Let Max Speak

Let Max Speak

Five Globalists will shoot the shit in next week’s controlled “leaders’ debate. The only nationalist, pro-freedom candidate Maxime Bernier is excluded. The PPC is now consistently polling ahead of the Green Party, & has candidates in over 90% of ridings; Greens in less than 75%.

Next week, Party Leaders will descend on the National Capital Region to take part in the Federal Leaders’ Debates organized by a government-appointed agency.

All except one.

As you are probably already aware, PPC Leader Maxime Bernier was unjustly excluded from these debates. 

The PPC is now consistently polling ahead of the Green Party, and has candidates in over 90% of ridings across the country while the Greens have candidates in less than 75% of ridings.

Why is Annamie Paul included while Maxime Bernier is left out?

Because the Green Party does not disrupt the mainstream narrative! The establishment knows that if Max is given a credible platform, his message will resonate with average Canadians, and the narrative will crumble.

We will not stand by while the establishment elites in the government and media try to silence us. 

We will be gathering outside the venue on Thursday, September 9th to show our support for Max and the PPC and demonstrate that we will not be ignored!