Trial of Monika and Alfred Schaefer to Begin in Munich, July 3.

Trial of Monika and Alfred Schaefer to Begin in Munich, July 3.
Free speech advocates and history Truthers Monika and Alfred Schaefer will go on trial at the Court at 16 Nymphenburger Strasse beginning on Monday, July 2, The trial will run July 2-4 and then continue on July 12, 13 and 16. 
Supporters are urged to attend to show solidarity for these free speech political prisoners.


Alfred Termine

Take the time and appear numerous as often as you can.. In this way you can clearly show the helpers of the lie that it is no longer just a marginal phenomenon when people resist with the lies about our history.
Talk to friends and acquaintances, form carpools. 
Be sure to have a valid ID card from the Federal Republic if you want to go to the courtroom. If you – for whatever reason – do not have a valid identity document and do not live too far away from Munich, it might still be worthwhile to “be there”. With large numbers of spectators, unfortunately, it is often the case that not everyone gets into the hall. Then just outside the hall conversations take place, one gets to know each other and shows the flag.
The siblings Schaefer – Monika has been held captive in Stadlheim since 3 January – fight their fight for us, our children and grandchildren. Now we are challenged to show how important the struggle for truth is.