The Lying Mainstream Media — Slandering Populist Dissenters

.Global added to the BS on Sunday (11th of Dec)…when they were talking about ‘Fake News’…of which they are one of the worst...and claiming anyone with a computer can take and mislead people using ‘parts’ of the news…AND citing the Rebel as a perfect example...these are sicko’sthat pretend to be the ‘gospel’…(according to the clown’s which set up their ‘direction’)…I would say more…but I have a computer that needs to be trashed!!!…Don

The Rebel

The mainstream media hates you.

Here are two shocking pieces of evidence.

As you know, we had a rally against the carbon tax on the weekend. 1,100 people showed up for a family-friendly event, featuring many great speakers. One of them was Derek Fildebrandt, the Wildrose MLA. He waved at the crowd — and the CBC snapped a photo of him, trying to make it look like he was giving the Nazi salute!


Get it? Fildebrandt is German; he’s a conservative; the CBC hates him. So they tried to make him look like a Nazi. That’s so gross. You really should watch Sheila Gunn Reid’s video about this disgrace:


Well, if you thought that was bad, get a load of this.

Another reporter at the rally, Haley Jarmain from Newstalk 770 radio, came to the rally too. Two hours later, she tweeted that she had received a death threat!

She literally accused one of the 1,100 people at our family-friendly rally of being a would-be murderer! But her story kept changing. For example, first she said it was a group of men who threatened her; then she said it was just one person.

But the strangest part is: we had more than a dozen police and private security at the rally. They were everywhere. And yet Jarmain didn’t mention it to any of them. In fact, she still hasn’t filed a police report.

Even stranger, I have offered to go through all the security video at the hotel with her, to help identify the culprit. She won’t do it.

Let me say the obvious: it was a lie, a smear — her way of implying that the entire rally was made up of violent, disreputable people. Sort of like what the CBC did to Fildebrandt.

Here’s my video on Haley Jarmain’s inexcusable slander of 1,100 good people:


You really should watch it.

You need to know that the mainstream media isn’t just biased. It isn’t just inaccurate.

You need to know that the mainstream media actively hates you, and will lie about you.

And their treatment of our carbon tax rallies is just the latest proof of this.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. What makes me so mad about the CBC is that we have to pay for their slander through our taxes — they receive $1.5 billion/year from Justin Trudeau. We’re 100% independent — if you want to help keep us strong, please click here to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign!