Terry Tremaine Exposes Junk Science and Lysenkoism

Terry Tremaine Exposes Junk Science and Lysenkoism
VANCOUVER. September 5, 2013. Former political prisoner Terry Tremaine offered an enthusiastic audience a glimpse of his work as a mathematician and scientist. Before he was victimized by Richard Warman for his political views, Mr. Tremaine was a well-respected university lecturer in Saskatoon. His talk was part of a four city Western Canadian speaking tour which takes him to Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary,
Mr. Tremaine exposed the trend of Lysenkoism or ideology-motivated junk science. “Lysenkoism is masking ideology as science,” he explained,  Trofim Lysenko was a fanatic pseudo-scientist in charge of Stalin’s agricultural programmes. He was a radical proponent of nurture or environment, as opposed to nature or genetics, in raising crops and animals. His lunacy led to repeated famines and shortages.Under the Czar, with little mechanization, Russia fed itself and had considerable excess for export. Under communism, the Soviet Union never once fed itself. “Lysenkoism as a failed ideology of agricultural science was not abandoned by the Soviets until the 1960s after repeated wheat crop failures,” Mr. Tremaine said.Photo
Trofim Lysenko
In more recent times, he explained we’ve had the hysteria over “global warming.|” Contrary to what the global warming advocates insist, “the science is NOT settled,” We know the earth’s climate has been changing for a million years, getting warmer and then colder. The assertion that the current slight increase in temperatures is due to carbons emitted by automobiles and the oil industry is laughable, he said. The largest source of carbon dioxide emissions is the sea. There were period of rising temperatures in the early Middle Ages when carbon emissions caused by humans were negligible. Another likely cause of slight temperature changes is change in the heat of the sun.
The major impetus for the global warming campaign is economic and political, not scientific. Al Gore and his associates, for instance, imagined a market of arbitrary “carbon credits”. They hoped to run an exchange for such credits and pocket huge commissions. Low energy using Third World countries would be given carbon credits. High energy using Western nations like Canada would have to buy the “credits” as punishment for producing carbon emissions. The regime to combat the non-problem of global warming would also fulfill the leftist goal of a massive wealth transfer from the Developed World to the Third World, he explained.
“Human inequality is the subject of my talk along with the intrusion of political correctness into science,” he said. “Political correctness is simply another word for Marxism. When you strip away the mumbo jumbo of ‘dialectical materialism,’ it’s all about radical equality.”

Terry Tremaine 
Unlike pure ideology, “science is about formulating testable hypotheses,” Mr. Tremaine explained. “The way good science works is to try to offer methods to show its hypothesis is wrong, while bad science tries to insulate itself from  refutation.”
“Charles Darwin,” he pointed out, “did not set out to develop the Theory of Evolution. Man has always sought to know his place in the universe and every culture has a creation myth.”
The Industrial Revolution caused considerable cutting into rock to build railways and canals and to dig mines. “This work revealed stratified rock levels which showed different fossil creatures tied to different historical ages.”
Darwin was trained in Divinity. “However, like many rural vicars, he loved to collect bugs and butterflies and birds nests. These amateur scientists use their findings to remind their congregations of the glory of God’s creation.”
When Darwin got he chance to accompany the Captain of the Beagle as his travelling companion on a five-year voyage around the world, he jumped at  the opportunity. He brought back samples from his explorations. For instance, he found the Galapagos Islands a living laboratory and he could trace the differentiation of finches from one island to another, as they adapted to radically different environments.
He concluded that there had been modification by natural selection. “However, he was reluctant to publish his findings for 20 years. What do you do when you fear your conclusions may lead to social disruption and the possible breakdown of society? His wife was a dedicated Christian. Darwin identified with the rural aristocracy and feared his findings might lead to the sort of anarchy of the French Revolution.”
In Darwin’s time, “the problem was the evolution of man. People could accept animal evolution, but many had trouble accepting that man is part of the animal kingdom lions or eagles..”
Mr. Tremaine recalled the “member” or judge at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling on the Richard Warman complaint about his Internet postings in 2007: “He said, in his decision, ‘Mr. Tremaine’s writings are not legitimate political discourse because they do not promote equality.’ It makes no sense that just because the government wants to promote equality that I must too. What does equality even mean? We are genetically different and look different. Some are stronger, faster, smarter.
“Now,” he continued, “some will respond that in the eyes of God we are all equal. But that is not a scientific comment; it is an article of faith,”
“So, is equality a false concept?’ he asked. “Scientific claims must be testable. The Human Genome Project seeks to map out all human variations. It has been determined that variations among all human populations constitute just one and a half per cent of all DNA. So, the ideologues will argue, we are all essentially the same or equal. However, the seemingly small differences are huge. We differ from chimpanzees by only one and a half per cent of our DNA. Thus, any human being could be genetically one third of the way toward being a chimp!”
“Genetically,” he added, “we share 50 per cent of the DNA of a banana. “
“We’re being sold a false bill of goods about human equality. If we really are all equal, why are there campaign throughout the West to level things. Ultimately, the attempts to impose equality will discourager excellence,” he warned, “with dangerous results for our civilization. You can ignore the facts, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the fact.”
“Most people have forgotten that the subtitle of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species was The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. The world is a constant struggle among the races,” he added.
According to Canada’s weird Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which he called “a muddle of stupidity, we have equality  of rights before the law under Sec.  15.1 but, then, under Sec. 15.2, there are special rights for special minorities.”
Tom Paine, Mr. Tremaine pointed out, warned not to trust charters of so-called rights, as they take real rights away. “We have rights by our very nature as humans. These are unalienable rights,” he added. and concluded by reminding of a warning by the late Doug Christie; “Once the State can define your rights, it can also take them away.” This has happened in spades in Canada under the deceptive Charter.