Those NDPers Hate Dissent: Yukon NDP Leader Wants Mounties to Charge Bill Whatcott for Flyer Criticizing Homosexual Activism in Yukon Schools

Yukon NDP Leader advocating for RCMP to charge Whatcott with hate crime

Kate White leader of the Yukon NDP Party is urging recipients of Bill Whatcott’s Gospel flyer to call the RCMP and wrote an open letter to Bill informing him he is no longer welcome to the Yukon and is a “hate criminal.” 

To read Kate White’s open letter to me:!Avrh8Zy7sQqXiDc4TYJT6mhceYtO

Dear Friends,

Even though the NDP fancies its self as the “Party of Activists,” in reality they are the worst when it comes to using coercive means to silence those whom they disagree with. The Ontario NDP made it their personal mission in the early 1990’s to seek injunctions criminalizing peaceful protest at abortuaries across the province. And then not content to simply let the courts deal with the protesters who defied these anti-democratic injunctions, the NDP Attorney General Marion Boyd sent special prosecutors to our sentencing hearings to insure we were sentenced to the maximum sentences in prison possible for the offenses we were charged under. In my case the Attoney General sought 6 months imprisonment for the charge of “Obstruct Police,” which was a summary offense. My actual “offense” was praying on a public sidewalk holding an “Abortion Kills Children” sign too close to a Toronto abortuary and the “Obstruct” element was not moving out of the no protest zone when asked to do so by a sheriff. No violence, no disrespect to the police. My lawyer expected a $100 fine, but the NDP are fanatics when it comes to imposing their hard left, pro-death ideology on those whom they govern over.

Six months in prison was the maximum sentence possible for “Obstruct Police” and in Canada maximum sentences are extremely rare and only reserved for the absolute worst offenders, not first time non -violent protesters. But the NDP has a proven history of being shameless when it comes to perverting justice and crushing dissent.

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With that in mind it really doesn’t surprise me then to receive Kate’s diatribe letter (see link above) informing me I am a “hate criminal.” I note before becoming leader of the Yukon NDP, Kate’s legal expertise that qualifies her to give unsolicited legal advice consisted of being a red seal baker, mountain biker, and a homosexual activist.

Anyways, the Yukon News phoned me in regards to Kate’s open letter and the Gospel flyer I handed out when preaching in the Yukon.

Here is my flyer:

God is not pleased with homosexual activism in Yukon’s SchoolsEmily Tredger (Picture left) NDP MLA has used her political office to push homosexual clubs on schools with no option for schools wanting to protect their children from homosexual propaganda to opt out. Sandy Silver (picture right), Liberal Premier of the Yukon, has also ignored God’s Word regarding the sin of homosexual behaviour and corrupting children. The Premier has also ignored the concepts of freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of association, to impose homosexual clubs and propaganda on Yukon’s schools. Justin Trudeau (centre), taking a selfie with Sandy. The Liberal Prime Minister is maybe even worse than the other two corrupt and tyrannical politicians. Justin while soft on crime in general, passed legislation criminalizing parents and counsellors with up to five years in prison if they dare to share accurate information on the aberrant nature of homosexual sex and the high risks associated with the homosexual lifestyle with children and teens. Trudeau also lectured Putin on democracy while declaring a national emergency to end peaceful protests against his draconian Covid mandates.

