Free Speech Crusader Gordon Watson Demands Reparations from Oak Bay District for Failure to Protect Free Speech at Jenn Smith Lecture

Free Speech Crusader Gordon Watson Demands Reparations from Oak Bay District for Failure to Protect Free Speech at Jenn Smith Lecture


District of Oak Bay

            Attention  :     Mayor and Council

            And to :           whom it may concern

01         Enclosed find an article as a précis what went on at the Windsor Pavillion on May 2nd 2019.


02         Having received an invitation from the man who co-ordinated it,  I went to that event at Willow Park expecting to hear the guy who calls himself “Jenn Smith” explain why the so-called  “trans-gender’ fad is evil.   Having read his essay I wanted to hear what he had to say in person

03         In the provincial election of 2001, I stood as a candidate to be a member of the Legislature.     Thus, I am a politician.    I attended the Jenn Smith event in that capacity
as well as, distinctly separately, a member of the electorate of British Columbia
as well as, distinctly separately, a taxpayer
as well as, distinctly separately, a grandfather of children in the public school system
as well as, distinctly separately,   a Christian gathering information about the                                                                spiritual aspects of the phenomenon of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.

04         I arrived before 6:30 pm.  My old man was a cop.   He taught me to “always count the house”.   As I walked across the greensward at Willow park I counted over 300 people near the Windsor Pavilion.  I went in to the room upstairs where I saw the organizer readying the sound amplification system and the projector for showing Smith’s  “Power Point”    Shortly afterwards, sitting at the foot of the stairs, I watched many people come in and go upstairs.  From the numbers pouring in, and the fact that I’d seen those same people outside sloganeering / catcalling / holding signs denouncing Smith,  it was obvious that they were antagonistic and that someone had co-ordinated what they were doing so as to bother him.      Later, I got evidence that one of the ringleaders was a man named Ryan Painter.   Mr Painter made a point, repeatedly, of announcing that he was a politician, ie a member of the School board.  I saw and heard him inciting the mob to interfere with Smith informing the public about the SOGI program.

05         The right to freedom of Expression is a 2-way street … it includes the right of someone in an audience to receive information from a speaker.    The video of the Uproar shows individuals such as Ryan Painter, Rose Henry, Hope Warren and others yet to be ascertained co-operating in mischief in order to stifle the presentation, which is an offence against sections 175 / 176 and 430 (1) ( d) of the Criminal Code.   By chanting / singing  / mocking and using noise-makers those named incited the mob in criminal mis-conduct with the express purpose of drowning out what Jenn Smith was attempting to say.   Ryan Painter, Rose Henry, Hope Warren and dozens of others did engage in mischief for over an hour so as to sabotage the meeting which had been convened for a moral and political purpose.     Deliberately interferring with the normal use of that place,  for which Jenn Smith had a permit, Ryan Painter, Rose Henry Hope Warren and et cetera interferred with my right to hear what Mr Smith had to say.

06         After half an hour observing what was going on in the room where the event was supposed to take place, I went outside to photograph the scene and hear what the mob’s leaders were saying.  When I went back upstairs, the space in front of the door to the room was so crowded I could not get in. From comments I heard, around me, the crowd did not come to hear what Jenn Smith had to say. Rather,  people were intent on packing the room and making noise in order to suppress his presentation

07         I made my way right up beside the door, but was prevented from entering by a man who said he was a police officer.   Because he was not in uniform, I challenged him “show me some identification”    Which he then did. I did not get his name but I was satisfied by seeing ID he was an officer of the Oak Bay police force.  I said to him “you realize there are crimes going on here right now?” To which he replied “yes”. I then said “well, you better start taking names”  To which he said “we are”. In is incumbent upon Oak Bay councillors to acquaint yourselves with the video recordings of the uproar which may be seen on the internet Youtube website at

08         Note particularly the scene showing that Oak Bay police officer in plain clothes being pushed out of the room on to the balcony by the mob.  Early in the going, I noticed Oak Bay policeman Davinder Dalep circulating in the crowd in plain clothes. Throughout the event
I noticed him talking on his cellphone.   Was he recording it on the camera on his phone ?
Why did he fail to come to the aid of a fellow officer in trouble?

