Report on the Worldwide Freedom Rally in Victoria, September 17

Report on the Worldwide Freedom Rally in Victoria, September 17

Handing out the Free Press on the street  … standing on an overpass over a highway,  challenging the public as to the virus HOAX …  yields important info. re the mood of the herd.   The general population is telling us they realize they were lied to. After which,  they need validation.  Every GATHERING of us who are farther-along on that continuum,  is an emotional support group.   A good example, being, the EVENT at Elk Lake on the 17th..   Even though the crowd that showed up was 1/10th as big as previous World Wide Freedom Rallies,  the spirit continues, getting stronger.  – 120 warm bodies ; average age 50 ans.  Half men half women.  It was a joy to see about a dozen children having a great time. –   Numbers would have been larger at the Legislature where it had been scheduled.   But the permit to use the grounds was rescinded due to official mourning for  Q E II.    Nevertheless,  ~30 dissident voices were at the usual spot.  

In the hour on the sidewalk on Belleville st.  on Saturday I handed out dozens of copies of the latest editions of  COMMON GROUND  and Druthers.   One moment was particularly rich ;  an East Indian family strolled by,  obviously tourists,  bemused at my pitch  “would you like a free souvenir of Victoria?”,  not taking a paper.  They paused to read our signs.  The daughter  – about 8 years old  – came back to me,  her little brother tagging along, holding hands.  She asked me “do you think the virus is real?”  I gave her both papers and said “get your parents to read this with you, and make up your own mind”.  Such interaction is precious …  why we do what we do

As I was leaving the Leg. to whiz out to Elk Lake I noticed 3 chemtrails overhead downtown Victoria.  More and more we’re seeing several at a time, like that. A few weeks ago, it was 5 parallel lines in the sky.  A dead give-away ( to any thinking person)  that they aren’t  “jet contrails”.    

The rally got underway shortly after 1 pm.  Eugene K graced us with a beautiful performance of his original songs, “thinking for yourself” and “No control”. The man has star quality!  I recommend checking out his website   >

 “Conspiring” means = ‘breathing together”.   When human beings sing together, their heartbeats and brainwaves synchronize. At Freedom Movement rallies,  the singing of Oh Canada reminds what we’re about.  I get a laugh out of letters to the Editor from peeps entrained in the Central Party Line … fuming resentment at us singing the national anthem like we own it.  The EVENT lifted off as … In-spired ! Marcella led us,  belting it out a capella … “in the key of free”       

The speakers were excellent.   Unfortunately,  we didn’t have it together,  to record them.  So I urge all-concerned  >  if you’re putting on an EVENT of any size, to do with repudiating the Scamdemic,   by all means record it. Then post it somehow on social media.

The theme of this rally, was : promoting the concept that local elections for mayor, councillors and school trustees,  matter.  Candidates from the Vancouver Island Voters Association spoke for a few minutes each.  Front page story today on the Timely Colonic, is ; Minister of Public Safety Farnworth,  getting cranky about “too much crime on Victoria Streets”.  A bit late, Mike !  What that tells me, is =  the NDP farm team senses it’s in trouble.  VIVA candidates are ‘making political hay’ as they calmly play the Law + Order card.  I am optimistic that some of them will get in on October 15th

David Whitehead spoke of his family lineage  =  men who went to war for Canada.  Reference to the military resonates with the Freedom movement. The man is deep in to the Big Picture. His podcast website, is “TruthWarrior” 

MC Kam Brar nailed it,  saying : “the prophets call out the kings”.  Personified by Chia van der Zalm as the final speaker, exhorting us ‘pulling out all the stops”.  Her presence at the rally signals that her Dad,  former Premier Bill van der Zalm, is on board this authentic populist movement. Sure would be something special, if he were to show up at the Thanksgiving dinner October 8th, with Brian Peckford and Maxime Bernier.

By definition, the Biblical Remnant is small in number.  What happened on September 17th  at Elk Lake, was : the Resistance co-alescing > prophetic types operating in the Gift of the Holy Spirit known as  “encouragement”.   

Gordon S Watson

Metchosin    British Columbia

September 21st  2022 A. D.

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