Dear Yukoners,

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You need to become more aware, more concerned, and more outspoken, about what is being propagated in your schools by your so-called elected officials. Government mandated homosexual clubs in your schools are not in your child’s best interest.Renn (picture left), a little boy in a Saskatchewan, far left, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-transvestite, activist foster home. His foster mother Fran Forsberg paraded him in front of the media touting him as a “girl.” While the media often portray these manipulated, gender confused, children as “happy” and being their “true selves,” the reality is often not so rosy when the cameras aren’t around.
The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms was involved in a case where a Calgary public school was “transitioning” a depressed, autistic, 11 year old girl who joined the school’s homosexual club without her parent’s knowledge or consent. The club had the girl convinced she was a “bisexual transman” and had her using male pronouns and male clothing while at school without parental knowledge or consent. The parents learned what was happening to their daughter when she became suicidal and didn’t want to be a “bisexual transman” anymore.
Even for adults the long term prognosis for transgenderism isn’t great. Suicide rates, STI rates and many other maladies afflict those who try to convince themselves and others they are the gender they are not.
Remember if you are struggling with transgenderism, God has created your body and He doesn’t make mistakes. You are a valuable child of God and you don’t need to mutilate your healthy organs and take hormones to be what you are not.
Anal Cancer (picture left). Anal cancer is rare amongst the heterosexual population, though I would like to warn porn addicted young heterosexual men that sodomy with your partner is a bad idea and that women who engage in this behaviour should be aware they are putting themselves at higher risk of anal cancer and a host of other diseases too. HIV- homosexual men are twenty times more likely than the general population to get anal cancer, HIV+ men are forty times more likely to get anal cancer than the general population. Homosexual activist doctors, academics, and “professional” bodies are incorrectly preaching that homosexual sex is now “safe” due to new anti-HIV drugs and HPV vaccines. There is no cure for HIV and though HIV+ people are living longer you can still die from AIDS. Also needing to take drugs to mitigate your chances of getting a deadly virus and then needing to be on drugs for the rest of your life to reach old age once you get a virus is really a bad idea. But all in the name of normalizing “gay” sex this is basically what public schools, the Yukon government, and the national media want you to believe. “
Professing to be wise, they became fools.” Romans 1:22

God created sex for life long heterosexual marriage. No matter how “bright minds” try to ignore and work around this reality, the truth of God’s Word still remains the truth. Rather than propagating flawed Marxist ideologies, promoting perpetual victimhood, and spending billions of taxpayer dollars annually, treating multitudes of STIs and dealing with the fallout related to broken homes, broken bodies, and dysfunctional young people; our schools should be required to instruct young people that sex outside of marriage and homosexual sex especially, is risky, displeasing to God, and no “fix” other than monogamy with one partner of the opposite sex is truly “safe.”

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Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate. Matthew 19:4-6

The fact of the matter is Yukoners do not need government mandated homosexual propaganda clubs in your schools to be “safe.” What you need for the wellbeing of your children and society is to demand your elected representatives and school administrators get rid of them.

We all need to repent and come back to the God who created us. Freedom is not found by practicing and promoting unbridled sexuality and gender confusion. In fact these practices lead to bondage, sadness, sickness, and potentially physical and spiritual death.

For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. Romans 1:26, 27

All sin, including those sins of homosexuality and transvestitism being protected and promoted by the Yukon and Canadian governments lead to death.

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

The good news is Jesus Christ died for our sin and He paid the price that no matter the depth of our rebellion, we can have our sins forgiven. No matter our sin, we can be comforted knowing our relationship with the God who created us can be restored in this life. And when we die we can be assured that we can stand before the judgment seat of Christ forgiven and know our debt is paid in full. Our eternity will be spent in the presence of a perfect and Holy God who loved us so much that He provided His Son Jesus to be the sacrifice for our sins that we can spend eternity with Him.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Any questions, comments, or if you would like to talk to me about receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, please contact me at:

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Bill Whatcott: Phone: 365-336-7346 , Email: , Social media: , Blog:

Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool. Isaiah 1:18

End of Flyer

The reporter for the Yukon News asked me 3 or 4 times if the RCMP contacted me in regards to my flyer. I told them so far I haven’t heard anything and given that the young lady talking to me was betraying her bias a little bit and I sensed she was disappointed the police haven’t called me yet, I suggested to her that the amount of drug abuse and disorder that was visible to me in the downtown core of Whitehorse would indicate to me the police really have better things to do with their time and resources than arrest people and bring them back to the Yukon to stand trial for flyers that offend NDP homosexual activists. The young lady thanked me for my time and hung up.

Anyways, please pray for these matters. It would seem inconceivable to me that the police would put out another Canada Wide Arrest Warrant and transport me to the Yukon to stand trial for the above flyer. But then again this is Canada where socialist governments declare national emergencies to shut down peaceful protests against vaccine mandates and provincial Liberal governments have been known to issue Canada wide arrest warrants to arrest activists who infiltrate homosexual parades to distribute Gospel literature similar to the flyer above.

Given that so-called “hate crime” charges are highly political and require the consent of the Attorney General to proceed, it will be awhile before we know whether the Liberal Yukon government will follow the former Ontario Liberal government’s bad example and initiate a criminal prosecution for my ministry to Whitehorse Yukon. Pray that they don’t.

In the meantime if you wish to support my Ontario lawyer John Rosen who is defending our victory in the Ontario Court of Appeal against the last hate crime prosecution you can do so here:

In Christ’s Service, Bill Whatcott

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Hebrews 6:10