Invitation to a private video viewing featuring David Parker, chief organizer of the ongoing success in Alberta


I have come to agree with many others in BC who see the BC Conservative Party as our best opportunity to turn our province around. Regardless of whatever other freedom activities I engage in, recruiting for the Party will be a major focus.

This video was recorded December 6, 2023 during a BC Rising meeting with special guest David Parker, the driving force behind the Conservative victories in Alberta who is offering his help so long as we follow the plan he is still implementing in Alberta. That plan starts with the recruitment of thousands of volunteers, which is exactly what was done to replace a majority of political decision-makers in Alberta with freedom fighters.

I acknowledge Wayne, Derrick, Shar, Laureen, Roger, Shawn, Naomi and I apologize if I’m missed anyone’s name, for stepping up and building two BC Conservative Party riding associations as a strategic building block for taking back BC from the scoundrels currently making policy.

At the CLEAR rally on Saturday, I met another brave soul who is actively recruiting people to watch and share this video, and after watching it, have decided to follow suit.

I am inviting 20 individuals to attend a viewing of the film and to discuss plans for Penticton4Freedom supporters to actively recruit soldiers for the BC Conservative Party. The time and place:
Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 9 at 2:30 p.m. Location: 803 Fairview Road, Penticton (right across from the library where parking is available) Buzzer 208

This will be the first of many, and I will encourage participants to do the same in their homes.

I have already signed up as a member of the BC Conservative Party, and will be encouraging each participant to do the same, if not already members. Some of us hope to attend the Riding Association meeting at 4:30 p.m. following our discussion of the film. if that is acceptable to the leadership of the Penticton-Summerland Conservative Riding Association. 

Our intention is to become actively engaged in recruiting others, and in directing them to the riding association for further action plans.

Meanwhile, I will continue to run recruiting meetings in my home, showing this video, and will provide whatever tools are also available through the RA.

I’d also like to invite Roger Harrington, or a delegate from the Party to speak at one or more of our rallies, and if possible, to make him/herself available for this and other recruiting meetings in people’s homes.
Here is the link to the video, for those who cannot make it to the group meeting. Very inspiring!

~ Mary Lou

Mary Lou Gutscher