Freedom Events in the Okanagan, December 3-4 & 11: Penticton, Kelowna, Oliver & STEP 13

And Now for the Events!

This Sunday, December 4th – from 1 to 3 p.m. Corner of Main and Warren, Penticton. Surprise speakers often show up, and we still have 5 days to encourage a speaker to join us on Sunday. Any volunteers?  image.png
Miss a week and you miss a lot! Fighting for freedom is more fun with friends. Bring a few.    OTHER REGULAR RALLIES ·      
Kelowna CLEAR Rallies – every Saturday at noon – Stuart Park, Kelowna ·     
  Oliver – in front of city hall – Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. ·      
Penticton – Tuesdays at noon, in front of Richard Cannings’ Office – 301 Main Street ——————————- o0o————————————-
  COMING UP SOON… TRUDEAU MUST GO!!! ~ December 11 – CROSS CANADA EVENT Naomi, Lynn and Darlene have been working hard to make this the event of the season. Show up and bring a friend!   Guest speakers: Bettina Engler Ocean to Ocean – All about chemtrails and what to do about them. A CANADA-WIDE INITIATIVE. Dave Shearer – Truth Seeker – One Eyed Budgie Truth Centre, Keremeos – One of our neighbourhood heroes    image.png

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Step 13 has two parts.


If you have savings in the bank, consider withdrawing a decent amount of cash and putting it somewhere safe or investing it in something tangible.

If you don’t have savings, consider taking out your wages every time you get paid.

Why bother, you might ask…

Firstly, if you’re using cash most of the time anyway, this will save you trips to the ATM machine. Secondly, the banks make a fortune investing our money while it’s in there, so why not take those profits away from the major banks?


is very different but just as important. Reach out to at least TWO people you’ve lost contact with. People you used to have a lot in common but drifted apart. Send them a text, give them a call or arrange a catch-up. What have you got to lose by trying?

Obviously, this action alone will not immediately affect the globalist agenda. But we all know that saying…united we stand, divided we fall. So let’s start uniting now, so we’re ready for whatever is coming.

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FREEDOM RISING Newsletter #24
This newsletter contains the latest information and actions of the week. Please read, then share with your family and friends. HERE   ——————————- o0o————————————- 


Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth

Rest assured you have come to the right place. Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth will resolve the vaccine question for you, once and for all. By the time you finish reading, not only will you see the answer clearly for yourself, but you will also have the scientific references and specific quotes at your disposal that prove it – more than 1,200 of them – all from mainstream scientific papers and textbooks, the official publications of relevant government agencies, or manufacturers’ documents.

The book consolidates a great deal of information (accompanied by detailed analysis) that is scattered in hundreds of medical articles, books, and websites. All discussion is presented in clear and easy-to-understand language, so no medical education is required. It presents several original concepts in addition to laying a robust scientific foundation for the more established ones.

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Public Release of ‘Tip Toe to Tyranny’ Free viewing is available here – Please share this powerful documentary with your friends, family, and colleagues. It’s the story of defeating the draconian wishes of New Brunswick’s Minister of Education, a man with no children and with evil intent, and eventually, having him thrown out of the cabinet altogether. Brave mothers take heart!  

How To Protect Your Home/Land From The UN’s UNDRIP Scam

Odessa Orlewicz – Interview With An Expert – November 18, 2022 –  1 hour 19 minutes

“My recent UNDRIP episode was seen by this expert, and he contacted me as he wanted to let my viewers know there is much hope in protecting your homes you paid for via paperwork… via the law. BC government is trying to pull the wool over Vancouverites eyes as to what they can actually do. Ignorance is NOT BLISS when it comes to having your homes that YOU paid for stolen from you by the UN agenda. This is a MUST SEE for all Canadians who paid for their homes/land.”  ~ Odessa

And Odessa’s earlier interview describing what UNDRIP is all about –



A national inquiry into Canada’s pandemic response (Ft. Preston Manning)

On this episode of The Rupa Subramanya Show, Rupa is joined by Canadian political icon Preston Manning who played a key role in shaping the conservative movement in Canada. Last week, Manning announced the formation of the National Citizen’s Inquiry to investigate Canada’s response to Covid. As Manning explained in his announcement last week, the National Citizen’s Inquiry will “examine the consequences on public and personal health, rights and freedoms, on specific demographic groups such as the aged and our children, and the economy.” In this discussion, Manning explains his decision to establish the inquiry and how the inquiry process will unfold.

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Remember that Freedom Hugs are available at ALL our Penticton4Freedom events!

Let’s make this weekend AMAZING!!

Mary Lou Gutscher


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