09    Eventually, I did re-gain entry to the room.   As shown on videorecordings,  inside,  it was pan-demonium.  I counted over 150 people sitting in chairs and standing against the walls.  From what they were yelling,  and their signage, and the noisemakers they were using,  nearly all of them were there only to stifle Jenn Smith.   Repeatedly, the mob leaders boasted loudly
“this is not going ahead”   The two Oak Bay plain clothes officers could not have been ignorant that criminal offences were being committed. Yet they did nothing to stop the riot.  Why not?!    Only an hour later did uniformed police officers arrive.

10      The story in my family, is : that our grandfather James A Turner was the first police constable in Oak Bay. I distinctly recall my grandmother showing me his badge.   During the Uproar on May 2nd 2019 one of the most obnoxious of the characters mocked those of us who’d come to hear Jenn Smith speak, yelling
White supremecists! Nazis!!   Shame!    What would your grandparents say?!”

I was tempted to respond but I’d already learned that being logical is a waste of breath when dealing with communists.   I stayed quiet while gathering evidence of the crimes being committed.   Before leasing the Uplands farm = where UVic is today = Jim Turner had been a real cowboy … a long lanky Scotsman tough as nails, a man of few words.    His answer to their taunt would’ve been to wade-in and single-handedly sort out the whole bunch of them.

11     My paternal grandfather George Watson,  was with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, gassed at Ypres in WW One.   My mother grew up in Oak Bay, trained at the Jubilee, then went as a Canadian Army Nursing sister in the Italian theatre of War WW 2.   In WW2 my father fought with the Royal Canadian Regiment in Italy.    He got his 3rd  woundstripe in the Korean war,  blown up by a landmine.   He survived … the three other soldiers in the jeep, didn’t. I knew Wally Herzog, who was with the RCR at Kap Yong when a small contingent of Canadian soldiers stood off THOUSANDS  of Red Chinese communist soldiers coming at them in human waves.   A dozen other members of my family whom I can name, put on the uniform of the Armed Forces of the Dominion of Canada in order to fight the enemies of freedom on foreign soil.
My citizenship in this country was bought and paid-for in blood sweat and tears.
So my answer to the thugs who invaded that political meeting,   is :

      My people didn’t go to war half way ‘round the world so communist agitators and their entourage of fools can get away with terrorism in my own neighbourhood.
I am not going to stand by and let enemies of freedom prevail here.  

12     It is crucial that all-concerned appreciate that Freedom of Expression is a 2–way street : its reciprocal is = the right to receive information. Particularly – information previously un-known to the listener.   That’s how human beings learn.


13    Men and women of my parents’ and grandparents’ generations would’ve been astonished at the insane premise of those promoting ‘trans-gender-ism” :  ie.  ‘a man can become a woman, or vice-versa’.  Not for a minute would they have put up with rioters interferring with someone repudiating that nonsense in a public meeting

14     the Freedomfreeforall people have a recording which they claim is an admission by an officer on the Oak Bay Police force.  It can be viewed/ heard at the URL


15   IF that recording is authentic, then what went on at the Uproar at the Windsor Pavilion on May 2nd 2019 is an extremely serious matter.  It appears Mayor Murdoch conspired ahead of time to bring about circumstances wherein the mob would cause trouble, while he ordered police not to do their duty. Calls to ECOM 911 were dealt with other than  according to proper policy.    If it’s true that the Mayor knew police were NOT going to enforce the law , thus police misconduct that evening was not simple negligence and he was party to an agreement to aid and abet the ringleaders,   then Mayor Kevin Murdoch is an accomplice before the fact of their crimes.

16      FOR CONTEXT :  It is incumbent upon the council of Oak Bay to familiarize yourselves with what went on on the precinct of the Legislature on September 29th 2018.  That day,  about a hundred citizens showed up, with a permit from the Protocol officer of the Legislature, to listen to Jenn Smith and other speakers warn and inform parents and taxpayers and electors, about the wicked SOGI123 program, being imposed in the public school system.    About a hundred people of the same ilk as the mob at the Uproar at Willow Park,  were there too,   very loudly voicing their protests against what Jenn Smith and the Christian preacher were saying.   Enclosed find a copy of my complaint to the Victoria Police Chief.   Hope Warren, in particular, made himself very visible and obnoxious, thrusting high his fist clenched in the classic communist symbol.   The only reason the mob didn’t do the same thing on September 29th 2018 as they did on May 2nd 2019 in Oak Bay, is because there were 30 uniformed police on site,  walking through the crowd on the grounds of the Legislature.    Some of whom were in uniform of the Oak Bay police.      Point being : someone had a good idea of what was going to go on, ie. the protest.  And whoever that someone was, they’d arranged for a large contingent of police to be present

