May 31 North Bay Rally Cancelled; Randy Hillier Must be in Legislature to Vote AGAINST Doug Ford’s Motion to Extend Police State Dictatorial Powers Until December 31

No More Lockdowns Canada We regret to inform everyone our originally planned Rally in North Bay has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

On Monday May 31st, it is expected that Doug Ford will be asking the Provincial Legislature for an extension on his emergency powers under Bill 195.

This is known as the Reopening Ontario Act.

It has been requested to be extended until December 2021, where it most likely will be extended, yet again.

MPP, Randy Hillier will be in the Legislature to vote against this unjust law that has done the most harm to our families, our children and our province over the last year.

We look forward to future opportunities in North Bay and appreciate your understanding as we work tirelessly to defend your freedoms.

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