Petition to Stand With Derek Sloan

Petition to Stand With Derek Sloan

Right now in the Conservative Party, we are seeing a clear case of dirty politics.

On January 20th, MP Derek Sloan was kicked out of the Conservative caucus. He will no longer be allowed to run as a Conservative Party member in future elections and will now sit as an Independent MP.

This happened after Erin O’Toole initiated a caucus vote which resulted in a majority of Conservative MPs voting to remove him from the caucus. This vote was initiated because Derek Sloan had apparently accepted a $131 donation to his 2020 leadership campaign from a white nationalist named Paul Fromm.

As many quickly pointed out, there are factors around these allegations that don’t hold up. For example, the Conservative Party took a cut from this donation and they weren’t even able to flag his name.

Additionally, the donation was apparently made under the name ‘Frederick P. Fromm’, so even if Sloan was expected to recognize the name of this obscure white nationalist, the donation was made under a name most would not recognize as his.

Derek Sloan is likely being thrown under the bus for being an extremely vocal social conservative.

Derek Sloan has spoken out unequivocally against abortion, euthanasia, attacks on religious freedom and many other vital issues to conservatives and faithful Christians, many of whom see him as their voice on Parliament Hill.

Erin O’Toole has always claimed to want a big tent party in the Conservative movement, but clearly Derek Sloan has been too successful at mobilizing people who agree with him on these issues for O’Toole’s liking.

Sign our petition to tell Erin O’Toole that you stand with Derek Sloan. We want him back in the Conservative caucus – and we want to know everyone who voted him out in the first place so we can support more tolerant conservatives in upcoming primaries and elections.

To make matters worse, the Conservative caucus vote that resulted in Derek Sloan being ejected was confidential. No one knows who voted to suppress Derek Sloan’s freedom to represent his constituents, and who voted in support of his freedom.

If you’re represented by a Conservative MP, don’t you think you deserve to know if they voted to suppress one of Canada’s most outspoken social conservative politicians? Don’t you feel that how a Conservative MP voted on this reflects on whether they’re capable of truly representing religious and social conservative constituents, such as yourself?

There may be good reasons why the Conservative Party would need to hold confidential votes at private meetings. But on issues like deciding what beliefs can be represented in the party, there needs to be transparency.

Join our campaign to get O’Toole to release the names of those who voted to eject Derek Sloan from the Conservative caucus. We must also demand that he do everything in his power as party leader to bring Derek Sloan back into the party.

O’Toole was quick to say after kicking out Sloan that this is not meant to be a condemnation of social conservatives in general. I’m sure O’Toole is internally justifying that he is only kicking out Sloan because he’s divisive and is causing a lot of negative media attention.

But the fact is that the mainstream media in Canada will always ensure that the beliefs of social conservatives will be divisive. These organizations have close ties to Canada’s left-wing parties, and so a socially conservative politician can either hide their views or cause negative media attention through their honesty.

You also cannot kick one of the most outspoken pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty candidates out of caucus and not expect a severe backlash from people who hold these values.

When CitizenGO sent out surveys to candidates of the Conservative leadership race last year, Derek Sloan was the only candidate to respond with a full endorsement of the values we surveyed him on.

O’Toole may not be as left-wing as our Prime Minister, but when he says that people like Derek Sloan are not welcome in the Conservative Party, I cannot help but feel he’s attacking the values of CitizenGO and our supporters.

Please sign to stand with Derek Sloan: Erin O’Toole must rectify this poor decision that he initiated. He must allow Derek Sloan back into the Conservative caucus and be transparent about who all voted to kick out Sloan in the first place.

Thanks for all you do,

James Schadenberg and the entire CitizenGO Team

P.S. Remember, if it weren’t for social conservatives, Erin O’Toole would’ve lost to Peter MacKay. Social conservatives are necessary for the success of the Conservative Party and its leader. We must demand to be respected.

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