Man arrested on Parliament Hill — was it because he is a freedom convoy supporter?

‘Ask yourself: does this sound like the Canada you grew up in?’

  • By David Menzies
  • |
  • June 30, 2022
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A Parliamentary Protective Service officer barked: “You’re under arrest!”, and suddenly a man on Parliament Hill was swarmed by about 10 PPS officers. He was tackled to the ground, handcuffed, and eventually hauled away in a PPS SUV.

The man’s name is Kyle Vincent Boiselle, a supporter of the freedom convoy going back to January. We tried to interview him from behind a fence surrounding Parliament Hill (we were earlier forbidden from stepping foot on the Hill because we had recorded footage near a security checkpoint and refused to delete that aforementioned footage; that’s how the PPS roll on Parliament Hill these days).

In any event, we spoke to those who know Boiselle; they said he did nothing wrong (aside from having a negative opinion re: the Trudeau-Singh government).

Boiselle’s takedown comes on the heels of freedom convoy organizer Tamara Lich being re-arrested in Medicine Hat, Alta., allegedly for breaching her bail conditions.

And now we must ponder how many other Canadians will be heading to the slammer this Dominion Day weekend — apparently for committing the egregious crime of being critical of the federal government or for openly supporting the freedom convoy. 

And ask yourself: does this sound like the Canada you grew up in?