Truth Seeker, Monika Schafer Addresses Truth and Justice for Germans, October 8, 2016

Truth Seeker, Monika Schafer Addresses Truth and Justice for Germans, October 8, 2016



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Truth Seeker, Monika Schafer  addresses The Truth and Justice for Germans Society – 1 of 2


Monika Schaefer released the YouTube video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” on Alfred S — Monika’s brother’s channel (17 Jun 2016):

Since then she has been in the international News which you can follow on the links below. Monika has been an active leader in her community in Jasper, Alberta, Canada for 35 years as a violin teacher, forest ranger, musician and involved in politics.

Arthur Topham has been publishing articles on Monika’s case. This one focuses on the Green Party by Tony Hall

This on is Monika’s rebuttal to the local Jasper newspaper, Fitzhugh which they refused to publish

Arthur wrote “Escape from the holocaust lie”, excellent piece here:…

Monika Schaefer GLARING Hypocrisy Interview with Truth-Teller Monika Schaefer | (15 Jul 2016):’s website:

Video denying holocaust causes uproar | Jasper Fitzhugh (13 Jul 2016):

Jasper is trending! | The Jasper Local (1 Jul 2016):

Hate speech complaint filed after Jasper woman’s holocaust denial video goes viral | Ft McMurray Community News, Alberta (15 Jul 2016):

Former Green Party Candidate Makes Holocaust Denial Video | Canada Free Press by B’nai Brith, Aidan Fishman (15 Jul 2016):

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