Whatcott hate crimes and prayer needs update

Postby Bill Whatcott » Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:25 pm

Dear Friends,

My next court date is Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at the Ontario Superior Court, 361 University St, Toronto. My lawyer requested I be at the Superior Court for 9:30 am.

Please continue to pray for my case. For those who don’t know, I have been charged with a hate crime for infiltrating the Toronto Homosexual Shame parade with the Gospel and accurate information on the negative health and spiritual implications of homosexuality while disguised as a “gay” zombie. You can read about our charitable, clever, and Gospel oriented stunt here:


My counsel has informed me the Crown Prosecutor is seeking 18 months in prison.

Anyways, the oppression against those Christians who dare to speak out against Sodom is getting worse in Canada and it is not only me who is facing criminal charges now.

A Christian Street Preacher by the name of David Lynn is facing criminal charges for politely preaching the Gospel in Toronto’s homosexual district. His charge is a fairly minor summary offense (Causing a Disturbance) and he won’t be going to jail, but still the fact he is facing criminal charges at all for the polite preaching that you can see in the video below is a testament to the erosion of freedom of speech in Canada as the LGBT agenda advances in all aspects of our society.

When you remember to pray for me, also please remember to pray for justice for David Lynn.

Please also pray for my friend Brother Phil, and the other Christian brothers involved in this confrontation.

https://www.thespec.com/news-story/9440 … lebration/

To put it bluntly the Hamilton Spectator and the NDP politician quoted in this story are speading fake news AKA lying. I know Brother Phil and have preached with him and his friends before. They did not come to the parade to start a fight. Though you wouldn’t know it from this fake news story, actually Antifa came to the Hamilton parade prepared for a fight and indeed they started it. Brother Phil was punched several times in the face and was swarmed by multiple Antifa members. To what I could gather Phil was hurt but never hit back and because it was at least 3 on one, might not even have been able to hit back if he wanted. Some of the other Christian brothers did fight back to defend themselves after extreme provocations.

Sadly, I doubt the police or the courts will be interested in the truth. It seems the media and political establishment are trying to use this disturbing incident as a pretext to shut down legitimate dissent on issues such as homosexual activism and uncontrolled immigration. In the news article the left is calling for right wing and socially conservative protests to be banned in front of city hall.

In my past experience dealing with Antifa (once they attacked my preaching venue in Calgary in 2017 and more than 100 of them attacked a pro-life rally I helped organize at Queen’s Park in 1999) is even though they injured people on my side, used weapons on both occassions, and at my Toronto demonstation even attacked the police and injured one of their horses; the Antifa thugs never went to trial and were never convicted of any crimes. Christians who speak out against abortion and homosexuality on the other hand do go to jail in this country, even when they are completely non violent. I fear charges will be laid against the Christian brothers who defended themselves, but we will not see a single homosexual activist or Antifa member get charged with anything even though the far left thugs punched the preachers repeatedly and destroyed their property. Please pray for these brothers and for our country.

After I left the law office today, I bicycled down Queen Street West and I noted how prolific and open the homosexual propaganda was on the private businesses in Toronto’s west side.

Urban Barn home furniture store has queered their window

Toronto’s pizza stores have jumped on the queer bandwagon too

Even Soufi’s Syrian Arab restaurant wants to appear pro-LGBT. Note the women in conservative Muslim attire chatting in the window while the business has a sign above the door advertising its self as “676 Queer St. West”

These businesses are a small sampling of the numerous business seeking to identify themselves with LGBT activism in Toronto’s west end. Perhaps as many as a 1/3 of the businesses are openly promoting homosexuality on Queen Street between Bay and Bathurst Streets.

Many Torontotonions claim either there is no God or if they believe in the existance of a god, their god has no relevance to their lives. However, the reality is if someone gets rid of the real God it seems they will replace the real God with something else. The new religion in Toronto as far as I can tell is LGBT. This new god will not satisfy Toronto’s spiritual needs, but in their mad rush to worship at the false god’s altar many lives will be ruined and in the process many fundamental freedoms will be lost.

“Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, who does not look to the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods.”
Psalm 40:4