Big Corporations Wage War on Serious White Dating Site

Dear Members,

I am sitting here on a pile of diapers and could not be more proud after having climbed Mount Everest. Motherhood, including pregnancy and giving birth, is a monumental achievement and only now I know how shamelessly belittled this accomplishment has become in the West.

Years of schooling and education prepare white women to become exchangeable numbers working to increase the profits of a corporation but neither prepares them for this most difficult and exhausting task necessary to keep our people and culture alive. We all know why and how.

Therefore, you will not be surprised that Google has completely buried the search keywords leading to WhiteDate.Net or positioned us to page 7 and lower to make sure hardly anybody finds this unique white dating site by typing ‘white dating site’ or whites dating whites’. Before only keywords such as ‘dating a white man’ or ‘date white men’ or ‘looking for a white man to date’ were banned from the results which also explains why so few women who are likely to search those keyword combinations find WhiteDate and the ratio women/men has been spreading from 1:6 to 1:12!

The online war of the big corporations against whites is undeniable and especially evident when you look at Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit that banned WhiteDate from advertisement because of ‘hate speech’. I still have not understood what is hateful about white people for simply wanting to preserve themselves as there is nothing to understand and never any reasons provided. No other ethno-dating site faces hate or racist accusations as well as marketing bans but the only explicit ethno-dating site for white people globally, ours.

Now, I am not the kind of person to bemoan anything as too busy finding solutions. I urge you, male and female members of WhiteDate, to take action and invite women who are seemingly aware of the anti-white agenda on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, trad forums etc. Help get more women on-board who are likely to make good partners whilst our male members, as vanguards, are paving the way to impose white dating as the norm and make it nolens volens get accepted by the anti-whites.

Together, we will grow organically by word of mouth until the day the critical number of us have woken up and we can form our local offline cells to speak freely, fall in love, build families, enjoy white life together, and last but not least, defend white interests unapologetically.