Political Prisoner Brad Love Charged for Writing to His Own Lawyer

Political Prisoner Brad Love Charged for Writing to His Own Lawyer
The decade long saga of state persecution of inveterate letter writer Brad Love reached a new low this week, when he was charged with writing a letter to his own lawyer
 Brad Love called me from prison this morning and reported that, on November 28, police arrived at the prison in Lindsay where he’s being held pending an appeal of the 18-month sentence he was handed for breach of probation.
He was charged with violating an Alberta bail undertaking or condition forbidding him to write, text or e-mail to any person. [Yes, that was a condition for freedom pending trial in Alberta, not North Korea!] In July, Brad went back to Court and had the bail conditions amended so that he could write to anyone, except the parties to whom  he was charged with sending “scurrilous” political material.

Brad Love, letter writer & oil
patch worker in Fort McMurray
“The cops are just bullies,” Mr. Love told me. “They arrest the free speech guy in jail for writing to his own lawyer about free speech. It’s crazy! I told them to check the paper work. I’m allowed to write to my own lawyer” Peter Lindsay, and, indeed, anyone other than certain politicians and media people in Fort McMurray.”
Further, Mr. Love reported, a fellow inmate who had sent out some letters for Bad was warned: “You could be getting out of here soon. You’d better have nothing to do with Brad!”
Mr. Love is scheduled to appear in Court in Lindsay on December 12 to answer the “breach” charge.
If you would like to give permission to Brad Love to write to you, call Kevin Nesbit, Deputy Superintendent (Operations) for the prison and give your name and address and our permission for Brad to send you letters. The phone number is 705-328-6000.
You can write to political prisoner Brad Love, one of our “men behind the wire” at:
  1. Brad Love [557137416]
  2. C.E.C.C.,
  3. 541 Highway 36,
  4. Box 4500,
  5. Lindsay, ON.,
  6. K9V 4S6




A date has still not been sent for an appeal against Mr. Love’s 2012 conviction and 18-month sentence for breach of probation.