Warrant Out in Alberta for Former Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer

Warrant Out in Alberta for Former Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer

Hey you’ll get a kick out of this: there is an arrest warrant out for me in Alberta since I think September 10th, that I just found out about. That second court case against me (the first was the “Trivial Trespass Trial” that I wrote about last December on my website, which I won) anyway the second case was supposed to be in April. Then covid hit and court was shut down. What I did not know is that the onus was on me to find out what next. I assumed I would be contacted, and when nobody ever made a peep, I assumed the whole thing just went away. I assumed that the accuser was only too happy that it all was going away because he hasn’t got a snowball chance in hell of winning. Well maybe I shouldn’t talk like that. We do have a totally criminal system in place, but anyway.\

It turns out I missed 4 or 5 court dates (in Hinton, not Jasper), and they issued an arrest warrant in August, but held it, then in September they activated it. Pretty funny, eh?

I called the court a few days ago and that is when I found out there was an arrest warrant issued for me.

When I called a few days before the April 9th date to verify if there was going to be court in Jasper or not, they said no, it was closed until further notice. They did not say anything about holding court in Hinton instead. Mind you, I called anonymously. Would they have told me if I had said my name? I don’t know. 

There were 4 dates in total between April 9th, 2020 and September 10th, each one adjourned to another date, and always in Hinton. Apparently, I should have had a representative there. But we did not know about these court dates.

I think the onus is reversed. They put the onus on the accused to chase after them for information about when and where court was happening, after they rolled out their insane Covid Lockdown. I am innocent. Someone accused me of something. I was all ready to go to court April 9th. They cancelled it, not me. Shouldn’t they contact me?

It makes me think of how the burden of proof is reversed in certain crimes. If something did not happen, it is a moot point to prove it did not happen. If it did happen, then the person alleging that it happened should prove that it happened. (The holocaust story comes to mind.)
Here is the article about the other trial that happened in December 2019.

So next time I am in Alberta, I have to present myself at an RCMP station and they will set a new court date. What a farce.