People’s Party of Canada Calls for Banning of Antifa

People’s Party of Canada Calls for Banning of Antifa,

Do you remember the PPC event on free speech with Dave Rubin in Hamilton last year?

There were clashes with a group of “Antifa” demonstrators who wanted to prevent us from entering the building.

Some of them tried to stop an 81-year-old lady who was crossing the street with a walker.

They were yelling “Nazi scum” at her.

It was absolutely disgusting.

These people are violent and uncivilized.

They throw bricks at windows. They set cars and buildings on fire. They loot stores. They physically attack peaceful citizens.

They are terrorists. Their goal is to destabilize society in order to impose a communist regime.

For many years, they’ve been hijacking legitimate protests.

They did it again this past week in the US and in Montreal.

The American government has announced that it will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization and treat them accordingly.

It’s time we do the same in Canada.

Frederick, please sign our petition if you agree that the violent Antifa movement must be banned.

And help the People’s Party spread that message with a $2 donation or any amount you can afford.

Many thanks,

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