17     FOR CONTEXT :   It is incumbent upon the council of Oak Bay to familiarize yourselves with what went on, on June 2nd 2019 at the City Light church in Victoria.  That evening,  at least 20 Victoria City uniformed police officers along with several plainclothes officers were on site confronting the ragtag bunch of bizarrely-costumed clowns / lewd fellows of the baser sort / stunted adolescents who were there for no good reason but to revile Jenn Smith as well as the members of the audience entering the Church. The police prevented protesters from disrupting the meeting so Mr Smith had no trouble presenting his political opinion to an audience of about 100.

18     FOR CONTEXT       It is incumbent upon the council of Oak Bay to familiarize yourselves with what went on on June 15th 2019 at Robson Square in Vancouver. There, Kari Simpson / Culture Guard convened a meeting in which speakers denounced implementation of the SOGI123 program in public schools.   On site were 40 uniformed officers from the Vancouver Police. As well,  Kari Simpson contracted privately with India’s largest security company. A dozen brown men literally linked arms with white men … white nationalists,  imagine that !!!   making a circle of protection around her and the other speakers.

As my old man used to say  “nothing is so useless it can’t at least be used as a bad example”.    Taken together, these  4  incidents exemplify how local governments ought to act, contrasted with the outrage that went on in Oak Bay.  At the very least, you were grossly negligent in your duty to maintain the Peace and Dignity of Her Majesty the Queen in the face of pre-arranged criminal activity.    But I think it’s worse than just that much.    What happened at the Uproar at Willow Park perfectly demonstrates how communists incite violence as part of their strategy to “own the streets / own the public square”.  When they get away with it, they insolently threaten more of the same,  intimidating managers of public places from permitting them to be used by someone whom the communists hate … wickedness prevails when chickenshit governors cave in to terrorism :  that would be you.

19     I and about,  maybe, 2 dozen others,  showed up expecting to hear an intelligent discourse directly on-point of NDP government policy.  We walked in to a trap set by the Mayor of Oak Bay in cahoots with thugs Ryan Painter, Rose Henry,  Hope Warren et al. as doing their damn’d’st to intimidate us.   Which is the crime of conspiring to commit an indictable offence, to wit :  calculated interference in our right to security of the Person.

20       The Apotemnophilic cult imposing its IN-sanity on us is only the latest example of the madness of crowds ; people will be hurt as it destroys itself, but this, too,  shall pass.   What really matters,  is,  what my friend Doug Christie said       “Freedom of Speech  IS  the issue”
All-concerned better get this much straight : I am not going to just let the dust settle so the Uproar remains as a trophy for idiots who interferrred with my right to freedom of association ; freedom of expression ; freedom to participate in the democratic process.    I demand the Corporation of the District of Oak Bay remedy your fault so that the enemies of Free Speech do not prevail.
I claim that the Mayor and Council of Oak Bay owe to me, and to others who attended that event in good faith,  yet whose rights were similarly ruined by the Breach of Trust of Mayor Murdoch

   FIRST : an apology from Kevin Murdoch in his capacity as Mayor for him having encouraged criminal activity

SECOND : an admission of wrongdoing, more particularly :  that the Mayor’s public statements to do with the then-upcoming presentation did effectively incite the mob to breach the Peace

THIRD : an admission of wrongdoing, more particularly that the Mayor and others whom he is obliged to name – did act with malice to bring about a circumstance preventing both my right to hear what Jenn Smith had to say and also my right to dialogue with Mr Smith on his topic

FOURTH : an admission of wrongdoing ; more particularly, that the Mayor and “the managers”  – as mentioned in freedom free-for-all’s recording of the police officer – who ordered police to do nothing while the riot formed and proceeded, were grossly negligent in their duty to uphold the law.

FIFTH  :  payment to me of an amount of money commensurate with the seriousness of the insults to my rights as well as torts visited upon me at that Uproar,  all of which were directly caused by the Mayor and others conspiring to deny police services which
I – and other right-thinking citizens there at the melee –  were entitled to expect

                                                           Gordon S Watson

suite #4    5177 William Head Road    Metchosin    British Columbia    V9C 4H5