Resistance Is Not Futile: Freedom Rallies in the Okanagan, August 6 & 7 – Vernon, Kelowna, OK Falls, Oliver, Osoyoos, & Penticton

Rally’s and Events

“It Ain’t Over“

We will not get boosters every nine months!


August 6, 2022




Dr. Malthouse speaking at

Kelowna Freedom Rally on August 20, 2022!!

Don’t just tell believers – tell the unbelievers and get them out!


Municipal Politicians – Part 3

Now that you have picked your six talking points and know them well, it’s time to promote yourself. If you haven’t yet started attending council meetings every week, what are you waiting for? It’s time to brush up on that part of the job so you can find out what kind of topics are being discussed and get to know the present council’s attitudes and opinions about various subjects. Some of these people may end up becoming your co-worker after this election.

But remember, the Totalitarian Tip-Toe has been creeping in for years. Many

authoritarian policies have been enacted behind closed doors that you won’t

know about until you scratch the surface. Right now, most of the general public are not aware of these policies because they rarely encounter the situations that expose them. So why worry about this? Because they are designed to silence you and make it impossible for you to demand accountability.

One example of this is the fact that councilors can ignore your concerns if they don’t like the topic. You don’t even get to bring it up since questions are vetted beforehand. Why do you think council has never once acknowledged Plandemic-related issues? They have received correspondence from concerned citizens but have the power to ignore what they don’t want to talk about.

The other example deals with the un-accountability of law enforcement and security officers. If one of them commits an offence, good luck identifying these people. Certain positions have no identification whatsoever and even though the employee is obligated to identify himself when asked, he doesn’t. If you have a run-in with a Sheriff who only has a badge number, you will be stone-walled by his supervisor who will conceal his identity to prevent you from seeking justice. As for police, they are “policy-enforcers,” NOT there to serve and protect YOU (contrary to public delusion.)

Anybody in a uniform, who may have a badge and/or weapons, represents some level of authority and law enforcement. When they are left to go rogue, as they have noticeably been doing the past couple of years, the city they patrol becomes a dangerous place for its citizens. We are now one step away from a police state. As a newly-elected Councilor/Mayor, you have the power to turn this around.

The more money you can budget for advertising, the more you can afford to market yourself. People need to put a name to a face. And just as important, they need to know what that name and face stands for. You can do mass mail-outs to every address in your jurisdiction. A simple pamphlet with your picture (colour preferred) listing your six general talking points with matching feasible solutions is a fairly inexpensive, minimal effort way to promote yourself.

If you want to use lawn signs, make sure your last name is BIGGER than your

first. And make it generic so you can re-use it for another election. For example: “Vote for (your name) this election” (don’t put dates.)

Tell everyone you meet to vote for you. Have your pamphlets with you to hand out everywhere you go. Announce your candidacy at every opportunity. Be prepared to deal with Mainstream Media. They will either ignore you or slander you (as they have already been doing to some.) Learn to ignore their derogatory comments/questions and say something positive about your platform. NEVER engage with Mainstream Media, they are nothing more than mindless minions pre-programed to attack your character and dismiss your message.

For example, if they say something like “Sir, you’ve been observed on many occasions at the anti-vaxxers’ Saturday rallies, are you an anti-vaxxer?” You could answer “Thank You (minion’s name) for acknowledging this. One of my subjects of concern is poor maintenance of public facilities and parks just like Stuart Park. Broken garbage cans and disgusting washrooms only get attention once every four years JUST before the next election. I want to ensure that all public-use items are regularly maintained and repaired so they can be enjoyed by all year-round, every year.” You’ll get your message across and it will drive the minion crazy.

If you are successful in entering the Demon’s Den, you will need to maintain a high moral compass. You will discover how many secret meetings take place that constituents will never hear about. You’ll see countless confidential provincial government directives that drive local decisions. You’ll be privy to all kinds of dirty laundry; and you get to start draining that swamp!

Good Luck!



