Getting DRUTHERS Into Your Neighbourhood

It doesn’t get any easier… So many of you have expressed a desire to have Druthers delivered to specific areas, like in your own neighbourhoods, to help wake up your local community more quickly.

Well, we are thrilled to announce that it’s now super easy to have Druthers stuffed into mailboxes in your very neighbourhood using our new Neighbourhood Mail service. The newspapers will be delivered to your neighbourhood anonymously through Canada Post, similar to how flyers are distributed, to a postal code area of your choosing. Your area perhaps? Or the area of a loved one who is still refusing to see the bigger picture? It’s your choice.

This month’s Druthers is an extra powerful one. Let’s get it into your neighbours mailboxes asap.— Read this month’s paper here — Set up delivery for your area here:
Donate to print more papers for our vounteers to give out:
Get Druthers delivered to your own door: If you have any questions, hit reply and let us know. Much love. Shawn Jason