Is the Chinese embassy trying to shut down my Edmonton book launch tonight? — Ezra Levant

, Tonight I’m having a book launch for my new book, China Virus: How Justin Trudeau’s Pro-Communist Ideology is Putting Canadians in Danger. It’s 100% sold out. I’m really excited about it.

But I think there’s a chance it could be cancelled. By the Communist Party of China. I know that sounds impossible.

The book launch is in Sherwood Park, just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. We have a contract with a grateful restaurant that is eager for paying customers after a four-month lock-down. So everything is set. But then the restaurant started receiving threats. Threats by e-mail. Threats by phone. Here, watch this video where I read out a four-page threat that was e-mailed to the restaurant: The threats weren’t even from Edmonton or from the restaurant’s customers.

Many of the threats were from out of town, from people with Chinese accents, warning the restaurant with all sorts of consequences if it dared to proceed. Now, make no mistake: my book is very pro-Chinese. As in: I support the Chinese people. I support Chinese democracy. 

The real “virus” I talk about in my book — as you can see in the book’s title — is the Communist Party. And their chief victims are Chinese people themselves. So I want to draw a distinction between the Chinese people and loyal Canadians who happen to be of Chinese ethnicity, versus operatives of the Chinese Communist Party. Of course, the most passionate critics of the Chinese Communist Party are Chinese people. I stand with them.

But — as my book meticulously documents — the Chinese dictatorship bullies those democracy activists, even in Canada. And now they’re trying to do that to me. Some of the threats warn the restaurant of a boycott. That’s not very credible, given how the callers are all from out of town. Some threats warn of police investigations — also not credible. That’s what China does. That’s not how it works in Canada. (At least not normally — but you never know with Trudeau).

That four-page threat letter I saw also warned the restaurant of a giant protest — could be. I even heard that one Chinese operative had called up the restaurant, and offered them $3,000 to cancel my book launch! It’s not surprising.

As you know, Amazon banned my book for two months. And then after un-banning it, they banned it again. (And they un-banned it again — for now.) I think now we can now guess who was behind that Amazon censorship! Well, we’re going ahead with tonight’s book launch. 

We’ve hired a security guard, and we’ve hired a lawyer, to come to the book launch to protect it from any threats. That’s crazy, but these are crazy times. If you have a ticket  — we’ll see you tonight! If you don’t — don’t worry, we’ll have more book events across Canada. But now we know that we’re up against enormous forces, even more authoritarian than Justin Trudeau’s censors. If you haven’t yet got your copy of the book, please do so now before it’s banned for a third time.

And if you feel like it, please help support the book, by covering our legal and security costs, and our marketing costs — including the gorgeous billboard we just unveiled on the side of a major Canadian highway. (Maybe that’s what got China’s attention!) Just click here, or go to Thanks for your support. I believe in freedom for Canadians.  And I hope that, one day, the Chinese people will have our same freedoms too. Yours truly, Ezra Levant P.S. We’re going to have more book launch events as pandemic regulations permit. We’ll post them at  P.P.S. The book has been very well-received, with hundreds of 5-star reviews online! Click here to get your copy. I hope you like it as much