We have said repeatedly that if our generation fails, there is no new generation coming up behind us, that has the intelligence to oppose the Government corruption and criminal activities we are witnessing today. If we lose, everyone will lose.

Historically, succeeding generations have had the benefits of intelligence passed along from their previous generation, combined with newly acquired knowledge and experience, to increase subsequent knowledge and intelligence—with the benefits of increasing inventions and ideas to make our lives easier and more rewarding.

For the first time, the next generation (today’s) is dumber than the generation that preceded it (ours). Their basic knowledge of math, history, science, Constitutions, law, English, grammar, geography etc., is so far below our generation, that it may be impossible for them to catch up – and their generation (our grandchildren) may have no chance at all.

The next generation of grandchildren are further being confused at birth as to the binary male/female nature of gender, supplying children who are sexually misinformed from the moment they enter the school system. This alone, should provide all of us with the continued desire for freedom to oppose our corrupt and criminal governments today.

It should further provide a basic and fundamental reason for every parent to be involved and/or run for their school boards and municipal councils.

Thank you Sibille for this link, showing basic questions that Americans are unable to answer. Canadian school children, youth and early adults, are not much better, while the Communists looks laughingly upon us, knowing that their day of invasion draws close, as our people are too dumb to even defend themselves anymore.


On a sad note, now six (6) doctors (up from four) recently have died shortly after mandatory vaccines were required for their fourth shot. Notwithstanding, the MSM continues to either ignore this situation, or portray it as a “coincidence”, or try and blame the deaths on previous co-morbidities. If these previous co-morbidities existed, these doctors would not have been working.

One recent doctor had been participating in marathons and many other strenuous outdoor events and was only 27 years of age. Healthy doctors do not just die, unless they have been injected with experimental vaccines.


In 2021, a Trudeau-created body, the COVID Recovery Unit, consisting of 20 persons, was instructed by Trudeau to recommend to the PM that COVID restrictions be imposed on travel. This body is not registered anywhere, has no website, and is virtually non-existent in any Government records.

The following is a very interesting article on the politics behind the Federal COVID-19 scam restrictions on travel.

Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis”


Check out the most recent Domestic/International Travel

Notice of Liability from Action4Canada


  1. You have a Constitutional right or freedom to enter Canada.
  1. You have a Constitutional right or freedom to full privacy with respect to all your medical information.
  1. Do not have the ArriveCan app on your phone.
  1. Do not release any information to any health official. They have no power to demand it and cannot refuse you entry if you refuse to tell them. If they threaten you with a ticket, just take it and go home. You can challenge it later.

Patrick McNulty

CBSA Officer

Canada Border Services Agency
“How to beat ArriveCan App”




Freedom Rallies

It ain’t over till it’s over”

Kelowna, BC

August 6, 2022

+26° – Sunny (subject to change without notice!!! lol)

12:00 noon

+ The CLEAR Information Table

Stuart Park

Because It Ain’t Over!


August 6, 2022 12:00 noon

Vernon Freedom Rally

12:00 Noon Polson Park

Join Darren for the Largest rally in the North Okanagan, and growing weekly!

North Okanagan Shuswap Freedom Radio


August 6, 2022 11:30 a.m.

OK Falls Freedom Rally

11:30 a.m. Across from Esso Station

Join the OK Falls freedom activists who are now just beginning their local Freedom Rallies!


August 6, 2022 12:00 noon

Oliver Freedom Rally

12:00 p.m. Town Hall

Join the Oliver freedom activists who are now just beginning their local Freedom Rallies!


August 6, 2022  11:00 a.m.

Osoyoos Freedom Gathering

11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Town Hall


Kamloops Freedom Gathering

August 6, 2022 10:00 – 12:00 Noon

Valleyview Centennial Park


August 7, 2022 1:00 p.m.

Penticton Freedom Rally

1:00 p.m. Warren & Main St. in N.E. lot

Join Mary Lou for the largest rally in the South Okanagan, and growing weekly!