come to an end this month.
And continue to join our support groups as we watch our victory
this year come to fruition.