Okanagan Freedom Rallies, November 26 & 27, Kelowna, Penticton, Oliver & Freedom Issues– Bill 36

BC Government Trickery Passes Bills with No Time for Discussion

·       Bill 36 (BC) – (Medical Professions and Occupations Act) and Bill 44 (Building and Strata Statures Amendment Act) were both passed in the BC Legislature last week, after the government called a one-week pause, prior to intruding these two acts and others this past week and calling for immediate Closure. No time for the opposition to even read and comment on these contentious bills, and no time allowed for the normal discussion in the legislature.

·       Thank you to those who wrote their MLAs to try and prevent this. The majority party ruled with an iron fist.

·       Stay tuned to our weekly emails for further actions as they become available.

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NATIONAL CITIZENS-LED INQUIRY – Sign the Petition, and spread the word. image.png

Canada’s federal, provincial, and municipal governments’ responses to COVID-19 were of an unprecedented nature. The magnitude of these interventions demands a comprehensive, transparent, and objective inquiry into the appropriateness and efficacy of the measures imposed. 
National Citizens’ Inquiry – Keep the Momentum Going  Take Action HERE
·         Sign the petition – Currently 37,000 signatures, goal is to reach over 100,000 ASAP for upcoming announcements.   ·         Nominate a Commissioner   ·         Volunteer if you so choose.

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Mary Lou Gutscher