Brad Love Cannot Even Mail A Father’s Day Card & Now is Banned from Fort McMurray Library

Brad Love Cannot Even Mail A Father’s Day Card & Now is Banned from Fort McMurray Library
Many Canadians like to pat themselves on the back because we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that, among other things, guarantees us freedom of expression. Don’t count on it. If you happen to criticize the homosexual lobby like the intensely religious Bill Whatcott, the  profoundly Christian-hating Supreme Court says that you must keep silent and keep your religious views to yourself.
If you’re Brad Love and like to dash off a letter to a public official or phone up a local editor or opinionated rock radio commentator and share your opinions on foreign aid,  crime, Third World immigration — against all three – forget about it. As Brad Love says: “Ezra Levant criticizes Gypsies and crime and that’s okay. If I criticize Gypsies,  they send the police for me.” 
 Brad Love & Michelle Erstikaitis at recent CAFE meeting in Toronto
On May 13, the RCMP arrested Brad Love and charged him with seven counts of harassment and mailing scurrilous material to local media and politicians. He was released on $2,000 bail and the sort of gag order even North Korea’s baby-faced dictator Kim Jong-On might find excessive. Mr. Love is not to “mail, e-mail or text any person.” That’s right, nobody! He can’t even send his own ailing father a Father’s Day card. Nor is he to communicate in any way “with any public office holder.”
 A further sheet of conditions dropped off by the RCMP last week instructs him not to contact or come within 200 yards of the residences of Fort McMurray Today editor Melissa McIntosh, rock station disk jockey Nic “The Beard” Lindsay or the city’s mayor and members of the city council.
Brad points out that he never sent any material to the mayor. The bail conditions appear to be an effort by police and the state to render him a non-person and to gag him for many months as his trial may be a year or more away.
Mr. Love appeared in Court Monday morning. He informed the judge: “I have a court order with bail conditions that I cannot talk to any public official. Is it even permissible for me to talk to you?”
The judge said it was,
Mr. Love moved that the Crown be instructed to drop the charges as they were “ridiculous” and “frivolous” and many of the people named had not even complained.
The judge indicated that decision was up to the Crown. Mr. Love’s next appearance in June 17. Brad Love noted that there seemed to be an unusual police presence for what was a brief perfunctory hearing.
As he was leaving the hearing, he was approached by a Cuban man who had been watching the proceedings:  “What you are doing is very brave because the government is after you” the Cuban told Mr. Love. “Be careful.”
“This foreigner got it,” Mr. Love reported with some disgust, “It’s many of my fellow White guys who don’t
get it and won’t talk to me.”
Brad Love is a voracious reader and works his way through several books each week. This past weekend he got a big shock. As he headed into the Fort McMurray Public Library, he was confronted by a security guard. “You Brad Love?” the guard challenged him with an arrogant manner. “You’re banned from the library.” Mr. Love was handed a letter advising him he was banned from the library but was given no reason. The Brad banning geniuses  had apparently sent him the banning letter but had mailed it to the wrong address!
“This isn’t a very bookish town,” Mr. Love said. “I am probably their best customer. This is the same place that has a ‘Freedom to Read Week’ poster,” he observed. He can think of no reason he is being banned.
“I’d phone up and ask or protest, but they’d probably say they don’t like my ‘tone’ and call the cops. It seems as if this whole town has 911 on speed dial,” he added.