Derek Sloan Pledges to Repeal the Compelled Speech Bill C-16 — “Zee” and “Zir” Gender Identity Law

Derek Sloan Pledges to Repeal the Compelled Speech Bill C-16 — “Zee” and “Zir” Gender Identity Law

The one way to beat Justin Trudeau is to offer Canadians a real, clear alternative to Liberal policy in the next election. Not just a “Liberal Lite” version of what Trudeau already offers, but a genuine difference.

I am the one CPC leadership candidate who offers a real difference, and one example of this is the fact that I am the only candidate actively campaigning to repeal Bill C-16. I am the only candidate who has pledged to make repealing this atrocious piece of compelled speech legislation part of our election platform.

In 2017, the Canadian Parliament passed C-16, the Liberal government’s legislation that added “gender identity or expression” to grounds of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The concept of human rights, when first conceived, was intended to liberate people and safeguard them from arrest, censorship, and harassment by government overreach.

Unfortunately, we are in the midst of a culture war, and “human rights” have been weaponized to champion leftist “social justice” values and punish all those who dare to disagree with their view of the world.

C-16 is a prime example of this phenomenon. It gives those who call themselves transgendered and non-gendered the ability to dictate what others can and cannot say.

Forced speech is the most extreme infringement of free speech. It puts words in the mouths of Canadians and threatens to punish them if they don’t comply. Forced speech will force Canadians to say things they disagree with.

Protection from discrimination is not the same thing as wanting not to be offended. If we allow it to, this chronic political correctness will strangle free speech in Canada.

I’ll repeal C-16 because it restricts free speech, enshrines radical gender ideology into Canadian law, and severely infringes on women’s sex-based rights to private spaces.

The Liberals will attack me for this. Justin Trudeau will spew words like “transphobia” and “bigotry”, which are designed to shut down the debate. When he does, we’ll push back. Compelled speech is the opposite of the elemental Canadian right of free speech. Further, Canadian women shouldn’t have their safety threatened by any man who demands access to sex-segregated spaces just because he claims to “feel like he is a woman”.

I’ll keep telling the truth about C-16, and I won’t back down.

My fellow candidates don’t share my views. Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole are fine with C-16 – they boast about their support for it. Leslyn Lewis claims to oppose it, and I believe her, but she has not made her opposition to C-16 a campaign issue the way that I have.

Sadly, the “Liberal Lite” element in our party will never recognize this threat to the freedom that Canada was built on, and they will never fight for the repeal of C-16.

They will never be able to appeal to Canadian voters who are tired of Liberal assaults on freedom because they don’t offer anything different.

By actively campaigning to repealing Bill C-16, I offer a clear difference.

That difference makes me the only candidate who can defeat Justin Trudeau.

If you want to beat Trudeau, I am the only candidate who you should choose as #1 choice on your leadership ballot.