Fight the Fines – Help us FIGHT Tamara’s $880 social distancing ticket for walking on an empty beach

,You probably met Tamara in one of our stories last week. She got slapped with a social distancing ticket for walking the shores of an empty beach in Cobourg, Ontario. You see, despite having very few cases, the town of Cobourg decided to close its beaches as part of their new COVID-19 regulations.

 After Tamara refused to accept the ticket, bylaw officers called in the real police, who handcuffed Tamara, took her belongings, and hauled her off to jail. 

We took on Tamara’s case as soon as we heard about it and you can help us fight it hereWatch Tamara tell her story about her experience with the Corona Patrol.

 Some say it’s best to just pay the fine and stop going to the beach until we’re told it’s safe to do so. But we think it’s better to let power-hungry law enforcement, bureaucrats, and politicians know that WE WANT OUR TIME IN THE SUN!  

If our politicians can go to their cottages during this “crisis”, we can go to the beach. We’re fighting this ticket even if it costs us more than double what the original fine is worth. But we think that’s a small price to pay for standing up for our personal liberties.

We have Sam Goldstein, one of the best civil liberties lawyers in the country. Sam has been hard at work on all our cases, including this one – watch our coverage at FightTheFines.comSam is an excellent lawyer, and he’s not cheap. 

Even if he’s giving us a healthy discount, fighting these cases is still very expensive. But he’s worth every penny — we’re already beating these cases in court!Please support our fight by donating at And if you know someone who’s facing one of these ludicrous tickets, send them our way. If their case has merit, we’ll take it on. Yours truly, David Menzies P.S. If you want to donate to help us fight this and all our other cases, please go to If you’ve already donated, you can still support us by following us on social media, liking and sharing our content with your friends, subscribing to RebelNews+, or making a purchase from the Rebel News Store. P.P.S. If you prefer to use snail mail you can send cheques to: Rebel News
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