Politicians Define Any Opposition to Special Privileges for Moslems as “Racism” or “Hate Speech”

Politicians Define Any Opposition to Special Privileges for Moslems as “Racism” or “Hate Speech”
The loud media apologists for M-103 — radical Moslem Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s denunciation of Islamophobia, systemic racism and her call for the Common s Heritage Committee to recommend measures to combat these say,  “Don’t worry. It is just an expression of sentiment, not legislation.” True, but the follow-up will be legislation. “Islamophobia” is such a vague term. Considering the terrorist mayhem perpetrated by some Moslems in the name of their faith, a certain caution about Moslems would seem only sensible.
In case you believe “Islamophobia” only covers some irrational anger at Moslems, look at the comments of Brampton’s Mayor Linda Jeffrey. If you criticism special privileges for Moslems in the public schools, you’re engaged in “hate speech”. 
Recently, the Peel District School Board announced it was hear no more public delegations about Moslem special privileges and Friday prayers. You may be a parent and/or taxpayer in Peel, but you just shut up and don’t forget to pay your taxes. We only want to hear from privileged minorities and their White collaborators and cheerleaders. Of course, Christmas assemblies disappeared years ago in the name of inclusiveness and diversity. It’s a real verbal trick to enforce “inclusiveness” by excluding the Christian Majority. At the February Board meeting, the Board’s ancient Chairman Janet McDougall cut off delegations critical of favouritism for Moslems and denounced as “racist”  a citizen wondering whether the Friday sermons at these privileged prayer sessions would be vetted for “hate speech”.
Paul Fromm
Mayor Calls Criticism of Muslim Prayers In School ‘Hate Speech’
by David Krayden, The Daily Caller
March 10, 2017

Brampton, Ontario — Mayor Linda Jeffrey is dismissing critics who object to Muslim students having Friday prayer sessions in public schools as purveyors of “misinformation and hateful speech.” Jeffrey was responding to critics in a letter she released Thursday as Toronto-area parents in the Peel District School Board are preparing a full-scale protest on Saturday to demand that public schools not promote one religion over another.

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The parents have organized a “Canada First” movement and plan a “Walk to Oppose Religion in Schools” this weekend at Celebration Square near Square One in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto. They are also opposed to the motion introduced by local Liberal Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid that would ban “Islamophobia” and potentially make their protest subject to hate crimes legislation.

The parents are furious with the Peel District School Board’s decision to lift all restrictions on what are called “Friday prayer days” for Muslim students. The sessions take place on school time and include both prayers and sermons that are usually read in Arabic — leading many to ask just what is being said.

At the last board meeting, parents expressed their outrage over school board chairwoman Janet McDougald’s dismissive attitude when she was asked, “When you vote to allow Islamic Prayer in public schools, will you record all sermons that are offered in Arabic so we can analyze them later to ensure there is no hate speech being offered?”

McDougald called the questioner a “racist” and threatened to not take any more questions at the meeting.

In January the board lifted restrictions it had placed on the Muslim students that limited their selection of prayers and sermons to a pre-approved list. Now they can choose whatever they want.

Parents also want to know why there is Muslim prayer in public schools when no other religion is accommodated with special prayer sessions.